Sunday, June 21, 2015

Gambling - Poker Machines, you are not meant to win. - Anonymous

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Think for a moment...

If poker machines were designed to GIVE most of the money BACK, why would Clubs, RSL's, Hotels, Pubs and Casinos have so many of them...
Wouldn't they have just a few.


What concerns Anonymous is that many Clubs and RSL's offer cheap lunches and pick-up and drop-off FREE services for the elderly knowing dam well they are lonely and will spend their life savings money on their poker machines.

Making them millions.

Governments allow this and because they make so much money in tax from these establishments, they don't have any intentions on doing anything about it.

They may appear to the public they are but really they aren't doing anything dramatic.
It is easy to simply say, "Just don't gamble" that is like saying "Just don't smoke", however, many of these people are addicted and find it difficult to get help until it is too late.

Government Help:

Is only for those who have lost all their money and or property, by this time it is too late.
Revenue from gambling makes government billions each year in taxes, if it didn't they would do more, the same if they weren't getting taxes from cigarettes, they would ban them, for health reasons LOL. Hypocrites they are!

We are lead to believe that poker machines in Australia are suppose to return up to 87%, however, who can verify this?

We cannot trust government departments to tell us the truth can we? we cannot trust the makers of these machines to tell us the truth can we and we cannot trust the establishments that buy and use them to tell us the truth can we, why?

Because they ALL gain from them $$$$$$

Think back when your local pub, club, hotel or bowls club was a little humble place to meet, drink and socialize, now, what does it look like today with all those poker machines?

Is it NEW and BIGGER? We bet it is, so how on earth can these machines GIVE BACK 87% that is BULLSHIT!!

We are not going to tell people to stop gambling because we already know when you will stop...

WHEN YOU HAVE NOTHING LEFT TO GAMBLE WITH, this is sad but true, we would hope many would stop NOW, but the thrill, the excitement, the free coffee, the cheap lunch, the prizes and the FREE pick-hp and drop-off service will be too much for YOU.

No wonder these greedy, cunning establishments offer you a drop-off service, because you won't have any money left for a taxi to get home, that is the truth.

What other establishment in your city, offers you a free pick-up and drop-off? Not even your doctor or hospital offers this.

We wish you the very best.

Spend your money on your family somewhere, or buy something for your loved one.
Because Gambling is legal, it is one of the most hardest addictions to quit, many say.

This is why, ONLINE GAMBLING is so addictive, you can do it naked at home and no one can see you.

Sadly, husbands and wives have come home from working all day only to find out their hard earned wages has been blown on ‪#‎OnlineGambling‬
The other problem with online gambling is the software used can be manipulated to make sure the vendor rakes in just about all of the money, the player would never know.

STOP giving your money away to greedy scums!
We note gambling can be a form of entertainment and most who use poker machines or gambling as entertainment set a limit and DO NOT take extra money or plastic cards with them in their purse of pockets. Wise decision.
~ Anonymous

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