Sunday, May 1, 2016


(We hope the media gets this post also)

We have a serious post that needs to be shared all around the world.

We have someone who is trying to hijack our name and idea for their own political and financial gain and we must NOT allow this.

Address: 224 GARDEN PARK, OREM, UT 84057

Here is the person behind the FAKE anonymous #HumanityParty which is trying to get people to VOTEANONYMOUS2016.

Now we bring you smashing evidence of his involvement in infiltrating of our name and idea.

AnonHQ is also behind this and supporting him who just maybe also behind AnonHQ which is a fake page giving Anonymous a bad name.

Registered Human Party: Details for Committee ID : C00582957

Information & Evidence: Treasurer Name: CHRISTOPHER M NEMELKA

Address Humanity Party - C00582957

True humanity party:

This guy was an ex Mormon and Cult leader:

Christopher Nemelka to host LDS Temple Symposium:

Christopher Nemelka will conduct a symposium this Sunday afternoon at the Salt Lake City Main Library on his interpretation of the meaning of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' temple endowment.---

Nemelka says he is "the world's foremost expert on Joseph Smith and Mormonism," claiming "there is no other person on this earth who knows Joseph Smith and his true history as I do."

Along with claiming to have translated the "sealed portion" of the Book of Mormon, Nemelka has written a biography of Joseph Smith called Without Disclosing My True Identity. Nemelka says he is Joseph's brother Hyrum, reincarnated, and claims Joseph Smith has regularly visited him.

He says in an e-mail that his intention behind the symposium is to get public feedback on a video he has prepared about what goes on in LDS temples.

Cult Leader Planning to Hijack Anonymous Identity:

NOTE THE Anonymous logos and pics and the Humanity Party Banner.

He also promoted suicide:

Much more here:
His co-friend also pretending to be Anon is Tony Saiki

See his details on page 8 at bottom:

As you can see, that is the evidence of his involvement with the VOTEANONYMOUS2016 Humanity Party.

This guys profile is pumping and pushing for his Humanity Party he is talking about so much it is NOT what Anonymous is about and he is pushing the Morman faith, again NOT what Anonymous does.

See here:


Note his name here on the Humanity Party Register:

Religious info they are promoting:

See here:

ALL OF THIS HAS ALREADY BEEN HITTING THE WEB, causing problems and confusion with the public and the name of Anonymous.

Here: Anonymous plans to create new political party in the US, called 'Humanity Party'

Sadly this has NOTHING to do with Anonymous:

and here:

ANONHQ involvement: Promoting these fuckwits.

Vote Anonymous 2016!

AnonHQ Fake Facebook Page:
Humanity Party Info:

Humanity Page: Looks good but they are deceiving.

Their Video: Also looks good but BEWARE

Their Facebook Page:

Their Twitter Account:
Here is another so called (Anonymous Official) page, channel supporting Humanity Party.

Facebook: Fake (Not Official - We don't have one)

Their FAKE twitter account:

Their FAKE website:
More info here: 

As you can see they have NOTHING to do with the real Anonymous and these people are FAKE they are using the name of Anonymous for political and financial gain.


Unlike these hijackers and join us very soon on our huge attack that is coming.
As we and others have now clearly shown the #HumanityParty has NOTHING to do with the real Anonymous and these people are FAKE they are using the name of Anonymous for political and financial gain.

They DO not care about citizens they only care about Power, Fame and money and they must be exposed and the word must get out.

This page has been doing it's best to keep our supporters always in the light and we have been exposing these fakes for some times now such as here, and here

ANONS it is time we all took back our name and idea and put an end to these imposters and fakes.

PLEASE SHARE THIS POST and keep watching for our attack coming soon, that you and anyone who supports Anonymous can join in with.

We are Anonymous,
we are legion,
united as one,
divided by zero,
we do not forgive,
we do not forget,
All fakes and imposters,
Expect Us.