Sunday, October 29, 2017

Patrick Derrick - Brisbane Father


Another pathetic story being run by the MSM (Mainstream Media) with regards a so called false #AmberAlert.

* Was NOT taken from her home.
* Was taken into the custody and safe well being of her FATHER,
* Was at a house without her parents care or fathers knowledge.
* Has posted a video on his Facebook Profile showing his daughter having fun shopping.
* Has posted about the facts of this, without the MSM pointing this out.
* Has a lot of support from family and friends and others like #Anonymous

Firstly the MSM would have viewers and readers believe some guy (known to the child) took or abducted her. FAR FROM THE TRUTH!

The man is actually the little girls FATHER, who after viewing his Facebook profile for 1 minute, could see how much his daughter is loved by him and how her safety is his commitment in his life for her.

The MSM wants viewers to contact police ASAP namely crime stoppers so that they can take the child away from her loving father who just 5 hours ago shared a lovely and happy video of her having a great time shopping with daddy 

The photo the MSM wants you to focus on..

The photos they don't want you to see..

Here is what #PatrickDerrick had to say about the shameful MSM..

Just want to let everyone know that my daughter and myself are completely safe and i would never put her in harms way. She is my life and for those who know me know the hurdles ive jumped to give her the great life and well being she does to date... 

This media should be utterly ashamed of themselves in writing such crap... the girl that is involved is my daughter she was not removed from her home, she was at a place where she was not in care of either her parents which i was un unaware of and i was refused access to collect my daughter. I forcefully opened the front door to collect my daughter...

My daughters safety will always be at first hand as thats my obligation and forever commitment to my child. Im not worried if this was to be shared or not i just wanted to let a few people that may not know whats going on and know me as a person that this is what happened. Even after her mother had advised police and media our daughter is in a 100% safe place and this does not need to go out at all. 

I would also like to acknowledge Jessica which is the mother of my daughter she is a great mother and has never denied me access to my daughter. Very sad in the handling of all this
Police #AmberAlerts are becoming a joke now, they are using them for all kinds of reasons such as previously when a child's own parents took their child away from a hospital for not getting the right care and made out to be abductors and not having their own child's best interests at heart, which was later found to be FALSE. 

AMBER ALERTS were designed to help find and be on the look out for real Abducted children, not for some social cause, or medical bullying cause or to conceal truths about facts namely that they are in the care of their own parent.

These Amber Alerts nowadays are becoming nothing more than a media circus and police are mistreating the Amber Alerts for their own causes now to support false claims.
 A quick search on Patrick's Facebook profile won't take anyone long to see how much he loves his daughter.

Anonymous wishes Patrick all the best and encourages all to share this truth and these true facts.

~ Anonymous