Monday, January 2, 2017

Nguyen Than Dung - Child torturer - from VIETNAM

Nguyen Than Dung, 34YO, has been identified as the sick evil monster in a video, where he tortures a young 2yo little boy from Cambodia.

This video is absolutely shocking to say the least, how anyone could do this to a little boy and hear his screams is beyond believe. 

Here is the video however an extremely STRONG WARNING is given as images are graphic.


* NGUYEN THAN DUNG is the abuser in the video who is currently in prison in VIETNAM.

* Nguyen Than Dung was arrested last week in HO CHI MINH CITY - VIETNAM

* Vietnamese Police discovered about 50 videos of DUNG torturing this little boy.

* Nguyen Than Dung has a 53yo Dutch boyfriend named Stefan Struik.

* Nguyen Than Dung Facebook  

* Stefan Struik Facebook

* Nguyen Than Dung, is using the excuse to police that he was using METH at the time.

* Dung filmed the videos alone (He claims).

* If Vietnam do not extradite Dung Nguyen he will only face a maximum of 3 years prison.

* If he is extradited back to Cambodia he will face between 10-20 years in prison. 

This is what ANONYMOUS is requesting from the Vietnamese Government, namely, that Nguyen Than DUNG is extradited back to Cambodia, please sign our petition for his extradition back to Cambodia so he can face the maximum punishment for his inhumane and evil acts or torture upon such a little boy.

* The abuse happened in August 2016,

* Stefan Struik uses the Cambodian alias of Ly Heng

* Stefan Struik is the CEO of Kam Kav Cacao Plantation Farm in Monodokiri.

* Also involved is 28yo Ret Soty and 25yo Eou Nat.

UPDATE: Bunnat Eou and Reth Sothy have been cleared from this investigation.

* Stefan Struik is now in CUSTODY by the Kompong Cham Province Police

* Stefan Struik's farm is in Cambodia in the Mondolkiri Province

* Charges including Concealing evidence and failing to report abuse - for Stefan Struik.

* The other two involved are also in police custody

* Dung Nguyen's female cousin, found the videos and tried to extort $440US dollars or post video

* The little boys parents actually worked for Stefan Struik on his farm.

* A wealthy businessman in Cambodia Mong Reththy moved by this horrific story has offered to
   purchase the boy and his parents a farm and a house.
* The 2yo little boy had evidence of being anally raped (police report by Mr Sambath)

* The Cambodian Prime Minister's daughter Hun Mana has paid for all medical expenses for the little boy.

* The little boy is currently at the Royal Phnom Penh Hospital.

*The Vietnamese Ambassodor to Cambodia has met with the parents of the little boy and has given a kind donation to them to help them with this horrible situation.

NOTE: The Dutch businessman Stefan Struik 53 is denying all of the charges however, if he had no knowledge of this video and abuse, then why did he travel to Vietnam with Dung to look for Dung's cousin who threatened to upload the video unless they paid her 10 Million $VND  or $440US dollars?

Also Note: Why did Stefan Struik help Nguyen Than Dung flee back to Vietnam if he had no knowledge of what he had done?
Here are some photos EXPOSING all of these evil monsters.



Stefan Struik (aka) Ly Heng

ANONYMOUS.. Finds this case extremely horrific and we are requesting as many people as possible sign our petition to have Nguyen Than Dung extradited back to Cambodia, so justice can be served and he can serve the maximum punishment possible for his heinous crime.
We will update this case and any further developments as we learn from them.
Also, please remember to post some supporting comments at the Hospital (LINK ABOVE) where the little boy is currently at.
Thank You all so much and could you please help spread this post.


  1. PLEASE spread this post so many people as possible can sign our petition. We want this scum to serve 20 years for what he did to this little boy.

  2. UPDATE VIDEO of the little boy. This is in Cambodian but you can see the little boy is doing much better.

  3. In Vietnamese

  4. If there is justice in this world he needs to be held accountable for his depraved actions.

  5. Torture that sick bastard the way he tortured that little boy. Then throw him in the worst prison for life.

  6. Deport the cowardice monster to Cambodia,but 1st allow the parents and other horrified family and friends to torture the bastard for a continuous 48 hours or more.... or better still, let me have a couple of hours with the scumbag.....


  7. I hope he pays the same way that little innocent child suffered.

  8. Where is this petition ?

  9. Disgusting scum. Innocent and defenceless tiny child.Give them both the same torture and worse every day for the rest of their pathetic lives

  10. Death is too easy on this pathetic girlieboy I hope you are tortured by prisoners at the prison you are in Vietnamese government make him an example of him

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  13. what happened to stefan struik. He has a company in holland that organises fantasy festivals named elfia. Evereyone that asks about what is happening is ignored of even threatenend by the new head of the company. his sister. They deny everything and are sticking to the story/ storys he told. the video he took of himself explaining why he is not guilty is removed from the elfia website as are all the comments. People are led to believe he has nothing to do with the company anymore. But this is simply not true. he is making large amounts of money by lying about his involvement. Last thing i know is he is being held. But then what? he helped nguyen to escape. he DID know about the videos before the discovery. He lied about knowing about the videos. He tried to destroy evidence. He gave this man money to start up new business. he did not do anything to stop abuse or report abuser.

  14. Sadly Stefan Struik , who is still in prison, is able to earn a lot of money with his event of Elfia ( Netherlands ). A event where many childeren come to . However his sister is now the running the event, she also remove every news about the abuse and information that shows here brother is involved. News from february tells Stefan Struik is still in prison: Tangdung’s Dutch boyfriend, Stefan Struik, remains in Mondulkiri prison after his arrest in connection with the case. (Link: ) (Link: I do not understand how its possible that nobody is able to show the Dutch people that Stefan Struik is still in prison. ( Dutch news only showed he was released , in december 2016 and never updated he news afterwards.

  15. You don't know the half of it. ELFIA.COM is in a dutch mansion.
    I got stuff you wouldn't believe on this.