Thursday, September 7, 2017

Alien Video - Debunked

OK so there is a video going around about a so called #Alien interview caught on video. LOL

So let's get into this video.

Firstly, it was first posted online over a year ago here:

and here:

When looking at videos online as to authentication or if it is real or fake, one looks to see if they can find anything else that might resemble it or be the same.

Well we found that the Alien in this video looks very much like this one (Skip the survey - which has nothing to do with us, it is from and looks like this one

The alien in the video and in this picture have very striking similarities to the point that you could almost say that whoever made the depiction of the alien in the video certainly got the image idea from that picture, at least this is our assumption.

So it means it is NOT a unique image or depiction of a real alien.

We not that the background is all dark, which we find extremely suspicious, one of the main reasons why FAKE videos blur or darken areas is simply, because they are trying to hide or trick viewers from clearly seeing it is fake and FOS.

We also note, NO MICROPHONES, we would say that this was RECORDED and software was used to mimic the lip movement of the so called Alien, nice try but FAIL!

We also note, that at the start of the video here the sound of both the interrogator and alien are equal, if this was real, the sound level of the alien would be lower if it really was taken from a video, as it suggests at the start with a so called video moving around at the start.

So the microphone being the source of the recording from the video would definitely be lower than the interrogator because the alien is further away, also keep in mind that the alien looks down at times when answering however, the volume is the same, FAIL, thus why we suggest, it is a recording matching to lips when the alien speaks.

@ 01:04 and many other times you can see the head of the alien FLICKERS, well we don't know about aliens that much, but we are pretty sure that a real aliens head would NOT flicker, this is from software for sure, just like how old movies would flicker in the past.

The questions asked about the Universe and God is just another topic that the creator of the video knows that would interest it's viewers and actually the question about Earth being created is not really answered anyway.

LASTLY THE BOMB SHELL, @03:39 you can see the top of the head of the alien duplicating itself PMSL major FAIL and bad recording and editing.

EBE-1 an interview with an alien is not the first time to have surfaced back in Sep 16 2012 from a video dated June 18th 1952 NOTE is mentions a NUCLEAR annihilation @03:30 , the same as the one in the video in question.

The same video uploaded back in 2009

We think we have given enough info now to say that this video has been DEBUNKED.

~ Anonymous

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  1. I did not even think that i thought it was all a lie.