Saturday, November 11, 2017

How to bypass being traced on your Moble Phone

How to bypass being traced with your mobile phone or avoid it.

Today just about every social media platform demands you give them your personal mobile phone number and because almost all of us have #SmartPhones it is quite easy for companies and authorities to track and trace us, so much for #Privacy right?

Almost every internet site now wants us to log into Facebook to grab our details and Email address and Facebook allows this because information is wroth billions.

Sadly, if we do not have an Email address or mobile phone number just about every major social media platform WON'T allow you to create an account.

This calls for action and here it is.

If you wish to make it impossible to be traced by companies and authorities you MUST follow every instruction and never break the rules.

1) Search for a mobile phone that is being sold such as at a second hand store, your local news paper adverts for sale or online that you can actually see (as most online purchases could be fraudulent and you don't want to loose your money) in person, but not yourself, you would need to get someone else to buy it for you.

let's say your local second hand store has many older phones for sale which is great, well they also have CCTV cameras so you would need to pay someone or ask someone to go in and buy it for you with CASH ONLY, so the purchase cannot be traced from a credit card.

Getting the mobile phone is not difficult, you should be able to work it out.

2) Now go to a Asian grocery shop (possibly another person would have to do this for you) and buy a $2 sim card, along with some other products, if they don't have CCTV then that's great and again always us CASH only.

Now you should have a sim card and a mobile phone with the purchase untraceable to YOU.

3) Now these next steps are very important, DO NOT activate this mobile phone at home or at your place of employment, do this at either a local park or somewhere that has NO CCTV as you will need to give false information when registering this mobile service, which can be done after you put in the sim card or online.

If you use the online method it cannot be at your home, workplace or friends, as the IP address will be recorded and linked to the service activated and registered.

Do this using the phone or at a internet cafe with no CCTV just to be super safe :)

You can use whatever name and details you find works but online it might be a bit more tricky with some service providers to activate the sim card but it is not very difficult, just find out what info will work.

Now you should have activated the sim card, got a number and your mobile phone is now LIVE and active.

If you buy a second hand smart phone then you will need to follow the rules below always, if you have an older phone you still have to follow the rules (For example, Non Smart Phone).

4) You can NEVER turn this phone on at your home, place of work or at a friends house, ESPECIALLY if it is a smart phone even if "Locations Services" is turned OFF.

WHY? Because your location can be traced and we mean that your actual location where you are standing can almost be pin pointed within centimeters, "Apples FIND MY PHONE" location is the perfect example of just how accurate your tracking of your location can be.

You can NEVER call your family or friends from this phone nor can you give this number for your family or friends to call you on, WHY? Because their numbers can be traced and police have someone or many to question.

You can NEVER turn this phone on near where you live or work because once you do it will log your closest tower location which will give away an area of where you may live.

You only turn it on away from where you live and turn it off away from where you live before going home, so it does not register your location too close to home.

Now depending on what reason you need a safe and secure phone depends on the levels of adhering to the above advice.

If you just want a phone number to use to open an account and use a fake name then you won't have to worry about so many of the points above, but if you need it for an account for hacking purposes on that account you opened with a false username using the mobile phone number to open that account up then you would need to follow the above instructions exactly.

5) Now how about keeping the service active? well you would need to purchase pre paid activation numbers or cards to keep the service going and topped up which more than likely will be a waste of money as DATA takes it all lol. So turn that DATA off if you don't need it, don't download too many shitty apps or simply use WiFi, but NOT at home or at work.

You will need to use CASH and yes have someone else buy a pre paid card or number for you, keep in mind CCTV and NEVER use a credit card, it is always good to purchase a few supplies with your pre paid top up card or number.

6) Make sure your phone is charged using a car charger to be safe as sometimes when you turn your smart phone OFF it might start and turn on registering your new location, so be very careful about this.
So what can be logged, recorded and Traced and checked?

* Your phone NUMBER

* Your phones IMEI number

* Your phones Serial Number

* Receipt numbers traced to purchase locations of Pre Paid

* Your phones Location via Satellite (depending on phone, for
example Smart Phone) and repeater tower/s.

* Any Emails attached to this phone number or password reset
option that use this phone number.

* Any Apps download on (Smart Phone) that can trace your
whereabouts, location or number calling you even your
address book. (Thus why you cannot have anyone call you
who know you unless their phone is safe or from a phone

* Pictures on the #phone.

* Text messages

* Emails
So depending for what reason you need a safe phone untraceable will depend on how safe you would need to be follow the above and how strictly.

~ #Anonymus

Friday, November 10, 2017

Racist thugs leave severed pigs head outside Mosque

DISGUSTING act of #racism in #Brisbane #Australia

It is one thing for the MSM to keep pumping stories about #Muslims and #Refugees ect but it is another thing for idiots to go to a college where young children learn to see a severed pigs head on their front entrance gate.

