Monday, November 28, 2016


Especially #Anonymous #Anons

ANONYMOUS DOES NOT SUPPORT#AnonymousForMcafee in any way shape or form.

Anonymous does not support or endorse any polltician or political party, we simply just do not endorse any of them.

Anonymous is an idea not a person and this person here
Behind this website:

Behind this video:

Is using the name of Anonymous for his own political agenda.

Any #Media from the #MainstreamMedia saying Anonymous is supporting John McAfee, have been conned and fooled.

Anonymous does not rally for any politician no matter who the fuck they are. Anonymous does not trust any government, since time has proven that they only care about themselves and not the people.

A Rally has been suggested for the 5th of Dec outside #TrumpTower however, Anonymous does NOT support this rally at all and is being organized (Probably by funding to Carl Grady) by one person by the name of Carl Grady using A Guy Fawkes mask as his profile picture and making a video that one would assume is associated or part of the Anonymous collective, IT IS NOT!!

Anonymous will never support such a rally and may we encourage all to SHARE this information so that others can know Anonymous does not support such nonsense.
Why would Anonymous who use cyber activism against big corporations, governments, bankers and the elite, support some cyber security person to have his skills implemented that may hinder our online activism methods?

Carl Grady and his lone agenda on this saying Anonymous supports this rally is wrong and incorrect.
~ Anonymous

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