Sunday, June 21, 2015

Smoking as a teenager - Anonymous

#TakeItAndBreakIt #JustSayNo

If your a teenager reading this, please listen very carefully..

* #Smoking Kills you
* Smoking smells
* Smoking is NOT cool
* Smoking causes horrible health consequences
in the future
* Friends who encourage you to smoke are
NOT friends
* Listen to your parents they will tell you the truth
* Cigarette companies make billions of dollars
from YOU
* Cigarette companies don't care about YOU
* Your Government won't ban cigarettes to
much $ in taxes
* If you say "NO" you are wise and the cool person
* If your friends smoke help them quit ASAP
* If you see people getting enticed to smoke,
BUTT IN & help
* Think and be wise, because your choices today
will affect you tomorrow.

All the best!
~ Anonymous

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