Friday, November 10, 2017

Racist thugs leave severed pigs head outside Mosque

DISGUSTING act of #racism in #Brisbane #Australia

It is one thing for the MSM to keep pumping stories about #Muslims and #Refugees ect but it is another thing for idiots to go to a college where young children learn to see a severed pigs head on their front entrance gate.

This act of racism is disgusting especially when they brag about it on their social media accounts.

The proud culprits thought they would get away it and so far up until now they probably thought not many people would find out (cough cough) well they didn't expect us did they :D


Timothy Roberts:

Timothy proudly posts and shares his disgusting picture of a severed pigs head on his Facebook profile and even uses it for his profile picture with pride. One severely messed up and mislead young fool.

The whole series of pictures there friend took for them are here

Mick Halcrow:

A quick look at Micks picture here says it all about his hatred for Muslims don't you think.

Mick's RACIST comment about Muslims:
The story about this racist pair and what they did:


Pig's head dumped outside Islamic College of Brisbane

Pig’s head in bag dumped at Islamic school in Brisbane:
Racism like this is pathetic because all Muslims are not to be blamed for the US created and funded ISIS terrorists.

So many Muslims condemn ISIS and if people used their brain they would easily work out that the actions of ISIL or ISIS are hardly the actions of true Muslims.

At the end of the day, no Race or Religious group are to be blamed for what other FANATICS and MISLEAD extremists do.

These two imbeciles who bend over for the MSM and take it up the crack so easily and believe what they are told so quickly are a shining example of what some politicians are producing out in our communities.

We need more love, compassion and understanding as we also need to get of our asses and do our own research to learn the truth about things and not believe the MSM so easily.
A message to these two Racist thugs, you thought you were going to get away with your disgusting act of racism and you thought you would be famous and respected when you proudly posted your evil act of racism, YOU WERE WRONG!

Not to mention the poor pigs you hunted and killed for your evil act well just a reminder to you racist fools and others like you...


~ #Anonymous


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  2. Mick Eichmann Halcrow might be Anonymous.