Thursday, July 20, 2017

PayPal Problems look no further

Having problems with PayPal sick and tired of not being able to get a quicker response from #Paypal or being able to get access to YOUR money because PayPal wants to keep it for some reason?

Well this post is for you and if you share it, more than likely your friends will be very happy with you.

Unlike other hackers who compromise innocent peoples emails, these are the only type of emails that should be hacked and exposed, because these are the people who make life difficult for users who need their money asap.

This email leak is to help help the 99%.

So if you have a problem with PayPal now you can email the shit out of them with your case number until they solve your issue.

We suggest emailing every department with all of your details and case number - Good Luck from #Anonymous

~ Anonymous (Micheal Moldenburg, Paypal Complaints) (Scott Thompson, Paypal President) (Mary Hentges, CFO Paypal) (Paypal Office of Executive Escalations) Mike Vergara, Senior Director Accounts Protection) (Catherin Wong, Senior Product Manager Merchant Services) (Micheal Barrett, Chief Information Security Officer) (Let public relations know you are filing complaints) (Amanda Pires - Media Relations Contact)
 PayPal Phone Numbers: America & Canada

1-408- 376-7514 (FAX Number -- Ryan Downs, Senior VP Operations)
1-402-935-5145 (Melody Fry, PayPal Legal Relations / Legal Support Specialist)
1-402-935-2238 (Tiffany Zaporowski, Strategic Risk Operations)
1-402-935-2050 (PayPal Customer Service)
1-888-215-5506 (Another PayPal Customer Service Number)
1-888-221-1161 (Another PayPal Customer Service Number)
1-408-376-7400 (eBay Incorporated Main Number)
1-408-376-7514 (PayPal, San Jose, General Fax)
1-402-935-2212 (Michelle, PayPal Operations)
1-402-935-2255 (Gerri, PayPal Account Review Department)
1-402-935-2223 (PayPal Compliance)
1-402-935-2000 (Customer Service, Paypal Receptionist)
1-402-935-2007 (Another PayPal Customer Service Number)
1-402-935-5181 (PayPal employee with SEXY voice)
1-866-888-6080 (PayPal Debit Card Problems / Inquires)
1-402-935-2116 (Elizabeth Maury, PayPal Escalations Department)
1-402-935-2129 (Joseph Langenholdt, PayPal Escalations Dept.)
1-402-935-2238 (Debbie Zabarowski, PayPal Risk Operations )
1-402-935-2239 (PayPal Fraud Prevention Department)
1-408-967-1005 (Amanda Pires, PayPal Corporate Communications)
1-402-537-5755 (FAX Number -- PayPal Chargeback Department)
1-402-935-2128 (Michelle, PayPal Human Resources Department)
1-402-935-2192 (David Richardson)

PayPal Phone Numbers: America & Canada -- Senior Agents

Should you have a PayPal problem that needs decision making authority, these are the persons you can contact directly. Each one of these persons has the power to review your account, unlimit your account or arrange for your money to be returned to you.
PayPal Office of Executive Escalations:

1-402-935-2269 (Michelle, Executive Escalations)
1-402-935-2116 (Elizabeth Morey, Supervisor, Executive Escalations)
1-402-935-2172 (Adam Braasch, Senior Agent)
1-402-935-2268 (Beth Beutler, Senior Agent)
1-402-935-2174 (Jackie Hart, Senior Agent)
1-402-952-8951 (Michael Lazure, Senior Agent)
1-402-935-5073 (Stephanie Mikovec, Senior Agent)
1-402-935-2331 (Tara Stevens, Senior Agent)

PayPal Phone Numbers & Email: United Kingdom

08707/ 307 191 (UK Calling Rates Apply -- OPTION "1" for Customer Service)
0870/730-7191 (UK Calling Rates Apply)
0208/ 6053000 (Landline Phone Number)
020/8605 3001 (UK FAX -- UK Calling Rates Apply) (PayPal Office of Executive Escalations UK)

PayPal Phone Numbers: Australia

(02) 8223 9500 (Australian Toll Rates Apply)
1 800 073 263 (Toll Free Number)
(02) 8223 9555 (Fax Number Australia -- AU Calling Rates Apply)
(02) 8223 9501 (Fax Number Australia -- AU Calling Rates Apply)

PayPal Phone Numbers: Deutschland / Germany

0180/ 500 66 27 (14 Euro Cents Per Minute)
0870/730-7191 (Calling Fees Apply)
030-8019-5161 (PayPal/eBay Hauptquartier)
030-8019-5252 (FAX nummer PayPal/eBay Hauptquartier)

P.S Let us know if it helped you.
P.P.S eBay is next :)



  1. Thank you for such useful information....
    Leaps ahead of any automated phonecall,
    pre-programmed email response for definitely!! Xx*

  2. ❤ you, Anonymous. I love what you stand for: justice for the masses. I love that you're not sheep.

  3. Unfortunately, these emails are not valid.

  4. This is where all the U.S. employees are hiding out.

  5. I messaged everyone multiple times but still haven't gotten a response

  6. Great job guys! How can I join your cause? Im a world traveller looking to improve this corrupted, manipulated and crime legalised world.

  7. Shits weak!! No longer effective as i have overwhelming evedince and documentation showing hard proof of paypal lying to me. Then providing false documents which is in violation of there own policy by sendimg me emails ststing my money is released only to have them retract that statement and tell me it was an error and that they werent sulposed to send me that or call me to tell me that the reviewed my account personally and decided to release funds early.. Have halarious recorded phone call and emails. Time for legal action i suppose

  8. BANK $2,373 PER MONTH