Tuesday, February 2, 2016

AnonHQ is not Anonymous they are FAKE - Read why here?

➜ Media Release:

RE: ➜ Bernie Sands and page➜ Anonymous

Please help us spread this truth by Sharing this post.

The ➜ AnonHQ site that posted about their support for Bernie Sanders is ➜ NOT the official spokes page for ➜ ‪#‎Anonymous‬ and they are not consistent with the majority of the whole Anonymous collective worldwide.

We have NO leader and ➤ NO official Channel, Account, Page, group or website.

The post here http://anonhq.com/43157-2/ by the so called Head Quarters of Anonymous aka AnonHQ aka https://www.facebook.com/ArmyAnonymous/ ArmyAnonymous are nothing more then a few people who saw to ➤ profit from the name of Anonymous.

Anonymous does ➤ NOT support any politician, any government, any political party and we do not endorse any of the above.

Anonymous is anti government because most governments on our earth are corrupt and do not care about their citizens no matter who they are or who is in power.

Just like politicians, ➤ AnonHQ has ➜ sold out their supporters and fan base, by profiting from "Click Bait" posts they post on their Facebook page.

People who click on their post links are redirected to pop up and adds and they generate quite a lot of revenue in doing so.

Below we can see the revenue they make:

Video: Anonymous Warning about fake Anons by Gov agents and Greedy Impostors:

anonhq.com traffic and earnings
Purchase/Sale Value: $452,520 USD
➜ Daily Revenue: $1,240 USD
Monthly Revenue: $37,734 USD
➜ Yearly Revenue: $452,510 USD
Daily Unique Visitors: 261,001
Monthly Unique Visitors: 7,944,048
Yearly Unique Visitors: 95,265,365

We note this video that mentions Anonymous supports Bernie Sanders https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68o0mokO6nM however, we are here to tell you, that Anonymous is only an idea and ideas do not have a voice nor does Anonymous have a spokes person including this page.

But we will tell you that Anonymous does not support Bernie Sanders and the AnonHQ page falsely claiming to be the headquarters of Anonymous has no right to post such rubbish.

In fact, we suggest that they probably got paid for this post as well, as they seem to get paid for everything.

UN-Official Rules they have broken:

1) Showed support for a politician
2) Tried to influence their large supporters to vote for BS
3) Profit from the name of Anonymous
4) Uses Click Bait to lure trusting supporters
5) Sells Anonymous merchandise
6) Posts rubbish stories to mislead the masses
7) Is turning people away from Anonymous
8) Claims to be Anonymous Headquarters

These points above are not what Anonymous is about nor is it what we are trying to achieve.

Anonymous ‪#‎Anons‬ as we call ourselves work tirelessly for free to help those on our earth to get justice where our so called legal system has failed us, to support victims of legitimate police brutality, DDOS website of governments, their departments for abuse of power or inhumane acts to their citizens, we DDOS big Corps and big Pharma companies in protest against their greed and lack of support for those who need their help medically.

AnonHQ is making a mockery of what Anonymous is and we call on their unbeknownst supporters to unlike them as they have shown their true colours, especially with their latest political support post and they are nothing but greedy fakes profiting from the name of Anonymous.

It is a shame that Facebook had originally given them a blue tick which had helped them gain so many supporters, believing that they were the real Anonymous Headquarters.

So let it be known that Anonymous does NOT support ‪#‎BernieSanders‬ nor will Anonymous support any other politician, political party or government.

We ask the media to kindly mention this so as NOT to have the public believe that Anonymous supports any government or their members.

We are Anonymous.
we are legion.
united as one.
divided by zero.
we do not forgive.
we do not forget.
All corrupt governments can still..
Expect US!
Contact Us on Merchandise:
Spreadshirt, Inc.
1572 Roseytown Road
Greensburg, PA 15601-4140
E-Mail: info@spreadshirt.com
Phone: 1-800-381-0815
Fax: 1-877-202-0251

Stop profiting from the name of Anonymous.
Stop dedirecting your fans and supporters
Stop selling your supporters out
Stop saying you are Anonymous Headquarters
Stop selling Anonymous merchandise
Stop posting shit
Stop supporting politicians they are all bad

Start posting about Anonymous content
Start awakening the massas
Start doing what other Anons do
and start caring about the influence you have representing the Anonymous Collective!

