Monday, July 17, 2017

justine Damond's death ruled as - Homicide.

UPDATE: #Justice4Justine

As many of you are already aware, this page is following the horrible death of a beautiful and wonderful Aussie lady #JustineRuszczyk (#JustineDamond) who called police for help in #Mineeapolis but was instead shot dead by the very police officers who were suppose to help her, NOT KILL HER.

The medical examiner has just RULED HER DEATH..

We know what happened to Justine but a WARNING!!
the detials will make you all sick...

When she called police for help because she was concerned about noises (Possible assault) outside her alley she waited for police patrol car to arrive and when it did she approached the driver side window to talk to the police officers, but instead of listening to her to explain where the noises were Officer #MohomadNoor shot her more than once DEAD from the passenger side across from his partner (Officer Mathew Harrity), while she was in her pajamas.


This concerned lovely lady who thought an assault was happening outside her alley calls police and when she approaches them she gets shot and killed in cold blood.


They tried to cover and hide the evidence of their homicide.
**** Police are going to use Justine's mobile phone in her hand as an excuse to justify their shooting.***

*Noor is on PAID administrative leave. WTF?
Officer Mohomad Noor had a current excessive force suit against him and his partner.
The suit against NOOR is for the following..
* False Imprisonment
* Battery
* Assault
* Negligence
* Violation of Civil Right

Noor and his partner forced their way into Teresa Graham's home, unlawfully (Without warrant) arrested her and took her to a hospital forcefully because of alleged nuisance phone calls.

Here is the info we found:…/min…/mndce/0:2017cv02920/166419
LISTEN UP #AMERICA it is time you ALL protested and call for a STOP to all these innocent people getting shot dead with multiple bullets given suspects NO CHANCE of survival.

#StopThePoliceShootings is the new hashtag we want everyone to use on social media.

These police officers in the #USA are under trained and scared shitless of a woman in pajamas walking towards them to tell them what is going on?

It is becoming very clear to #Anonymous that if you live in the United States of America it is a very HIGH possibility that if you call police they will shoot you instead and kill you.

Not the kind of risk callers want.

President #DonaldTrump Donald J. Trump needs to focus on this ASAP or be like the other previous Presidents and not give a shit like those in the past have and do nothing.
Anonymous wants all who live in America, especially in Minneapolis to call for the arrest of #MohomedNoor and to support the Damond family in demanding justice and that Officer Noor is giving the highest prison sentence possible and that police in the USA get new training.

We would also like to express our disgust with regards the last police killing with Philando Castile who was shot and killed by another trigger happy police officer last year which video from his girlfriend went viral for all to see, but that officer was acquitted of all charges?? WTF!!
"NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE'! R.I.P #PhilandoCastile
Again our thoughts and condolences go out to the Damond family and the family and friends of Justine Ruszczyk
Links to this update:…/australian-woman-shot-dead-by-pol……/Police-officer-shot-Justine-Da……/justine-damond-us-minneapolis…/…

Audio of shooting:…/in-full-police-audio-of-justine-dam…

NOTE: The calmness of the officer who say's shots fired, as if he did not give a shit, shots fired from his fucking passenger seat across from his partner.

ALSO NOTE: One officer claims that the shots fired were possible aerial fireworks. What a joke, the officer did not even correct them.

Who Is Minneapolis Police Officer Mohamed Noor?…/cop-who-gunned-…/3201680/
We will update more as we find out.
R.I.P Justine (Ruszczyk) Damond

~ #Anonymous


  1. Great Post Anonymous!

  2. This case dropped from the Main News Media.
    I was starting to believe it was a Fake scenerio, paid actors.

  3. Its a Fairy Tale.

    Dig Deep and You will see.

    Dont believe everything you see on TV.

    They play on your Emotions.
    Emotions you do Not think clearly.