Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Dr Jacinta Powell - Logan Hospital - SHAME ON YOU.

What a load of shit..

These Doctors in high positions immediately go into damage control because of fear of being sued, but instead of saying sorry and having empathy for a patient they try to cover up and mislead people into thinking actions were accidental.

This security guard for #MSS should be fired and charged for assault after tackling this mental health patient leaving #LoganHospital with her husband, because they were not happy with the personal questions being asked and treatment provided. (Every patients right btw).

But instead of being able to walk out, she was crashed tackled by some security guard imbecile who left a gash in her head bleeding and needing further medical attention.

He crashed her head into the concrete wall and could have killed her.

These security guards that take it upon themselves to physically injure people in this city need their license revoked.

Here is the CCTV footage and story.

The Director of Logan Health Jacinta Powell...

should be ashamed of her comments, trying to cover up the disgraceful actions of their security firm MSS Security.

SHAME on you Jacinta Powell and SHAME on MSS Security.

This appalling behavior and assault should never
be accepted by any security firm and should
never be attempted to be covered up by such ridiculous comments such as "He lost his balance".

If this is the type of cover up and lies, Jacinta Powell is prepared to stand by and pass off to the residence of #Logan and #Brisbane, then she is NOT fit to be the Director of Logan Health because she clearly supports such criminal acts and is now trying to cover it up by saying and supporting the claim the security guard in question "lost his balance"!

So called Psychiatrist Dr Jacinta Powell might need to see a psychiatrist herself to get some answers as to why she blatantly chose to lie about what is clearly visible in the CCTV footage, it clearly shows this security guard crash tackling her, clear as day, not losing his footing.

Complain to Dr Jacinta Powell about the security guards actions and whilst you are doing that, tell her that you are NOT going to buy into the cover up he lost his balance PMSL what a load of shit of an accuse.

Contact info:
Phone: (07) 3299 8899

These scums and bullies always try to look at ways to get out of trouble and people in high positions are just as low for supporting them.


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 Complain to MSS Security:
Phone: (07) 3722 4100
Fax: (07) 3722 4120

Address: Ground Floor, 2 Clunies Ross Court, Eight Mile Plains 4113 (PO Box 4533, Eight Mile Plains QLD 4113)

Licence: 41299
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Security guards like this need to be stopped and Doctors in such a high position need to stop covering up clear acts of violence that put people lives at risk.

~ Anonymous


  1. I am the 50kg woman this violent large male assaulted. The police Sgt wouldn't press charges as he said: He'd spoken to, QUOTE: "All parties involved" (except me, the victim - the police have refused to interview me) and that the guard QUOTE: "just put the arm out." This was 1 wk before we got the video - the Sgt wasn't aware of this which is why he could lie so blatantly. It does not match what was in the police notes obtained under Rigbts To Information which state in writing there ws no offense as the guard just used "two arms in a hug" and we fell. I complained to the police crime and corruption commission (The ICCC) but it hands complaint back to the police station complained about ??!! In my case this resulted in an underling having to investigate his superior - obviously the findings were not in my favour re the corruption I experienced dealing with the Beenleigh police, as the system is so obviously designed to achieve. The ICCC is a front to make the public think any corruption is being dealt with, when my case shows this is definitely not the case. Thank you Anonymous for standing up for me. As I wasn't earning an income I can't get legal assistance and was feeling pretty uncared for, that the violence that has left me with brain injury and a stutter was not worth a mention. Then I saw your page... thank you very very much :)

  2. If you are unhappy with the complaint result, the next step is AHPRA. Please follow through x

    Also worth noting, doctors cannot often accept blame or admit fault, if they do, they insurances will not cover them, they have to seek advice first. Not that I am excusing any of the above, but they have responsibilities too.