~ Anonymous


  1. Replies
    1. Anything associated with it is not genuine. Many confused people may have been caught up in the lie over there...


    3. What about AnonNews? In the post you say you have no official website, but don't mention that one. Is that legit, or no?

  2. Certainly agree. Majority of our Politicians in the British Isles are Corrupt. Also I believe the same of the American Politicians, to say nothing about the Western Governments. So if anybody reads my posts. Anonymous, fights for Freedom and supporting any one in Power is not something Anonymous do. They fight for us the little people. so do not fall for the AnonHQ, they are FAKE.

  3. Dear Anonymous we mean no harm by using Guy Fawkes masks if you watch our first video we make it clear we aren't part of Anonymous( https://youtu.be/gvwrZgVn4cY 1:18-1:28). But we do support the human collective. I'm only posting here cause we need help taking down Monsanto, if you can help us get more credible info on how to expose them for the evil they are we'd greatly appreciate it. Your Loyal fan, Harga Lulex - IGDIA

  4. WE need to get anonhq offline as soon as possible. This is not good. We need an Op#anonhq, needs to go into effect asap

  5. I have put a lot of thought into this question and it seems to have bothered more than most things I feel for this society. If we are not doing anything in support to our cause, no action, then what are we? We are silent. Think about it.

  6. You are not the only ones who know this. We have left HQ and started another group.... Want in?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. This is our Facebook page feel free to message us https://www.facebook.com/anonymousforjustice/

  7. I was a mod in the discord chat of anonboards forums of anonhq. I left after being ganged up by the other mods because i have friends who are anti-anonhq. There are many ex-members, old members from years of being there who are questioning this as well. Happy to know there are more out there. We can tell you lots. They told me i'm not anonymous because I have my own discord server and that to be anonymous i have to be in just that chat room.

    1. Can you message us on our Facebook Page please.

    2. I can message you on your facebook page. sorry for the delay in response.

    3. I messaged you under my fb, Mimzy Grey. I can tell you quite a lot.

    4. Chica :) I was also mod and admin on this same chat, I left admin role before Chica left, but confirm that generally there is bias in the chat, nothing productive is done. When trying to sort out productivity and trolls, this was when admin and other mods started to go against me, because I was impartial and decided to ban one of their own "family". This person has a protected role to stop moderators banning, as I was admin I could ban and did ban since the person was being nasty to a newcomer to the chat.
      The chat rooms are a dismal disgrace to Anonymous and are far removed from what Anonymous is. A moderator has banned me for no reason whilst another admin said I chat shit 247 - this incidentally was same admin who told me I was the most active in ops (however, this changed when I showed that I am impartial). The chat is only good for people who wish to troll on a continual basis and call themselves Anonymous just to look cool and do nothing else.

  8. You mother fucking right. I am Anonymous. Anarchy Till' I Die.

  9. #OpWikiPoet https://youtu.be/PYqqzMZ39Ls

  10. Thank you. I thought so. Good luck.

  11. okay then where can i get good info as well and the comment can i be hacked right now? i used my email in one comment

  12. You are an idiot. Anonhq does not claim to be the spokesperson of anon they don't even claim to be anon they support anon which makes them anon. You fucking idiot. Anonymous has no official anything. Just fan pages and supporters. Anonhq is a good place to year anonymous news.

  13. So is Anonymous real or fake and who is behind it?

  14. Why can't you just take the fake anons out then - close down their accounts? If you can cripple an entire corporation surely you can close down a few Facebook and Twitter accounts.

  15. So why doesn't the real anonymous take Dow the fake anonymous?

    1. Because most of the original hackers that started during the Chanology days are behind bars (good riddance to them). Anonymous has been effectively neutralized after finding out that one of Lulzsec's members, who turned out to be an informant for the FBI for three years, had been trolling the liberal masses to the point to where virtually the "collective" starts believing that anybody who tries to start some shit could be an informant for any govt. agency.

      If you want to feel like your important to Anonymous then get some online buddies and start a raid on a website. Don't like Anonhq? Find as many people as you can, light up your internet torches, an electronically burn them to the ground. But don't say that it's because it's for the "good of mankind", for everybody's singing the tune called: "Anonymous is not your personal army". In other words; Just do it for shits and giggles.

