Monday, July 17, 2017

Justine Ruszczyk Damond - Shot by Mohomad Noor


Justine Ruszczyk (Damond) 40 from #Australia called police in #minneapolis over concerns about noises in her alley, but instead of helping her, they shot her dead.

Justine Ruszczyk has a degree in Veterinary and was a Yoga Instructor, a very peaceful person who was shot and killed by police last night.

Justine's profile, YouTube and Website:

First reports:

The main story here:…/…/……/australian-woman-shot-dead-by-pol…

Video plea from future stepson Zach Damond:

Support Video:
The Police had turned OFF their Body-cams and NO dash-cam video footage was available from their patrol vehicle? We wonder WHY?

Confirmed "No Bodycam Video":…/07/BCA-Release.png

No dash-cam footage:…/woman-dead-after-officer-invo…/…

The local Mayor #BetsyHodges claims she will get to the bottom of this story, however she was not seen at the community support gathering with the locals demanding justice.

We hope Betsy Hodges won't succumb to any pressure from those who will want to cover the facts and the truth up and lead to another killer cop being found not guilty as in the most recent case involving #PhilandoCastile who was gunned down in cold blood for the world to see on video but still got off.

Police found not guilty of shooting Philando Castile:…/minn-officer-acquitted-o…/…
Justine Ruszczyk (Damon) deserves justice and these trigger happy police officers need better training and need to stop acting to fast and need to learn patience and self control and calmness, instead of showing up with guns blazing all the time.

We see so many of these police killing and even though there is clear video footage, they get off. Jurors must be either threatened or scared to against their killer cops.

We all know that not all police are bad, however in the USA we see so many videos that it makes you wonder how many good police officers are left in the police force.

Our thoughts go out to Justine's family and friends and we will be watching this case carefully.
~ #Anonymous

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