Monday, December 18, 2017

Facebook Busted for supporting FAKE NEWS

Facebook is only too happy to have their users RIPPED OFF by FAKE websites that are trying to lure innocent people into investing into FAKE bitcoin and cryptocurrency websites.

These websites make you deposit money into them and you loose all of that money, others even go a step further, by saying you gained a lot of money from your deposit and it is so huge you are very excited but in order to withdraw your FAKE balance they create, you have to pay them 10% via another means and loose that money too.


So how is Facebook supporting these FAKE NEWS websites?

Well we all see these so called Facebook SPONSORED POSTS right?

Now here is the thing, we copied every link and tried to post it on our Facebook Page WE ARE ANONYMOUS and guess what happened? WE COULDN'T, WHY? Because Facebook have some of these links as BLOCKED LINKS. SEE BELOW:

So why is Facebook allowing blocked links to show up as SPONSORED POSTS on our timelines that they know are scam sites or suspicious sites? Because Facebook does not care about their users, they only care about making money from anyone, including scammers.

So we got the message saying we were not allow to post these links and here is our reply.

Lets connect the dots now shall we.


The site you are directed to when you click on the link here as shown below AFTER YOU SCROLL DOWN and click on their [click here] link which bring you to this site which link is BLOCKED by Facebook as show below.

NOTE: The first link is the link they say is blocked but is the link you are directed to after clicking on their SPONSORED link.

STOP scamming your users and promoting all of these scam sites, they are ripping innocent users off and taking their money, lying and produce FAKE NEWS.

Fake because the reviews are from different people who have had their profile pictures stolen as shown on the website above.

Let's look at this now.

Okay so if you check out the bottom of the News.Com.Au website above and scroll down, you will notice some comments and replies, well, we did a Google Image Search and found out that these pictures used are NOT matching their real names.

This means this FAKE website is promoting fake news and comments from real people with Fake Names being used by these scamming sites.

So again, Facebook is supporting this.

No wonder Mark Zuckerberg is worth over $30 Billion. Unlike most of us, we don't have that much money to loose for believing scammers whose sponsored adds show up on our Facebook timeline, believing that they must be okay because they are on FACEBOOK. So Wrong!!!! 

~ Anonymous

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