Friday, February 9, 2018

Jon Vebables an evil person - protected

#JonVenables aka #PaulWilliams now 33 has been charged AGAIN for CHILD PORN!


That's right, this child killer who killed and tortured #JamesBulger who was only 2 years old when he was lured from a shopping centre with #RobertThomas tortured and brutally murdered, has been charged again for possessing child porn on his computer.

The UK GOV has a extremely STRICT CENSORSHIP on posting or publishing anything about the new identities of these two child killers, this means, there names, whereabouts, voices, appearance, description and or any images of them.

Well FUCK THE UK GOV, #Anonymous will risk the consequences if it means saving another innocent child from being raped and murdered by the hands of this sick POS Jon Venables or Robert Thomas.

Here is the thing... the UK clearly DOES NOT care about YOUR CHILDREN, because in 2010 Jon Venables pleaded guilty to possessing child porn and was sentenced to 2 more years of prison, only to be LET OUT again.

If this POS is viewing child porn after doing years in prison and having years of so called "Rehabilitation" courses and having millions spend on him to help him reintegrate back into society, then he obviously is NOT SORRY for his crime and has NOT rehabilitated and is a EXTREMELY HIGH RISK of re offending.

So WHY does this evil scum have such a high level of censorship? It is imperative that every parent and child knows the face to stay away from and run away from.

The UK GOV and the UK Parole board, do NOT care if YOUR child is another victim, Why do we say this? because they want to protect his identity so you do not know what he looks like, where he lives and what his name is.

The UK GOV and the Parole board will simply say "Sorry" if he abducts another child, kills that child and rapes that child, WELL SORRY ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH and will NOT bring back his next victim.

They knew he was viewing and fantasizing about child porn back in 2010 when they arrested him, so WHY keep his identity secret when he got out again just after two years?

This is clear evidence the UK GOV and the Parole board don't care, otherwise they would have lifted the secrecy ban and kept him in prison after his child porn charged back in 2010.

So basically for the past 4 fucking years, UK CHILDREN have been at a high risk of this POS pedophile re-offending and killing another child.
Well as we say, Fuck the UK GOV and FUcK the UK Parole board. Anonymous is going to DISOBEY and show the world and UK Citizens what this POS looked like 4 years ago back in 2013.
When it comes to any Government protecting walking time bombs, they can "Expect Us" we will disobey to protect the community especially when it comes to our children on this earth!

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~ Anonymous

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