Sunday, January 14, 2018

Caleb Maraku - Coward One Punch Scaffolder

1 punch #Coward #CalebMaraku

Caleb (Baleac) Maraku received only a slap on the wrist after being charged with a cowardly 1 punch on a young schoolies victim on the Gold Coast.

Here is below laughing outside court thinking it is all fun and games to almost kill an innocent person who had done nothing to him whatsoever. Caleb is just a THUG POS SCUM BAG!

Incredibly he only got from Judge Joan White.. 
- 12 months probation
- No Criminal Conviction

What kind of message is this #SouthportCourtHouse sending to other future 1 punch heroes?
Video of his coward punch:…/brutal-thug-caleb-maraku-takes-sel…

Laughing at court house:…/Caleb-Maraku-laughs-leaves-cou…

Facebook Profile:

New Profile:


Picture with Girlfriend:

Post about bashing someone upon entering Australia:


Co accused:

Girlfriend: Natalie Wilson

Sister & Brother In Law
Nephew: Kyro Maraku-William

Brother-In-Law Kane William
Car Rego: 913WDU…/use…/ig-789761915/skylarandcaleb/photos

SHAME ON YOU MAGISTRATE JOAN WHITE from the #Southport court house.

THIS MAGISTRATE HAS MADE many other errors before:…

Profile: Magistrate Joan White…/judicial-profil…/profiles/jwhite

Picture of Magistrate Joan White:…/8b1409e1964c4afedf81f4d763230b63

Has been questioned many other times:…/849bf6b813a55a6bb3b1765904a…
We cannot believe how this coward could have killed this young boy and the Judge #JoanWhite just gives him a slap on the wrist and not even a criminal recording.
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~ Anonymous News


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  4. What a disgrace this so called Maori is..shame on your mother for raising such a fukin loser..

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  7. Straight to the point I've had the same thing happen to me the guys got away with it and the police were useless as fu*k and it was because I am gay

  8. He's a puss filled loser. His family must be so proud. I'd get in the ring with him and I'm over 50. That could be one of my 3 sons he hit. Front up ya coward

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  10. judges have a lot to answer for letting pieces of shit like this walk the streets

  11. hope someone will recognise him and kick his ass...

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  14. Caleb's current residential address is 36 Wings Road Upper Coomera.

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  16. Good news - this piece of shit is being deported back to NZ, and will never be allowed to enter Australia again. Also, once you've been deported from one country, it means that most other countries won't let you in either. In short, this gutter-trash will be stuck in NZ for the rest of his useless life.

  17. Natalie Wilson new Facebook profile

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