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WARNING about Rebecca Anderson from Ada Australia,

WARNING to all carers about Rebecca Anderson from ADA Australia 

 PLEASE NOTE: ADA AUSTRALIA is not to be held accountable for the actions of Rebecca Anderson and ADA AUSTRALIA does wonderful work for brisbane. They are also conducting their own investigation into this complaint.

ADAAUSTRALIA formerly known as #QADA and one of their employees Rebecca Anderson.
Here is a disturbing story recently experienced by a fellow Queenslander after being told his mother had been diagnosed with Dementia and Mod - Severe Alzheimer's disease from #LoganHospital in #Brisbane #Queensland.

Below is a shocking story how an ADA AUSTRALIA employee set out, on a all out war path towards a QCAT applicant to take care of his mother, to make sure that she did everything to appoint The Public Trustee and even ignored supportive persons she had contacted over the phone and completely dismissed his mothers own daughter, to get her views on the application.

Every family member should read this who maybe seeking to be their loved ones Administrator, Guardian or Carer, what this employee Rebecca Anderson did was not only unprofessional and biased but she even had the audacity and nerve to recommend his recent appointment as #Guardian be revoked.

Here is her submission notes to #QCAT

Here is a recording from the patient disusing the above submission sent to QCAT with her son.
As you can hear, she denies making such claims and clearly tries to show that she wants to live with her daughter and not have The Public Trustee be in control of her financial affairs and not to have her house sold.
Here is the complaint by the applicant about Rebecca Anderson's vindictive report.
Hello Geoff,

As requested on our phone conversation Wednesday 5th 2017, please find below the concerns and complaints that I have regarding the submission send to QCAT on the 28th March 2017 by one of
your staff members namely, Rebecca Anderson.

Firstly as I understand it, ADA Australia offers a free service for those who may have impaired decision making capacities and acts as "A Voice" of that person and as stated on your website here I note that ADA AUSTRALIA welcomes referrals from any interested parties, including the adult, family member, friend or
service provider and that ADA AUSTRALIA assist clients to articulate their views, wishes and concerns at a tribunal hearing and that such views, wishes and concerns are heard at a tribunal

I feel after reading Rebecca Anderson's submission to QCAT she has failed miserably as a so called "Voice" for my mother and her submission clearly shows that she does not posses the skills or
professionalism to be called an advocate because as stated above she neglected to seek out my mothers daughter T C to voice her voice on behalf of her mother and she neglected to add
the views of two people she had contacted namely, B B and D W and completed disregarded their views and chose not to even mention them in her submission.

What kind of advocacy neglects to add the views and comments of the Adults own daughter, friend of 35 years and next door neighbor of 12 years who also gave a professional opinion as she is a
nurse at the Mater Hospital?

This is a disgraceful FAIL in my opinion and of the opinion of many others that I have shown and discussed this submission with.

I will now mention a few grave concerns I have.

1) Under the heading "Recent Appointments" Rebecca accuses me of only wanting to take provide care of my mother and sister "in exchange" for living in my mothers house.
I find this accusations absolutely and such a disgraceful insult.

Since my mothers dementia and Alzheimer's diagnoses over 4 months ago, I have put my life aside and have done nothing but focus on my mothers urgent healthcare needs and requirements,
organising an ACAT assessment, arranging other needed services, administering her needed medication and doing her diabetes tests, taking care of all my mothers financial needs and
keeping up maintenance at my mothers home.

Since my mother has been placed in respite it has enabled me to do all that I can to try and fix repairs at my mothers house, such as the back door that was kicked in by the police, holes in the
walls from my sister, replace door locks my mother broke, repairs to the toilet, bathroom and kitchen not to mention all of my mothers washing and cleaning the house.

Working on my mothers main wish which is to be able to live with her daughter, my sister T C.

Within these past 4 months I have managed to be appointed my sisters Administrator and Guardian so that when possible I can work towards having my sister live with my mother.

