Monday, March 13, 2017

#Pizzagate - You look for the lies and then..


Just like any good barrister or lawyer in a trial, they always try to catch you out lying, why? so that they can elaborate on it and let you dig your hole, because they know once you have dug a big enough hole they can clearly show the jury and the jury will find you GUILTY.

Anonymous is happy to expose a lie with regards the #Pizzagate and the owner of #Comet #PingPong #JamesAlefantis who claims he has NO BASEMENT shown here


However James Alefantis did say that he did have a basement..

Source above picture:

Also if you look at this picture of Comet PingPong on Google Maps below in the link is shows it as one level Gomet PingPong 5037 Connecticut Ave NW Washington   then go to this link showing it's construction, it clearly shows 2 levels of floors and also here it shows it as 2 stories

 So as seen above, we have found a huge LIE and this is how you know there is more to a story than meets the eye. Thumbs down to the BBC also for trying to cover this up, but then again they are known for "FAKE NEWS" and have supported pedos in the past.

Here is a shirt worn by James Alefantis that say "I LOVE INFANTS". the sick fucking pedophile!!

The fact that James Alefantis has so many pictures and photos of young children including babies  with sick comments speaks for itself, one does simply NOT focus and such a topic constantly if they are not obsessed or interested in such a topic to post about all the time, he is a sick fucking pedo end of story, those who suggest otherwise are simply ignorant and have no desire to know the truth or get off their asses and do their own research.

If anyone wanted to know more facts about Pizzagate, they only have to spend time on YouTube to watch the many videos that expose it, sadly, SHILLS and TROLLS will comment "Oh yea Youtube is a great source for fact finding", YES IT IS is our reply, start with this video.

Other links worth reading about #Pizzagate:
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  1. Way to be bro... Blocking people on the Facebook group with facts when you are in the middle of a conversation...

    Was I *tried* to write to messenger:

    Not in any French I know.

    Like Spanish, Italian, etc. definite articles ("the") are all forms of the "l" sound. Singular: Spanish: el, la. Italian: il, la. French: le, la. You see here in French, they both begin with "l"... so if you have a word that starts with a vowel, say "enfant" [child], the vowel is dropped from the article and the word is contracted. "L'enfant" [the child, pronounced "len-FAUN"]. L'enfant is also a surname in France.

    L'Enfant is a cafe and crepe place in DC. See the top of your own picture? Look up the place.

    It didn't come out of the mouths. It came from their private emails being hacked and reviewed by hundreds. Never leaked because we are not fucking CIA in the business of though innocent people's shit.

    Glad you are a fan of hackivism, but yeah, consider yourself unofficially informed.

    1. L'Enfant translated (The Child). Basically you are saying he is not a pedo in anyway, well he is and his actions show it. so F off.

  2. Oh also nice that you didn't present creds when asked. I think that is telling. :D

  3. You are cute one... block and then delete all the facts contrary to your opinion.

    Fake piece of shit.

    Expect us.

  4. The owner of this blog is actually a fake Anon.

    Lemme see... supported and defended hard rightwing nutjobs on the Facebook against actually hacktivists involved in real ops.

    When being corrected in private, blocked hackivist for relaying the truth and deleted dozens of comments on the thread.

    Would not provide the requisite "identifying" information used by internal Anon communities to verify if they are a known and active entity.

    Does this *sound* like a person you trust to uphold the ideas of free society, free speech, protecting the weak, and making all politicians accountable.

  5. Holy shit! Really?

    What emails? Did real Anonymous get the pizza guys emails. So these guys don't have anything to do with a pedo ring? What about Podesta?

  6. If the last post is true, the fuck OP! Yeah, fake Anonymous. It was seeming like fucking Infowars the last few posts and nothing about what Anonymous is doing.

    1. We posted the source, what do you mean if this is true? Did you check the source?