Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Joanne Whittaker - Fake Anon Troll

Joanne Whittaker - Fake Anon Troll

The reason for this post..

We get all kinds of trolls on the internet some are paid and some are kids then there are others who just simply talk shit and then there are the more serious trolls, those who are pure evil who will go over and above to cause havoc and do all that they can to destroy, the latter is #JoanneWhitter aka #HuniPi #JoWhittaker.

What makes this troll Huni Pi (Should be Honey Pot) even worse is that she claims and confesses to be part of the world wide #Anonymous collective, she is far from it.

See some of her posts here:

This so called #Anon has done nothing but cause problems for our page We Are Anonymous
and other Facebook users, she has even gone as far to brag about it on another Anonymous page as seen here below, forcing us to have no other choice but to take action and expose her.


As you can read here, using her fake account #HuniPi She blatantly admits to spamming all of the posts we had about Ayou Deng who was recently charged for unlicensed driving but not for running over a 13yo teenager that she killed with her car.

This #JoanneWhittaker has done nothing but troll the distraught mother and our page which has been completely focused on justice and a new investigation and retrial to bring the correct justice that Jalal Yassine-Naja deserves.

 We have also seen that she posts LIES on other posts about this tragic accident, going as far as even saying that Jalal jumped in front of Ayou Deng and or ran into her,FFS (Funny how no one ever saw this and that is why she was not charged with more serious charges BUT YET this Joanne Whittaker aka Huni Pi has been spreading the FAKE NEWS that he jumped in front of her, this is WRONG and all evidence shows otherwise!

Check this out she is talking more shit here too:
Seems this Joanne Whittaker has some serious mental problems and is bent on believing everyone is wrong that this Ayou Deng committed a crime that resulted in a death and she is saying all those who are outraged is basically racist lol as many have said to her, "You're a fucking idiot". Seems Legit from our end! 
Now for the WARNING she got if she kept going that we posted it was only a matter of time. 
So as warned here is where this Fake Anon Troll lives:
Telephone Number: (03) 9729 4512

Here are her accounts:
Jo Whittaker:
Huni Pi:
This Jo Whittaker then decides to message us and complain directly, she was very abusive, rude, ignorant and vile, she even harassed Jalal's mother and that was when we had, had enough and decided to ban her for upsetting too many people.
As you can see she goes right off and accuses us of all kinds of ridiculous crap. As we mentioned earlier to her, ANONYMOUS seeks JUSTICE for victims and this is one case that is local that has hit a nerve, not only with Anonymous but in total over 1.5 million people who had viewed and commented on our posts about #JusticeForJalal. Here is just one post out of many that have huge views and shares.
Here is where she annoys Jalal's Mother Olivia Yassine. Who has already gone through quite enough reading her bullshit and horrible comments.
Since we thought Huni Pi was Anon we told her some confidential information that one of our admins had found out about a commentor that was also causing unrest with many, whom we found out was a police officer. So "In Confidence" we trusted her and told her to watch out, so what did she do with that confidential info? Well UNLIKE a real ANON whom can be trusted she rats us out and let's him know we know he is a police officer here.

So when we told Joanne Whittaker AKA Huni Pi she was a traitor for telling this police officer that we were on to him, it then caused our efforts of watching what he say's in his posts, so that we might be able to use later on, not to mention if a police officer is saying all of these negative comments or being negative then no wonder the police investigation was a shambles. 

This Huni Pi blew our knowledge that we had our eye on him which then ruined any chance of other knowledge we could have gotten, which is why we called her a #TRAITOR amongst us having ratted us out almost instantly.

Not only did she let him know we knew he was a police officer, she then goes and likes every comment he made, lol what a SUCK! Here is one of them.

So after all this and after we banned her, that is when she created another fake account and used it to spam us, causing us a lot time to find her spammy butthurt posts to delete them so our supporters didn't have to read her bullshit lies and drama. 

The fake account she made was Jason No Commentor Krane and here is what she wrote.

Some of the text she wrote is pure nonsense and all of her rant is because she accused us of posting lies and fake news, however, she was asked many times to show us 1 fake news story or 1 lie that we ever posted and of course she couldn't, because our page is known to expose liars and fake news, not publish it. 

She accused us of lying about the Judge but we made it clear (and even edited our post) that the judge did not have a culpable driving charge before her however, she could have given Ayou Deng 1 month in prison then we showed the link to prove that, but no matter what we showed her and no matter what we said, she was not prepared to listen and went out on a all out attack on us. 

Mind you, all of this drama she has caused just because we want justice for Jalal a 13yo boy who we believe was mowed down in cold blood.

The shit we have to go through at times for what we do and for free and for nothing in return, just because we love justice and help fight for victims to get it, thus here above is the kind of crap we have to deal with at times.

We wonder if she is getting paid to TROLL and is a real Honey Pot.

Check her post below out - LOL WTF? Who does this shit? 

Seems like we are not the only ones this Huni Pi has pissed off, also WTF is with her Hitler and KKK pictures that she is posting? She really knows how to make people angry as she obviously has nothing better to do with her time and life.
NOTE How many people tell her to "Fuck Off" and that she is an "IDIOT", these where just the ones we had time to find, there were a heap of them.

We also noted she must have pissed of the person who gave her this black eye on her profile.

Here is the crazy Hitler Picture Post ABOVE that she has posted a few times on this thread.

We could post more of this evil fakes comments but you all get the drift, she is nothing but a troll and drama queen who has never yet been able to prove any of her accusations and even tried to bring others into her shit fight which Anonymous does not like.

As you can see from all of the above, Joanne Whittaker has gone over and above the call of trolling and has boasted publicly that she is spamming us and not only is she a suck but a traitor which Anonymous does not take lightly.

We also DO NOT take lightly THREATS when we are working on justice for someone who just lost their son and has to deal with so much that the last thing they need to read is absolute bullshit from some wanna be Anon fake lying drama queen.

More info about #JoanneWhittaker AKA Huni Pi AKA Jo Whittaker and AKA Jason No Commentor Krane LOL.

This is her Son: Rhett Sebastian Whittaker

Here is this post:

Looks like Rhett is having a birthday and wants to get money out of his friends to selfishly buy shit, I mean seriously, the guy works and has worked for 4zzzz radio station and still can't afford to buy a synth or a microphone? WTF is he BLOWING his money on?
This Joanne Whittaker is a real piece of work who has gone out of way to make drama for our page and to the victim we are supporting and to say that Jalal ran into Ayou Deng's car is an absolutely ridiculous statement when no one was even there thus we have been trying to get someone who might have seen it to come forward yet this fool and IDIOT as so many have called her just wont STFU.
Therefore we have gone to a lot of effort to expose this Fake and traitor and to let others see all of her doings, comments, actions and pathetic rants using fake profiles ect and threatening Anons.
#Anonymous does not seek any fame or financial gain for what we do, as we do what we do for the good of manking and when we have to put up with this kind of shit and drama we will go hard on our comeback.
So Joanne Whittaker, AKA Jo Whittaker AKA Huni Pi AKA Jason Krane (lol) you have been exposed for the FAKE you are with your comments, your threats, your Hitler pictures, your KKK pictures and all of the other crazy comments you have posted on Facebook. 
BTW here is the video that we actually made you idiot that you referred to about Fake anons being exposed, how stupid to refer to a video that our page made hahaahahahah, you might want to listen to it very carefully, because you are one of those fakes who use Anonymous to for their own personal gain and who give us a bad name.

~ We Are Anonymous, We are Legion, United as one, Divided by zero, We do not forgive, We do not forget, Expect Us! ~




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