At no time have I ever thought to myself, what is in this for me or what benefits can I gain, little does Rebecca know, that unfortunately, now that my mother has severe Alzheimer's disease and
dementia she requires "FULL TIME" care, how on earth does Rebecca expect me to give my mother full time care and provide care for my sister who has suffered from Schizophrenia for over

Her accusation is shameful and I am sure all carers would cringe if they knew that ADA AUSTRALIA staff accused them of being carers only because they could gain something.  If anything, my wife and I are prepared and willing to adjust our lives with our 2yo son so that such full time care can be provided and so that my mother does not have to use her savings to pay for full time care in a nursing home and so that she can live back with her daughter which is her main concern and only wish in her life.

My plan that I have been working hard on would have accomplished exactly what my mother and sister wanted.

I note that just under this insult, that Rebecca claims my mothered appeared troubled with my plan to renovate the house so that my wife, son and I could live there (Not an expensive modern make over look that Rebecca may seem to have) and to build a fully contained 2 bedroom granny flat having all of the needed modifications for both my mother and sister that would make living newly build flat, comfortable and safe.

I visited my mother after the QCAT hearing on Friday the 31st of march and here is a recording for you to listen to of my mothers replies to Rebecca's claims, feel free to have her listen to it.

I ask my mother the same questions at different intervals to be able to get a fair reply from my mother and show some consistency in her reactions and thoughts. Mum does struggle to be very articulate however, her instant reactions and specific words and reactions I feel show that Rebecca's claims are definitely NOT my mothers views or wishes at all.

2) Under the heading "Future Planning Documents", Rebecca claims that my mother was "Very clear that she wishes for my sister Tracey, to inherit everything" and that this was consistent with
earlier dealings.

What a load of rubbish and what kind of submission report is this?

I know my mother well enough to know that there is no way in the world she would have spoken about this or mentioned something like this to Rebecca recently and definitely not in the past. My
mother is very secretive person who never lets anyone in her house and keeps conversations at her door minimal.

I doubt very much my mother would have discussed such a topic with a stranger like Rebecca Anderson and I question that my mother would even have such a conversation such as this topic out of the blue.

My mothers sisters, best friend of 35 years including myself would all testify that getting such information like this out of my mother, is almost impossible, the only person my mother would discuss this topic with would only be my sister, who would dispute Rebecca's claim.

I see such this comment by Rebecca as vindictive and as some kind of personal agenda against me.

3) I question Rebecca's constant reference to my past "Criminal History" throughout her submission. It would seem to me, that she constantly mentions this, so that the Member for QCAT hearing and making a decision about my application to be my mothers administrator, is always on the members conscious mind, repeatedly.

I also note that since Rebecca asked for a copy of my past criminal history, I am now suspended for three months and my criminal past wouldn't affect my taking care of my mother or sister.

I know Rebecca did this deliberately and has set out on this path to do all she can to stop me from being able to care for my mother and sister and help them to live together again.

It is at this point, that I asked myself, who the hell is this Rebecca Anderson? What on earth have I ever done to her and who on earth gives her the right to speak about me in such defamatory and
negative way, as if I had done something to her personally in the past and now she is getting revenge of some kind?

What kind of a advocate makes such outrageous reports?

4) Rebecca mentions one of my mothers old friends of 15 years, however, my mother and Wyn had some kind of disagreement from what I gathered from my mother and they had not spoken to each other for well over 2 years. It is my opinion, that this why my mother never went through with making Wyn O'regan her EPOA because the ceased communication.

However, Rebecca had no hesitation whatsoever with adding every negative comment made about me from Wyn O'Regan and reiterating in the submission that Wyn felt my mother would not want
me to be her administrator and even as far as saying my mother was always very focused on my sister being her sole beneficiary.