  16. Are you fake Anonymous? Lol I'm just saying if they are such a issue why not bann there Twitter or Facebook and take down there website Anonymous takes down a lot of ISIS "Accounts" and "websites" why can't you handle this what should be a small issue

    1. Seems that way since there are links to anonhq and merch at the and of the article. I would think they'd be able to rectify an issue like that given their skill sets.

  17. Why dont you real anonymous hack the sht out of them?

  18. If you are what you say you are, then bring them down.

    if this does not happen then you are worthless and nothing.

  19. Eventually something will happen and it will escalate to where hq will be taken down. the chat is collapsing. I didn't help with that at all. <: But in all honesty the best way to tear them down is to stop associating with their shit and not go on the site.

  20. I have un-friended myself from "Facebook Anonymous" , i take it that THIS WEB PAGE IS THE ONLY LEGIT ANONYMOUS ONE ON THE INTERNET?? Could someone clarify that this is the ONLY genuine Anonymous web page/site for information and up to date news on Anonymous activities..

    1. There's no real or official Anonymous webpage, website, or accounts to use. Nearly every original Anonymous member is either arrested, under protective custody, out of America, a snitch, or dead. Just stick to Anonymous's original protocols. And not that freedom and justice for all kind of bullshit, I'm talking about raids and stuff; all for fun, and fun for all.

  21. BlackSunSociety.org real or fake?

  22. Respect Brothers & Sisters!!

  23. Respect Brothers & Sisters!!

  24. The film V for vendetta certainly did inspire others to be more pro active in their quest for a free'er society. Good places to start are current issues and find one that takes your interest to research thoroughly, over time you will meet like minded people. Remember if it is easy for a member of the public to get into anonymous, then it is just as easy for a paid government official to do the same. Just be careful and truthful. Lots of little blows will crack the walls enough for them to eventually fall.

  25. Looks like you need to go get your dignity back. Why doesn't anonymous take down the page or take it over. Now that would gain some attention. Bring it down from the inside and get rid of it entirely. If anonymous is as good as they claim, or half as good as the news claims, then a Facebook page should be a small task. You guys got files from inside almost every major intelligence agency in America. Do something with the information.... It only ever gets posted once for some people to see and then it's gone. You could have all the info in the world but if you didn't do anything with it we need you as much as you on need us. If the majority of the world don't think they can use your help then its obvious you haven't marketed yourself enough yet. Everyone still thinks you're useless, don't matter how good of a job you're doing. Unless you got this, and can single handedly fix this planet

  26. Can I please remind everyone what Anonymous truly are?
    We are an evolution of the technological system. We are the enslaved that stand for freedom. Of voice. Of choice. Of life.
    We are an idea. We are everyone and no-one. Those that stand in the name of Anonymous ARE Anons. Since we are without leaders and stand as one name, we must take the fall for all that call themselves Anons. This is one of the risks that we all take when we wear our mask. When we choose to be Anonymous.

  27. If you want to take over the AnonHQ.com legitimately, you probably know this, all you have to do is watch for the expiration of the domain name. For a short period of time, they are given the opportunity to buy it back. If they don't, you can buy it. There is nothing they can do except do the same thing to you when your ownership expires.

    1. The current owner gets the right to buy before anyone else

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. How do I promote an idea, like to fix social security etc in USA???

  30. Ever since I visited AnonHQ, I really felt uncomfortable how popular it is in facebook. The merchandice is stupid as well. Even though I spilled a couple of comments in them, it was during the time I didn't realize to which page I was talking to... These sites even include a virus which does whatever, I haven't yet found it from my files. Anonymous, do you have any idea what viruses that site contains specifically? Just so I know what is safe to do in my infected computer.

  31. The most annoying is since when anonymous talk about Health? They (anonhq) just taking advantages by using the name of anonymous. They're all dumbshit!

  32. If you're the real anonymous, you should start supporting AnonHQ because they're making us aware of what is the real meaning of anonymous and what they're doing for this society. You're just an asshole starting a new blog spot site and pretending to be the assss holeee of real anonymous.

    1. That is the problem, they are not. They post shit and click bait, their website is full of surveys pop ups adds and re directs. Not to mention they sell Anonymous merchandise which all Anons detest.

