Tuesday, February 2, 2016

AnonHQ is not Anonymous they are FAKE - Read why here?

➜ Media Release:

RE: ➜ Bernie Sands and page➜ Anonymous

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The ➜ AnonHQ site that posted about their support for Bernie Sanders is ➜ NOT the official spokes page for ➜ ‪#‎Anonymous‬ and they are not consistent with the majority of the whole Anonymous collective worldwide.

We have NO leader and ➤ NO official Channel, Account, Page, group or website.

The post here http://anonhq.com/43157-2/ by the so called Head Quarters of Anonymous aka AnonHQ aka https://www.facebook.com/ArmyAnonymous/ ArmyAnonymous are nothing more then a few people who saw to ➤ profit from the name of Anonymous.

Anonymous does ➤ NOT support any politician, any government, any political party and we do not endorse any of the above.

Anonymous is anti government because most governments on our earth are corrupt and do not care about their citizens no matter who they are or who is in power.

Just like politicians, ➤ AnonHQ has ➜ sold out their supporters and fan base, by profiting from "Click Bait" posts they post on their Facebook page.

People who click on their post links are redirected to pop up and adds and they generate quite a lot of revenue in doing so.

Below we can see the revenue they make:

Video: Anonymous Warning about fake Anons by Gov agents and Greedy Impostors:

anonhq.com traffic and earnings
Purchase/Sale Value: $452,520 USD
➜ Daily Revenue: $1,240 USD
Monthly Revenue: $37,734 USD
➜ Yearly Revenue: $452,510 USD
Daily Unique Visitors: 261,001
Monthly Unique Visitors: 7,944,048
Yearly Unique Visitors: 95,265,365

We note this video that mentions Anonymous supports Bernie Sanders https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68o0mokO6nM however, we are here to tell you, that Anonymous is only an idea and ideas do not have a voice nor does Anonymous have a spokes person including this page.

But we will tell you that Anonymous does not support Bernie Sanders and the AnonHQ page falsely claiming to be the headquarters of Anonymous has no right to post such rubbish.

In fact, we suggest that they probably got paid for this post as well, as they seem to get paid for everything.

UN-Official Rules they have broken:

1) Showed support for a politician
2) Tried to influence their large supporters to vote for BS
3) Profit from the name of Anonymous
4) Uses Click Bait to lure trusting supporters
5) Sells Anonymous merchandise
6) Posts rubbish stories to mislead the masses
7) Is turning people away from Anonymous
8) Claims to be Anonymous Headquarters

These points above are not what Anonymous is about nor is it what we are trying to achieve.

Anonymous ‪#‎Anons‬ as we call ourselves work tirelessly for free to help those on our earth to get justice where our so called legal system has failed us, to support victims of legitimate police brutality, DDOS website of governments, their departments for abuse of power or inhumane acts to their citizens, we DDOS big Corps and big Pharma companies in protest against their greed and lack of support for those who need their help medically.

AnonHQ is making a mockery of what Anonymous is and we call on their unbeknownst supporters to unlike them as they have shown their true colours, especially with their latest political support post and they are nothing but greedy fakes profiting from the name of Anonymous.

It is a shame that Facebook had originally given them a blue tick which had helped them gain so many supporters, believing that they were the real Anonymous Headquarters.

So let it be known that Anonymous does NOT support ‪#‎BernieSanders‬ nor will Anonymous support any other politician, political party or government.

We ask the media to kindly mention this so as NOT to have the public believe that Anonymous supports any government or their members.

We are Anonymous.
we are legion.
united as one.
divided by zero.
we do not forgive.
we do not forget.
All corrupt governments can still..
Expect US!
Contact Us on Merchandise:
Spreadshirt, Inc.
1572 Roseytown Road
Greensburg, PA 15601-4140
E-Mail: info@spreadshirt.com
Phone: 1-800-381-0815
Fax: 1-877-202-0251

Stop profiting from the name of Anonymous.
Stop dedirecting your fans and supporters
Stop selling your supporters out
Stop saying you are Anonymous Headquarters
Stop selling Anonymous merchandise
Stop posting shit
Stop supporting politicians they are all bad

Start posting about Anonymous content
Start awakening the massas
Start doing what other Anons do
and start caring about the influence you have representing the Anonymous Collective!

~ Anonymous

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Shayne Newman and Junkie partner Alecia Gordon - Extorsion and Theft in Brisbane Queensland AUSTRALIA

Facebook Profiles:
Junkie 1) Shayne Newman  - https://www.facebook.com/shayne.newman
&  https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005364825062

Junkie 2) Alecia Gordon - https://www.facebook.com/alecia.gordon.75

Both these scums stole two young British Bulldog pups from a breeder on the Gold Coast, claimed to have sent money via bank transfer and gave a false receipt.

Then tried to extort money for their return.

CCTV footage shows them trying to sell them at a Ipswich (Brisbane) pet shop who bought one and has since returned that pup to it's original owner, however one more pup is outstanding which it is believed they are still trying to sell.

Theft, Extortion, liars and junkies.

Remember their faces and beware if they come to your door inquiring about your gumtree add.

We are posting this because they reported our original post to the Fedbook (Facebook) police and had the post removed.

Naming and Shaming works!

Visit us here:  https://www.facebook.com/anonymousforjustice

~ Anonymous

It is only a matter of time before you get caught.

You both are very selfish people and drugs have ruined your lives and you are ruining other peoples lives because you are both selfish junkies who only care about your next shot.

No wonder you lost your kids Alecia Gordon.