Thursday, November 9, 2017

Justice 4 Anna Chambers - NYPD Victim


#EddieMartins & #RobertHall have finally been charged for abduction, rape and sexual assault along with a string of many other charges.

It is alleged that these scums arrested young Amber Chambers falsely, abducted her, place her into a prison van whilst she was handcuffed and forced her to perform a sexual act on both of them, then they raped her.

After these NYPD detectives raped this young girl they dropped her off near a police station without charge.

It gets worse, they then accuse their young victim of having consensual sex with them (As if) then the NYPD keep them on the force, WITH PAY on light desk duties until she fights back and makes her horrible and unbelievable story goes viral online.
Links to this story:

Defense for NYPD detectives accused of rape seeks to blame victim:

NYPD cops told handcuffed 18-year-old they were 'freaks' before sexually assaulting her in van: prosecutors:

Brooklyn cops accused of raping prisoner will face rare departmental trial before criminal proceedings: 'They know they're f---ed':


Anna Chambers took to her social media accounts and because the story went viral and only then, did certain people act, namely removed them for the force, without pay, although it is mentioned they resigned, as always in this situation.

These grubs who SWORE to PROTECT & SERVE are now going to try and protect themselves with LIES after serving their own selfish sexual act desires and now try to escape punishment.

These grubs are going to continue to say that although handcuffed sex was consensual, which is pathetic and weak and gutless and their attorneys are going to target this very young innocent victims, by using her social media accounts and the pictures she has ever right to post as all young teenagers have the right to post.

This just shows what kind of cowards these now Ex Cops (detectives) are like and what kind of grubs their attorneys are for tying to help them get off their serious and disgusting charges of false imprisonment, abduction, sexual assault and rape.

SHAME SHAME SHAME on the #NYPD for continuing to pay these disgusting pigs until her story went viral and SHAME on anyone else that tries to help these evil scums get off.

Anonymous will be closely watching this case and the JURY and JUDGE on this case.

We wonder how many other young woman these detectives Raped and sexually assaulted?

Since both attorneys for they NYPD...


20 Vesey StreetSuite 210New York, NY 10007- 4243
New York State Bar # 2803484
Telephone: (212) 566-6262
New York, NY, USA



Carnegie Hall Tower
152 W. 57th Street
8th Floor
New York, NY 10019
Phone: +1 212-256-9491

are going to try to BLAME THE VICTIM we will be watching them closely too.
We are sick and tired of police officers getting away with every kind of criminal act they do. These bad cops give a bad name to every good police officer out there who do the right thing.

#Anonymous supports #AnnaChambers and we will make sure that these two sexual deviants are known throughout the world for the scums they are.

A girls worse nightmare is being raped, but to be abducted and raped and sexually abused to satisfy a police officers sexual desires and then do their utmost to get off from any punishment is by far a long lasting nightmare.

Our thoughts are with Anna Chambers and we kindly ask for as many people as possible to please show your support for this innocent victim and SHARE this post.

Thank you..
~ Anonymous

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  1. Very horrible tragedy you had to go through, hope you get all the justice you need and live a better life Anna.