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  34. who cares? all their links are very entertaining and they are not lies because the links are real news.. it doesn't matter if they are the real anon or not

    1. You are the fucking problem.

  35. some of the follow up questions and comments on here indicate that some of you are lacking some basic comprehension skills..... the first hactivists from 4chan days are a thing of the past, but the collective is still very much alive but they are being exploited by a few greedy power hungry scammers....who think they some how achieved "official" status...hq actually resembles the fear mongering of Alex Jones and info wars,they post more shit about animal rights than human rights that they look a lot like the UN. To even suggest that we should support hq is like saying we should support the government. After all doesn't the gubmint exploit it's ppl.

  36. I dont normally comment but I must on here. There is no real man running the org as many may say. It is not just one person it is many.
    People say do this do that but the thing is why would they need to do that or this to prove anything to anyone?
    Those that understand what this org is really about get this and those that do not never will.
    Are they fake or real? What a dumb ass question really. They are real or no one would know their name. They stand for something and well they just might surprise you.

  37. As far as i know, there are no leaders and no key person(s) behind Anonymous, as they say, If you think you're an anon, you're already in, I had had this doubt, if there are no leaders, no board or a council to lead them, Who is running the website ? Who keeps the money made with the name of anonymous ? from ads and merchandise in anonhq.com ? According to their ideology, we all are anons so we all can possess the money they make ?

  38. So if the REAL anonymous isn't on FB, where can we follow the real one besides the website?

  39. the administrators of the group chat also advise people to report any crimes you come across online to the gov and openly say that they have been informants and are proud

  40. Why do you not stop the using the (AnonHQ) name or logo?

  41. Will the real anonymous please stand up.. Prove who you are and wipe out the imposters as one woudl believe you can do or your name stands for nothing in the eyes of the people that matter, just click baiting sell outs..

  42. Anons do not ask for money, we are here for all of humanity and helping revolutionize the world through our ideologies.

    We are not associated with those who sell out or are informants to any organization that has history against human rights and that includes gov entities as many know of our collectives past.

    Instead of arguing who is real or not, work together in being what the collective has evolutionized into, AnonHQ are nothing but sellouts and seek to discredit the collective through monetary gain and informing those who seek to lock everyone away.

    I implore each anon to form your own raids, make sure you remain hidden and be careful in the steps you take, look forward to the dawn of this era as we transcend the bounds in which we live and bring about change in all forms that we are each individually capable of.

    Good luck everyone, i look forward to lulz, evolution and revolution.

  43. I have put out a video and post about these fake anon accounts on facebook and fake sites:
    They are spreading false rumors about WikiLeaks and Julian Assange and ties To CIA.

    Remember Remember the 5th! Of November!!!

    Facebook post:
    "You will hear false rumors from CIA agents acting as ANONS to spread false information about Assange and how he is CIA.

    How Assange doesn't talk about "Israel"

    Assange is not CIA, Good try though.

    Your Mission has Failed you once again.

    We are Anonymous.
    We are legion.
    United as one.
    Divided by zero.
    We do not forgive.
    We do not forget.
    All corrupt governments can still..
    Expect US!
    Remember Remember the 5th of November!����

    -Veronika Verochka

  44. so why not take them down annon?

  45. Please make sure to post the real anonymous links.

  46. Why not fight fire with fire? I thought mockery and lies made you sick to your stomach. That's what you said, right? That's why I believe in your movement. I see everywhere that hacker groups hired by politicians are mocking you, their pre-sold media organs are publishing news about their victories against you. What's more, these guys making money by stealing your hardwork.

    I do understand that all these can be traps to track you but I'm sick of watching the evil and the cruel celebrating just another victory over the good and the truthful every single day. No, I'm not looking for victories to put only a few those bastard into their places, but I need to see HOPE. I'm looking around and seeing that every single act of truth is tailed by a huge army of lies like a prescious star being covered by ugly stinky cheap mud. I look around and can't be sure whether you exist or you're just another illusion used by powerful to scare others to prevent their liberation attempts.

    Even if this is not really a place/website where I could reach real anons, I urge you guys to stop hurting such a just cause. Let them protect themselves, let them protect the helpless, let them avenge humanity's losses. 'Coz maybe someday, you might need that protection against those who betray their own kind who watch us all suffer as they get comfortable and more powerful.

  47. cum home. and dont tell anyone. it works. you work to. ~wok