Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Is a Rape of a young girl by a white Police Officer being covered up?

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The video keeps getting taken down and this story seems very suspicious. IS THEIR A COVER UP?

When police handcuff a teenager then rape them, you know it is about time, ALL police should be given a Re-Evaluation test and a FULL mental and psychological test.

We NOTE, some are saying that this was a NYPD officer, and we are seeing videos being taken down.

#Anonymous will be watching this case carefully.

We have watched the FULL video of this insane crime and we find it horrific.

Here is the original story:
From what we are reading, police are saying the DNA is inconclusive and that the victim was unconscious and the trial might be difficult, however, the victims is seen struggling and if the DNA is inconclusive then someone isn't doing their job correctly or is preparing to cover a crime up.

In the video the police officer (White) is clearly seen punching her in the side of the face, restraining her and then placing her in hand cuffs and then proceeds to rape her.

What is also disturbing is that this police officer did this ON CAMERA so one would assume that 1) He was not worried about any watching him, if anyone was and 2) That he might have thought he was going to be able to delete it.

This is a very disturbing case that is set to go to trail in Cape Town on October 10th.

The video should be enough evidence and should not even have to go to trial.

CONFUSED... One query #Anonymous has is that the report say's it is from Cape Town, South Africa from an officer from Montagu Saps, and we found this police officer


with the same name as a warrant officer from the same Montagu Saps area, which matches all of the details of the offender officer, but the video shows a white police officer raping this young girl and there is NO MISTAKE about it, this police officer is white?

Again Here:

NOTE: This police officer from SA is black not white like the police officer in the video raping the young girl.

and here:

https://www.facebook.com/frederick.soldaat.9 (Has a friend here who is a police officer)

https://www.facebook.com/tesanecia.adams and the uniform matches his other pictures here
as being from South Africa.

The only way this story and the facts can make sense, is if there is another WHITE police officer from Cape Town Montagu who is a warrant officer with the same name.
The picture shown in this picture

shows the cell has a number 4 on the white wall and here is a video of the exact same type of cell set up in Chicago with the number 5 on the white wall

so what the fuck is going on?






BlueLivesMatter website are running the story saying that the allegation of it being a NYPD officer is incorrect then showing the story in Cape Town, South Africa and that the info is incorrect, see here


However, again we say, that the picture and profile of the exact name and warrant officer matching the alleged name, occupation and location is a black officer, the officer in the video is 100% White so this is not adding up.

We will endeavor to find out more info about this.
If you Google, Cop rapes black teen in cell, then you will find more information, but please BEWARE it is not advised and it is a rape of a teenager.
~ Anonymous


  1. This is disgusting, i will continue to monitor this and will report it to all if it is covered up.

    1. We Thank You.. Please Keep up informed. This behavior is becoming more prevalent. We have to put an end to it.

  2. I've been looking online for updates to this case and only found a European news story on FB here:


    I would really like to know what the real identity of the officer is and where I can find info on this incident

  3. Have you guys reached out to his FB and asked him? It might help. Ask if anyone else in his town matches the description.

  4. Thanks for trying to uncover what is really going on. Keep up the good work!

  5. I've been looking so long for an update and haven't found anything. They're praying that enough time passes and we forget!

  6. On news24 they talk about Laingsburg cop in South Africa raping a 20 year old girl on 5/2016. After I read this article they started talking about the same cop raping a 15 year old girl. Every body look up Laingsburg cop rapes a girl in the police cell.

  7. This story seems like a psy-op to stir up racial tension in the US. The readily available video along with the intentionally shoddy attempt at a cover up are two of the biggest red flag in my opinion. The two stories (NYPD vs SA & White guy Vs Black Guy) are obviously juxtaposed in a very obvious way.
    Also, the fact that big name rappers (who are completely under the rue of the Military Industrial Complex via the entertainment industry) took it upon themselves to share the video on their platforms along with inciting language. Rapper Meek Mill said something along the lines of, "It's time..." in reaction to the footage which IMO is subtly calling for violence in response to this. These rappers may act silly in front of the camera at times, they ARE NOT STUPID ENOUGH TO PUT THEIR CAREERS & FREEDOM ON THE LINE BY A) Posting child rape/porn (which is essentially what this footage is) and B) Making even vague references to supporting violence directed at law enforcement or anybody for that matter!
    I could write more but, all I'll say is I SMELL A PSY-OP!!!

  8. Was just informed of this video and desperately trying to find answers. Any update?

  9. Every story I find says Frederick Soldaat from SA is the rapist, and there are a lot of them. BUT I can only find a black Frederick Soldaat. There is no white Frederick Soldatt that I can find. So WTF is going on?!?! This is a white cop. These stories must be covers from my perspective.

    1. It seems to be a little deeper than just a simple cover. It plays into the current engineered war of Identity Politics going on in America right now. This story is obviously a hoax and purposely poorly executed cover up. It seems to be more Agitation Propaganda, just like the taking down of statues to achieve a reactionary response from the right leaning population.
      Read my comment above with the username 'Social Cataclysm'. I've changed it since then..

  10. The officer in the video clearly has blonde hair.

    The officer in question has very dark short hair.

    Not the same person. This is a cover up.

  11. I don't think it's a cover up......I think it's a video trying to reenact a scene but to spark some kind of riot from the black community. The video is probably both false and true. The woman from the video in Chicago, that's a Skokie Village Jail cell right?.....so the cell from video in question should be in Skokie Village, correct? This video was deliberate because a cop wouldn't do it on camera. Looking at the video in question, that's not the same cell because the camera footage is not the same, and the walls aren't the same, nor the floor. Civilians from Cape Town claims that they do not have the money to afford that kind of cell, and their cells are totally different, including the uniform. Either the man acting as a cop, and really raping a young girl in a cell look-a-like(doesn't matter the ethnicity right now) to spark a problem or something else just as twisted, OR the whole thing is fake, and they both are in on it to push some agenda by using other cases as story to send people on a wild goose chase. Worst case scenario is a girl being raped and she doesn't get justice.

    The weirdest thing about all of this.....The video is only a snippet.....where is the entire footage. Some guy claimed that a guy who is an ex-cop and was friends with the cop in the video shared the video because I guess the the guy in video did something to the claimed ex-cop, so he shared video as get back. I call bullshit on that story because where is the entire footage??.....and where is the girl?? All the cases that even similar to this last year, and even this year were all handled....but NEITHER were that girl, but one warrant officer who gotten time for sexaul assaults in Sept 30, 2017 in Georgia looked kind of similar to the cop in the video. But you guys are right.....this man is a blonde. I think he is approx. 45 years old, 6'1", 212 lbs., blonde.