Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Anonymous - The message of truth by Anonymous 2015

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The message of #TRUTH by #Anonymous
This is what's really going on in our #world, from the elite, above right down to the very pawns they use as their puppets to continue controlling mankind and keeping us all as slaves while they live the life of luxury.
From the beginning of time, man has overpowered man and forced  them into some form of slavery, from building temples and monuments to building empires, for the rich and powerful to enjoy.
These rich and powerful persons from the past, have always controlled the masses and used their powers and forces to make their subjects conform to their every demands and selfish desires.
If you think about it for long enough, you we realize, that WE the people, work and slave being
 the 99% to give the 1% a life of greediness, selfishness and full control over ourselves.
How has this been able to happen and continue over the years?
Because we the people allow them too.
For centuries the 99% of mankind has always been under the control of some form of powers to be, whether they have been Kings, Queens, Leaders, Dictators or some form of powerful government, these powers to be, have always had full control of the people.
Today being 2015 nothing has changed.
Governments would have you believe that YOU have a say in what they do, YOU have a vote in what will occur in the future, however, the truth is, YOU have no power or say in anything.
No matter what the people want, history has proven, such powers to be will not listen to the people.
These evil powers to be over the centuries have never held back on destroying or killing those who stand up against them.
They maintain full control over the masses simply by paying just enough to men and woman who are happy to betray their fellow mankind.
Today, we see such brainwashed men and woman still serving these elite and powers to be for the same reward as many back in history.
With the promise of gold, silver, food or money, these betrayers serve their masters and keep their fellow mankind in order and if anyone of them step out of line, they are punished or killed.
Mankind, mostly the 99% have allowed themselves to be in subjection to these greedy, selfish, evil and corrupt men and woman in the past and continue to do so.
Sadly, mankind has not yet AWOKEN to this truth and have allowed themselves to be brainwashed and conditioned into being obedient to those in power like sheep who listen to the commands of their Shepherd.
Mankind has allowed themselves to be manipulated, deceived, brainwashed, conditioned and hypnotized into every little lie, false promise, false hope and false sense of security of a better life for far too long.
History has proven, that there has been no leaders, no kings, no queens, no governments nor any world wide representatives acting in unity for all of mankind capable of being trusted by the people.
The real hard truth is, man cannot rule over man, they fail all the time, because the powerful leaders above are evil, corrupt, selfish and greedy.
Instead of mankind being controlled from the top of the chain down, it should start from the bottom of the chain up.
Because of mankind's weaknesses of riches, desires and temptations they allow themselves to easily fall victim too, and mankind continue to suffer.
Sadly, everybody wants to rule the world and nobody wants to be ruled over, however, in saying that, who would want to be ruled over in today's world.
Rulers after rulers have brought much pain and suffering into this world and yet this earth that belongs to everyone, is capable of providing enough for everyone.
It is and has always been the greedy and selfish that have made life difficult for everyone else.
Those humans who are in power who use their eyes to want and want and want more, need to be removed from power.
Unfortunately, this will never happen while those in power have riches and wealth to gain.
All world leaders and governments all benefit financially somehow and this makes it impossible for greed to be removed from their hearts.
Governments today all over the world only take from the people just like they have since the beginning of time, they are not interested in giving to the people.
Our world's governments are doing it all wrong and this is why the system, since mans beginning, has always failed.
Firstly, a good leader, leads by example and apart from John F Kennedy, we do not have many leaders whom we could honestly say, led by example, some others come to mind, but we will allow those who are aware of others in the past to keep them in their thoughts.
Our world's leaders today are infested with so much greed and selfishness in their hearts, that they allow billions to suffer so as long as they personally do not suffer and they turn away from their responsibilities of protecting and ensuring their citizens all have a fair opportunity of a good life as well.
One could suggest that to make it fair for all, then if physically able to, all should work in order to eat.
Sadly, our so-called free trade and fair competition isn't fair at all, it has created greed and corruption and increased the cost of or living.
The value man has placed on such things as gold, diamonds, oil, gas, coal and land is so high, that it brings with it many troubles, such as wars, killings, corruption and evil in the hearts of mankind.
We put value on the wrong things and mankind has forgotten the real value of family, relatives and friends.
We have turned away from the gifts our earth provides naturally and we have sough to find ways to profit from them, such things as our food, our water our resources and our environment.
Many of us are living our lives incorrectly and have been mislead into a false and fake sense of what they say happiness is.
Man has neglected and discarded the joy of living with animals and each other as one and with respect.
We have been shown too many non meaningful things and material possessions everywhere we look, TV, Billboards, Posters, advertisements, Papers, Magazines and so on that do not last or give us more stress with protecting all of our expensive and meaningless material possessions.
We have to much in front of eyes these days and we leave ourselves no time for the things that should really bring happiness and meaning to our lives.
Drugs, alcohol, gambling, addictions medications all blind us from seeing the real life we should all be enjoying.
Our tell lie visions bombard us with so much bullshit and crap, that we lose sight of the real life and we are so preoccupied with ridiculous concerns about other peoples lives we lose that time better spent with our own loved ones.
As the silence begins in the early hours of a new day, we find ourselves slaves again and again to a never ending cycle that seems impossible to break and stop.
The quicker each of us wake up and realize we are controlled by the powers to be in many ways, the quicker we can make our own changes and take back our own way of living that we want to live.
We wish you all the best and hope this video and text gave you some inspiration or revelation that is apart of you and who you are in your heart.
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~ Anonymous

Monday, August 3, 2015

#Anonymous would like to invite you all to be apart of our #MillionMaskMarch #MMM this coming 5th of November 2015.