This act of racism is disgusting especially when they brag about it on their social media accounts.

The proud culprits thought they would get away it and so far up until now they probably thought not many people would find out (cough cough) well they didn't expect us did they :D


Timothy Roberts:

Timothy proudly posts and shares his disgusting picture of a severed pigs head on his Facebook profile and even uses it for his profile picture with pride. One severely messed up and mislead young fool.

The whole series of pictures there friend took for them are here

Mick Halcrow:

A quick look at Micks picture here says it all about his hatred for Muslims don't you think.

Mick's RACIST comment about Muslims:
The story about this racist pair and what they did:


Pig's head dumped outside Islamic College of Brisbane

Pig’s head in bag dumped at Islamic school in Brisbane:
Racism like this is pathetic because all Muslims are not to be blamed for the US created and funded ISIS terrorists.

So many Muslims condemn ISIS and if people used their brain they would easily work out that the actions of ISIL or ISIS are hardly the actions of true Muslims.

At the end of the day, no Race or Religious group are to be blamed for what other FANATICS and MISLEAD extremists do.

These two imbeciles who bend over for the MSM and take it up the crack so easily and believe what they are told so quickly are a shining example of what some politicians are producing out in our communities.

We need more love, compassion and understanding as we also need to get of our asses and do our own research to learn the truth about things and not believe the MSM so easily.
A message to these two Racist thugs, you thought you were going to get away with your disgusting act of racism and you thought you would be famous and respected when you proudly posted your evil act of racism, YOU WERE WRONG!

Not to mention the poor pigs you hunted and killed for your evil act well just a reminder to you racist fools and others like you...


~ #Anonymous

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Justice 4 Anna Chambers - NYPD Victim


#EddieMartins & #RobertHall have finally been charged for abduction, rape and sexual assault along with a string of many other charges.

It is alleged that these scums arrested young Amber Chambers falsely, abducted her, place her into a prison van whilst she was handcuffed and forced her to perform a sexual act on both of them, then they raped her.

After these NYPD detectives raped this young girl they dropped her off near a police station without charge.

It gets worse, they then accuse their young victim of having consensual sex with them (As if) then the NYPD keep them on the force, WITH PAY on light desk duties until she fights back and makes her horrible and unbelievable story goes viral online.
Links to this story:

Defense for NYPD detectives accused of rape seeks to blame victim:

NYPD cops told handcuffed 18-year-old they were 'freaks' before sexually assaulting her in van: prosecutors:

Brooklyn cops accused of raping prisoner will face rare departmental trial before criminal proceedings: 'They know they're f---ed':


Anna Chambers took to her social media accounts and because the story went viral and only then, did certain people act, namely removed them for the force, without pay, although it is mentioned they resigned, as always in this situation.

These grubs who SWORE to PROTECT & SERVE are now going to try and protect themselves with LIES after serving their own selfish sexual act desires and now try to escape punishment.

These grubs are going to continue to say that although handcuffed sex was consensual, which is pathetic and weak and gutless and their attorneys are going to target this very young innocent victims, by using her social media accounts and the pictures she has ever right to post as all young teenagers have the right to post.

This just shows what kind of cowards these now Ex Cops (detectives) are like and what kind of grubs their attorneys are for tying to help them get off their serious and disgusting charges of false imprisonment, abduction, sexual assault and rape.

SHAME SHAME SHAME on the #NYPD for continuing to pay these disgusting pigs until her story went viral and SHAME on anyone else that tries to help these evil scums get off.

Anonymous will be closely watching this case and the JURY and JUDGE on this case.

We wonder how many other young woman these detectives Raped and sexually assaulted?

Since both attorneys for they NYPD...


20 Vesey StreetSuite 210New York, NY 10007- 4243
New York State Bar # 2803484
Telephone: (212) 566-6262
New York, NY, USA



Carnegie Hall Tower
152 W. 57th Street
8th Floor
New York, NY 10019
Phone: +1 212-256-9491

are going to try to BLAME THE VICTIM we will be watching them closely too.
We are sick and tired of police officers getting away with every kind of criminal act they do. These bad cops give a bad name to every good police officer out there who do the right thing.

#Anonymous supports #AnnaChambers and we will make sure that these two sexual deviants are known throughout the world for the scums they are.

A girls worse nightmare is being raped, but to be abducted and raped and sexually abused to satisfy a police officers sexual desires and then do their utmost to get off from any punishment is by far a long lasting nightmare.

Our thoughts are with Anna Chambers and we kindly ask for as many people as possible to please show your support for this innocent victim and SHARE this post.

Thank you..
~ Anonymous