Monday, June 8, 2015

The Red Cross - SHAME!

Shame on you ‪#‎RedCross‬
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We can only imagine what you will do with the millions of dollars the world has donated to help the Napal Earthquake victims..

You show pictures of Red Cross volunteers who do wonderful work that do not get paid anything whatsoever and you make out that these pictures are what peoples donations are doing for victims, yet it is volunteer work.

You claim you will rebuild homes...Then where are they? Only 6 have been confirmed as being built by Red Cross. It should be over 6,000 You are keeping all the money.

NOTE: Red Cross claims 91c in the $1 goes to humanitarian programs,
They also claim they have built 130,000 news homes in Haiti.
Even ‪#‎Apple‬ with their ‪#‎iTunes‬ support are getting money for the Red Cross for Nepal donations.…/apple-restarts-itunes-red-cross-d…

Investigation Reveals Red Cross Raised 500 Million for Haiti But Only Built 6 Homes:…/investigation-reveals-red-cross-rai…

Red Cross accused of building six homes in five years since Haiti earthquake:…/red-cross-accused-of-buildin…

The Red Cross’ Haiti disgrace: Half a billion dollars spent, six homes built:…/the_red_cross_haiti_disgrace_half_a…/

We are NOT surprised that ‪#‎Forbes‬ have put the American Red Cross (Charity) at their ‪#‎5th‬ wealthiest charity sitting on a cool $3.5BIllion, this means they are NOT giving this money to the people who need from the people who gave it.

Source: America

Source: Australia

QUESTION: Can you imagine how much they are worth TODAY after they got millions and millions of worldwide donations for earthquake victims in Nepal?

If you want to give to victims of tragedies DO NOT give to large charities who will most likely keep most of the money and claim administration costs.

We recommend calling a countries consulate of the country of concern and ask them where to send your donations or how you can help.

The 2 charities that this page regularly promotes and has faith in are...

1) The Lions Club
2) The Rotary Club

They are run by volunteers who are mostly elderly, have no selfish motives and have good morals, there work and help around the world should have more publicity but unlike the
large charities who spend a fortune on adds, apps, commercials endorsements and door knockers, the two charities above struggle to make ends meet because they give around 95c in the dollar away.
If you can give, make sure your donations are going to the right person/s or victims. This may require making some effort.

But you will have the peace of mind knowing, your money is going to the right person/s or cause.
~ Anonymous


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  2. Red Cross ball at Mar-A-Lago. Shameful. Change venues. Not another dime or drop of blood.