Saturday, February 25, 2017

911 - Where to start your own research - ANONYMOUS

Tips for those not sure about 911 being an inside job or not.

Research in this order.

1) Shanksville

Google the area before the crash, ask yourself, how can a passenger jet airline just nose dive into the ground and have little to no evidence of a plane crash with no passengers, luggage or aircraft wreckage?…/shanksville-coroner-no-bodies-fo…

Search, neighboring residence and read what they said about the US Governments claim that a plane crashed in their town.
Was it already a crash site? Check Google earth.

2) The Pentagon

Strange how the people who worked at the Pentagon where the Missile hit, (cough cough sorry plane hit) were all investigating the missing trillions from the Federal Reserve mentioned a day before by Donald Rumsfeld, died.

3) Tower 7

BBC Reported Building 7 Collapse 20 Minutes Before It Fell

A MUST WATCH VIDEO, over 2500 Architects, Engineers and explosive and demolition EXPERTS all say the same thing, that tower 7 was taken down by Controlled Demolition.

Sadly, the first man who said that Tower 7 was confirmed demolition, was mysteriously killed in a car crash that did not make sense.

6) Twin Towers

9/11 Inside Job:Bombs in Buildings:

NOTE: Telling people in tower 2 to remain seated at their desk stations and not to leave the building, was murderous and unbelievable that someone so stupid would request such a thing.
R.I.P To all those who lost their lives including the jumpers.
The most dangerous 911 video ever!
15 Disturbing 9/11 Facts You'll Wish Weren't True
Declassified Documents Expose Why 9/11 Happened and The Masterminds Behind it: A MUST WATCH
Sadly, no matter how much evidence would ever be brought to the world, the United States of America Government and the Elite, know that US Citizens will do NOTHING about it.
Because the minute they do, there are so many laws now in the US, that will see them arrested, shot and killed.
 ~ Anonymous


  1. The owner of this blog is actually a fake Anon.

    Lemme see... supported and defended hard rightwing nutjobs on the Facebook against actually hacktivists involved in real ops.

    When being corrected in private, blocked hackivist for relaying the truth and deleted dozens of comments on the thread.

    Would not provide the requisite "identifying" information used by internal Anon communities to verify if they are a known and active entity.

    Does this *sound* like a person you trust to uphold the ideas of free society, free speech, protecting the weak, and making all politicians accountable.

    1. But let's your comment stay apparently exposing me of some sort Mmmm okay. While you are at it, be more specific, because I expose fakes and of course I will have haters like you. Firstly, you say I have supported right wing nut jobs, like who? who corrected me in private and what was apparently corrected? Deleted dozens of comments and blocked havtivists? really name one. Provide requisite info? you have lost me on this point. I will wait for you reply.