Again, what a load of rubbish, there is no way my mother would have spoken about this in such a so called "VERY FOCUSED" manner to Wyn, I will mention that Wyn O'regan has never even been inside my mothers house, they only spoke at church very briefly, as my mother would leave ASAP to get back home to T C and that she would NOT discussed on more then one occasion at the front door, about my sister being her only sole beneficiary.

Rebecca also states that Wyn believes my mother would not want me to be my mothers or sisters decision maker, however, back in early 2016 my mother asked me to help her and my sister with her mental health tribunal hearing as my sister was under an Involuntary Treatment Order and I acted as my sister "Allied Person" and I was able to successfully support my sister and my mothers wishes and the tribunal agreed with my submissions on my sisters behalf, My mother was so impressed and happy she told, her next door neighbor B B, her best friend D W, 3 of her sisters in Sydney.

So the above statement from Wyn O'Regan is obviously incorrect.

5) Rebecca constantly refers to my plan of building a new fully contained granny flat as a "Renovated Garage" or "Garage" as if to make it sound like I am just going to make some minor adjustments to the existing double garage and not fit for my mother or sister to live in and then again she states "Returning home to her garage".

Anyone would think after reading this bogus and unprofessional report, that Rebecca certainly seems like someone who has it in for me, doing her utmost to destroy any chances of my application being successful.

I get the feeling that Rebecca has gone way overboard in her submission report, to completely sabotage my application so as to have The Public Trustee be appointed as administrator.

I ask MYSELF why?  does Rebecca have a little profit scheme going on in the background, what vendetta does she have against me and what kind of a person is she typing up such negative reports like this.

6) I feel that after all of the above that has made my blood boil and to deliberately and callously destroy and ruin any chances of me being able to do the things that my mother would want, especially to be able to once again live with my sister everyday and night until her Alzheimer's eventually takes her life, this report couldn't get any worse.

Well I was wrong, it gets even lower, after kicking me down to the ground in her submission she then goes in for the kick in the head and goes as far as suggesting that my recent appointment of guardian for my mother be "Revoked", it is at this point reading the very last line in her submission that I felt like calling Rebecca up and offering to her to shoot me, because I now have no doubt that she has made this a very personal agenda to display she considers me some kind of enemy of hers.

So Geoff, I have to ask myself further, how many other people has she done this too? Who is she going to do this too in the future? What kind of trust is she going to have or ADA AUSTRALIA from others when they are aware of how she has treated me and my application? What kind of advocate goes on such a war path, with a family member who just wants to take care of their loved ones at short notice and does all that they can both  legally and willingly to provide the long lasting care they need and who makes such a report that gets handed to a government body for consideration with such cruel accusations and comments?

I have since spoken to management at (Respite Centre) where my mother is under respite and they question what on earth was Rebecca doing interviewing my mother who has severe Alzheimer's and dementia anyway.

They are also concerned now about future visitors to their facility and I also note that a "Adult" must agree to assistance or help from a ADA AUSTRALIA advocate and as I am my mothers legal guardian, why was I not informed of her visit so I could be present as I doubt very much my mother would have agreed to an interview with Rebecca if knew what kind of submission she would have submitted?

I am aware QCAT requested the assistance of ADA AUSTRALIA, however, patients still have legal rights and privacy rights.

In conclusion, the consequences of this absolutely unfair, unprofessional and extremely biased report that neglects to add key persons of interest namely T C, the adults daughter, D W, my mothers friend of 35 years and next door neighbor of 12 years and a registered nurse, I have now had to spend time and money to appeal QCAT's decision on the grounds above, that had Rebecca Anderson done a professional and competent report adding two of my mothers long term friends and my sisters views, the decision to appoint The Public Trustee might very well have not been given preference and appointed.

Might I say this to you Geoff.

