Saturday, November 25, 2017


WARNING: This page below is NOT anonymous, they are only interested in using the name of #Anonymous to profit.

There little scam is saying they are offering FREE MASKS and you only have to pay for the shipping costs hahaahha, what a joke. The masks they are selling are only worth about $1 each.

We did some checking, and this is what we found out and are EXPOSING these scammers who have no idea what the true ANONYMOUS IDEA is all about.

FREE MASKS - Yeah right!

So if we purchased 1 cheap mask, it would cost us $8.99USD, we also note that when you check out you are hit with a pop-up that offers you MORE ANONYMOUS merchandise.

However, the mask in this picture is NOT the mask you get, as posted on their (FAKE ANONYMOUS FACEBOOK PAGE) this is the mask you really get. They are sharing this pages post (HERE) and are more than likely associated with it or get a large kick back. Otherwise, why would they keep posting all the time and sharing their merchandise.

Here are the same masks for $1USD

NOTE: The exact same masks are $1AUD Australian dollar, even cheaper in the USA.

SOURCE:(Masks Advert above)

Now saying that these masks are FREE was a BIG MISTAKE, because everyone knows you don't get anything for free, So let's put this to the test.

We went through the check out process and then edited our quantity to 10 masks, look at what happens.

 For 10 of the exact same masks it costs $10.27

If we add SHIPPING costs for the same destination country here is the price below.

So the same Anonymous page here (Army Anonymous) wants you to believe that they are giving away FREE ANONYMOUS MASKS for a limited time only, PMSL, However, if you wish to purchase the same masks from the website we sourced you would save $35.29 this means their website would profit them this amount. 


It is just a scam to get your eye attention knowing that they have such a huge fan base and knowing that people would jump at the chance to get a so called FREE MASK.

But as we have clearly seen, it is BULLSHIT!

This page is just out to PROFIT in the name of ANONYMOUS and scam those who support us.
Let us remind some of you again and tell others for the first time, ANONYMOUS does NOT PROFIT!

These fakes use money from sales to build their pages up to increase their customer base to sell more shit. Notice how it has taken them some time  to start selling merchandise?


We actually exposed this group a little while back for lying and scamming their supporters before, selling so called ANONSTOCK here

We also posted a video of such pages and fans who just use the name of Anonymous to profit.

We have noticed many are awake to these scammers and fakes and are spreading our info, 

Let's take a look at some of those who are smart and hate such fake pages like (ArmyAnonymous)

So as you can see, people are not stupid these days and many are wide awake mentally.

Sadly, Facebook unpublished pages like our as we posted here last year (We got unpublished by Facebook) and had they not, we probably would have millions of supporters too, we guess we must have been doing something right to get unpublished?
We are posting this information because ANONYMOUS does not like those who profit in our name and Anonymous never profits in any way shape or form. 

We do what we do for the LOVE of mankind.

We also do not wish to see our loyal supporters, old ones and new ones being ripped off and scammed by scums and fakes like those who run ArmyAnonymous and Anonymous HeadQuarters, BTW, Anonymous does NOT have any (HEADQUARTERS) (note they promote the same add on the left hand side as (Army Anonymous) does, or any so called (ANONYMOUS OFFICIAL) accounts, channels, pages, groups or blogs. 

Anonymous loves their supporters and we are one big family, "No one fights in this family alone"!

Sadly, many fakes and those we are jealous of other #Anons, their pages, their groups, their support, their efforts, their talents, their skills and their popularity make it difficult for them to continue.

I personally battle with Facebook all the time losing accounts and being reported time after time again by such ones above.

The Page  (WE ARE ANONYMOUS) is a long time good standing page going onto it's 4th year now, having fought against many fakes and exposing many as well, thus why our admins and other good Anons, keep loosing their accounts, pages and groups from being reported by reportfags (as we call them).

Anonymous, is a great idea who help the homeless, rape victims, those who have had injustice against them and those who are like lost sheep in this world knowing that there must be valid reasons for why so many things are happening on this earth but not being able to pin point it.

We love truth and justice and we always will, to our fellow brothers and sisters all over the world, we love you and we love those who support us and encourage us and to everyone who helps our information spread over the internet.

We encourage everyone to be ANONYMOUS, doing so by starting off joining your local Anonymous group or page that is active and being known by them at marches, protests and rallies or just at our annual #MillionMaskMarch every NOV 5th. 
Peace to all and may we kindly ask you to help please SPREAD and SHARE this information.

we are legion, 
united as one,
divided by zero,
we do not forgive,
we do not forget,
Expect Us!

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  3. can you guys hack my youtube real quick i just want to test out my security

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