Monday, April 2, 2018

Redbank Shopping Centre Bomb - Suspects

The home made bomb found in a Nissan this morning at around 7am at the rear of the Redbank Plaza Shopping Centre had the capability to go off and police are unsure when they had planned to detonate it. Anonymous does not like any form of terrorism or terrorists, therefore, here are the suspects that you should keep an eye on.

31yo Miss, Christine Michelle Scifleet of Capalaba, Brisbane QLD AUSTRALIA.
Charged with 7 offences.

Here are the NEWS stories about this bomb incident:
Bomb In Car at Redbank Plaza
From the ABC
Video TenPlay

Her profiles:

Name: Christine Michelle Scifleet

 Age: 31

DOB: 18th April 1986

Residence: Mount Cotton Road Capalaba QLD 4157

On Google Maps

School: Alexandra Hills State High School

Siblings: 7yo son. Born 21st Oct 2000. (Named Withheld)

ABN: ABN 71 297 870 851



Business Name: TannTrum

All Profiles on Facebook: Scifleet Brisbane

Connecting the dots:

Not sure why some who say's "I love my country" would want to blow up a car with a bomb in it where innocent woman and children are right next to the bus stop where the car was left?

Well this might explain it from her own words, she is "Twisted" Multiple "Personalities" and believes KARMA will pay people? WTF?

 What was found in the car?

Interesting Cross to be wearing during the #EasterHolidays when you want to blow up innocent people in a shopping centre?

All of the information above matches the description of the person charged.

Both suspects will be appearing at #IpswichCourtHouse Tomorrow April 3rd 2018.

Check this list tomorrow after 9am:


 Cvjetin Ivkovic 37yo from Camira, Brisbane AUSTRALIA.

 Charged with 9 offences.

 Well Done to #SafeCity watch noticing these two being suspicious, top job to them in Ipswich City, also Well Done to the #QLDPolice who moved swiftly to arrest these two.

~ Anonymous


  1. I believe that the male suspect name is spelt wrong - should be Cvjetin Ivkovic. There are several items on google under that name. Thanks

  2. Replies
    1. We checked the court listing with the link we posted above and yes, there is NO i in his name. We saw 1 FB profile with that name only. With this spelling. cheers and ty for your reply.

  3. I'm cvjetin ivkovic's younger brother, you bunch of fairy cocksuckers, where do ya's get your facts from?? Google!! You are all retarded cunts