As a so called advocate, Rebecca should have known and worked out my mothers main wish and concern in her life and what life she may have left now having Alzheimer's is that, my mother wants to live with her daughter for the rest of her day's and that my mother does NOT want her house to be sold and she does not want to have to pay The Public Trustee up to the $7000 per year plus any other fees and charges they will endeavor to place upon her and if Rebecca had any wisdom whatsoever instead of acting like a revengeful stranger, she would have worked out that my plan would have fulfilled every wish my mother wants.

Again I visited my mother for 2 hours last night being Wednesday and read Rebecca's whole letter to her and showed it to her and she is angry at some of the writing comments and claims that she
denies every saying to her.

The sad thing is Geoff, my mother told me she is still waiting to move into a granny flat with her daughter and asked me am I still doing that? Do you have any idea how difficult this was for me to have to look my mother in the face and say, "I don't know if I am able to do this now", then have my mother pause and then say, "Well that's all I want".

I know how The Public Trustee works, they take as much money of their clients as possible, they are not a free service and they are out to make profit, unfortunately they have too much power and I know they will want to do all that they can to sell my mothers house and then milk her savings account as much as possible.

God only knows what The Public Guardian will want to do if Rebecca had her way of them being the ones appointed as my mothers legal guardian, I have no doubt they would want to place her into a nursing home for good which would mean my mother would NOT be able to live with her daughter and that The Public Trustee would have grounds to then sell my mothers house and all of her money would be eating up with fees, charges, Nursing home costs and goodness knows what else.

The whole reason why I wanted to be my mothers and my sisters guardians and administrators was to protect my mothers assets, savings and to allow her, the only wish she wants in life, which is to live with her daughter like she has all her life, but now, thanks to Rebecca's incompetence and total lack of regard contradicting the whole claim by ADA AUSTRALIA, my mothers voice was not heard and it seems the only voice that was heard was my mothers past friend and Rebecca's, not my mothers and not my mothers own daughter or close friends.

Rebecca has no idea of the damage that she has now caused my mother, the drama and stress on my, the anguish now on my sister, the anger of both D W and By B for not even bothering to add their comments with both of them saying to me, most probably because they were in support of my application.

B B actually said that she felt intimidated by Rebecca and her line of questioning and both said they felt that Rebecca was not even interested in anything positive they had to say about me and they felt she only seeking comments that would support her negative submission.

You can call them yourself Geoff if you wish to clarify the above from them directly and feel free to call my sister and ask her about my mothers wishes and my sisters wishes.

B B - 0429*****
D W - 0466***** 
T C - 07 38****

Now because of Rebecca and her incompetent and biased submission to QCAT I have had to pay for an appeal and come up with a new plan to save what actions The Public Trustee will now doubt wish to make to take as much money off my mother as possible.

The amount of extra stress and worry I now have to deal with because of Rebecca Anderson I only wish she will not be in a position to do this to anyone else in the future and I am certain she had no idea her report would ever fall into my hands.


No matter what ADA AUSTRALIAconnection is with The Public Trustee, it is a CONFLICT OF INTEREST that they are preferring to recommend The Public Trustee to QCAT instead of family members who are willing to take care of their loved ones free of charge and better than any kind of agency set up to profit.

We wonder if REBECCA ANDERSON is getting kick backs from those she appoints that are not family members?

What kind of wicked person, who calls themselves an "ADVOCATE" would go so far as to personally attack a family member who was told their mother now has dementia and Alzheimer's disease and works vigorously and quickly to try and grant them their only wish, which is to live the with their daughter for however long they have left to live?

Even to go as far as lying and fabricating stories to seal the appointment of The Public Trustee and to even request revoking the family members current order.

Now, The Public Trustee and the Public Guardian will more than likely sell the Adults home and assets and house her in a nursing home, which is clearly NOT what the adult wants Listen to the adult wishes here and have The Public Trustee  now charge excruciating fees and charges for anything they can think of to get all of the adults money and milk her retirement savings account.
SHAME on you Rebecca Anderson for what you have done and you obviously are NOT a suitable voice for this patient and goodness knows how many others you have done this too?
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~ Anonymous