Join Us: https://www.facebook.com/anonymousfor...

#Anonymous would like to invite you all to be apart of our #MillionMaskMarch #MMM this coming 5th of November 2015.

Even if you cannot make the march, still mask up as a sign of support for the Anonymous idea of a better future for all mankind.

Let us show the Elite and our corrupt governments that we all want real changes, not just the changing faces of the same useless corrupt government, but the type of changes that actually benefit all of mankind.

Please listen, watch and SHARE this video to help us spread our world wide Million Mask March so this years march can be one of our biggest ever.

Our Marches are always peaceful and well organized.

Will you join us anyway you can this 5th of November?

We look forward to seeing you and having you listen to the many speeches that will take place.
Remember Remember the 5th of November!
Please help spread the word and share this video.

Thank You!
Transcript: https://ghostbin.com/paste/4p937
Make Your Own Mask: http://www.guyfawkesmask.org/

~ Anonymous

#Justice4Julieka - Justice for Julieka Dhu #StopBlackDeathsInCustody

#Justice4Julieka #StopBlackDeathsInCustody #Brisbane #Queensland #Australia

Family calls for justice for Ms Dhu – rallies across Australia:

When: March in Brisbane: Aug 4th 2015
Where: King George Square
What time: 12pm
Join Here:

The family of 22-year-old Ms Dhu who died in the South Hedland Police watch-house on August 4, will be leading rallies around the nation on October 23. Ms Dhu’s family are grieving, are angry and are calling for justice. In the name of the late Ms Dhu, her family are calling for a number of immediate changes to police protocols in order to prevent unnecessary loss of life in police watch-houses.

Family members will lead rallies in South Hedland, in Ms Dhu’s hometown of Geraldton and in Perth. But the rallies will also be held in Alice Springs, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Ms Dhu’s uncle, Shaun Harris, supported by the Deaths in Custody Watch Committee WA and Noongar Tent Embassy said that there are a number of demands the family of Ms Dhu wants to see eventuate.


340th death since end of the Royal Commission:



22-year-old police death in custody should not have occurred:
~ Anonymous

Anonymous - People change for two reasons...


UK Government ignores over 500,000 signatures. Elizabeth Truss doesn't care what you think.

#UK #SaveOurBees #LizTruss #Bayer

Here is evidence that YOUR government will not listen to you.

We keep telling you, no matter who you vote they still won't listen to the people.

500k People Don't Want The Government To Lift A Ban On 'Bee-Killing' ☢ Pesticide - But It Just Did:



Here is the petition the people of the UK singed as a show of support for bees NOT to use these pesticides. The UK government said OK but then said Mmmm who cares let's reneged on our promise, we don't really give a shit anyway and these pesticide companies pay us too much hahhahhah.


Here is the PDF Download about Pesticides from Gov website:
One of 3 neo ☢ pesticides are:


The suspensions are reflective of E.U. pesticide law and are generally associated with acute poisoning of bees from pesticide dust being blown off of treated seeds, especially corn, and onto nearby farms where bees were performing pollinator services

☢ Toxicity:
Because it is systemic, persistent and highly toxic to honey bees, the Pest Management Regulatory Agency of Canada has requested additional data to fully assess the potential effects of chronic exposure of clothianidin, resulting from its potential movement into plant pollen and nectar.

Bees and other insect pollinators:
Honey bees pollinate crops responsible for about a third of the human diet; about $224 billion worth of crops worldwide.[26] Beginning in 2006, beekeepers in the United States began to report unexplained losses of hives — 30 percent and upward — leading to a phenomenon called colony collapse disorder

Bee-harming pesticides banned in Europe:


☢ Insecticide firms in secret bid to stop ban that could save bees:


Pesticides linked to honeybee decline:

UK government gags advisers in bees and pesticides row:


UK suspends ban on pesticides linked to serious harm in bees :

The evil woman who lifted the ban is will go ahead of this plan:
➜ Elizabeth Truss

The man and company in charge with producing these pesticides:

☢ BAYER. http://www.bayer.com/en/homepage.aspx

CEO of ☢ Bayer - ➜ Dr Marijin Dekker (We thought doctors save lives, not kill life)?


in 2013 - Bee deaths: EU to ban neonicotinoid pesticides

Our story a year ago on bees and the importance of them.

If all bees die, it is not good for humans, do they even care?
~ Anonymous