Thursday, April 20, 2017

Greedy, amigo convenience store

GREEDY, amigo convenience store at  
Lady Cilento Children's Hospital
Brisbane QLD.


It is hard enough for parents to have to cope with stress, anxiety and worries when their child is in need of such medical care, that they have to be admitted into a children's hospital such as Lady Cilento or any children's hospital in any other state.
The love and care a parent will give their child is endless and almost nothing will prevent them from providing whatever care they need and at whatever cost.
When children are admitted to a hospital, parents and hospital staff will do all that they can to make their child's stay as comfortable as possible, whether it is for just a few hours, overnight or longer.
Sadly, big businesses know this too and they do not hesitate with taking advantage of such parents who will pay exorbitant prices for what their child may need, require or want.

one of such businesses that are only too eager to rip off such parents who are probably already struggling financially needing to provide care
for their child and finding it difficult to find the extra money needed just to be with them at hospital, such as expensive parking ect.
Just when you thought it couldn't get any more stressful, you go to the convenience store located at the hospital and you look at that pricing ticket and think to yourself, "Are you serious, FFS, give me a break"!
Well if you ever thought that the price asked seems way too much and you're thinking the store is taking advantage of a bad situation and profiting from people's unfortunate situations, just like pawn brokers do, well you're probably right.
Here is an example of just one product amigo sells which is needed for babies at the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital that parents may need to purchase if they are not breast feeding, baby formula.
Here is amigo's price, for Nestle's, NAN optipro HA GOLD 800g infant formula. A whopping $40.61
 Now, let's compare this product and see the difference in the price from other sources.

Woolworths: $29.99

Catch of the day: $25.99


ChemistWarehouse: $28.99
Gumtree: $20.00


At eBay we found it at $20 and most chemists sell it for between $25 - $29.99.
Congratulations Amigo convenience stores, you sell's this product for more than anyone else and you sell it at the very place parents need to get it, without having to go too far, but we already know, that you know this and this is why you rip them off so much.

Nothing like supply and demand to up those prices!

We think that Fionnagh Dougan - Health Services Chief Executive review amigo's  prices for their products and spare a thought for struggling families and her own staff that are being taken advantage of and give NOTICE to amigo or Compass Group aka #Medirest that a review of their prices should be more inline with those above and that it is clear that their prices definitely show greed and are unfair for patients, staff and visitors who are most likely to purchase from their expensive convenience store.

Here is a copy of their 2016 Annual Report, which on page 3 shows a underlying revenue of over $19 Billion and an underlying profit of $1.4 Billion, a profit made from those forced to have no choice but to pay for their high prices.

The reason for this post, is to expose this companies greed and shame they should have, taking advantage of people in desperate situations such as a children's hospital, it is almost as low as a company could go, just to profit.

We have nothing against businesses or companies who profit, but when their profits are at the expense of battling and struggling customers especially at a children's hospital, we will expose them in the hope that such exposure would encourage them to reevaluate their prices and in particular with this product we mention above, since they have the highest price in Australia.

Also, companies and big businesses can donate all they want, but in most cases it is profit taken from customers and surplus they won't miss, such companies and big businesses also don't mind blowing their own trumpet to win favor and support from the community, that basically say, "Hey look at us, look how kind and generous we are giving donations to the needy, we are a wonderful business, so please ignore the fact we charge our customers way to much for our products".

There is nothing worse then buying something and viewing the asking price and shaking your head knowing that they are taking advantage of you and there is nothing you can do about it because at that particular moment, you need that product or service.

We pay far too much for all kinds of things, such as fees, charges, costs and other expenses from all kinds of companies, services, businesses and even government departments and agencies and there is little we can all do about it.

Exposure is at least, some kind of justice that shames companies or the like, that if exposed widely enough, can bring great results towards some kind of justice or action.
So Compass Group aka Amigo or referred to as "FRIEND", friends don't rip off friend's, COMPRENDO!