Saturday, February 21, 2015

AUSTRALIAN Police Revenue Raising - Speed Cameras.

Police Revenue Raising - Speed Cameras.
The figures and facts don't lie!

for Australian Politicians and Government Members...

STOP >> Tying up our police just to make you profit so you can increase your salaries. We want police to do police work not your dirty work under the false flag of speed enforcement.

We all know you Revenue Raise using police who have to stand out in the middle of roads risking their lives just because you know you can make millions of dollars everyday.

NO ONE can do the exact speed limit, especially up or down hills and you know this.

We are all waking up and the amount of tax payers dollars being spent on these high tech trap devices and cameras could be better spent on fixing our pot holes and making our roads safer.

Below are a few states that have articles about Revenue Raising, using speed cameras and the statistics including the amount of money raised, showing clearly it is about MONEY not safety.
Speed cameras quick to catch record number of drivers:…/speed-cameras-quick-to-catch-rec…
Governments are addicted to speed camera revenue and Victoria, Australia’s most over-regulated driving state, is calling for more.…/speed-camera-revenue-rise/
Speeding fines in Victoria:…/speeding-fines-in-victoria--get-the…
Victoria’s red light, speed cameras rake in $250 million:…/victorias-red-light-speed-c…/…
Sydney's top cameras earning up to $12,000 a day:…/story-fni0cx12-122681337…
Traffic cameras generate $150m in revenue for NSW Government:…/traffic-cameras-generate-15…/5592126
Ewingsdale speed camera ‘a cash cow’:…/…/ewingsdale-speed-camera-cash-cow/
<< Read their Strategy>>…/nsw_speed_camera_s…
New Gold Coast speed camera site pings one speeding motorist every 30 seconds and racks up $150K:…/story-fnje8bkv-122703…
Queensland’s top 10 speed cameras rake in $6.3 million in one year:…/queenslands-top-10-speed-ca…/…
Lower tolerance for speeding drivers creates $9m windfall for Queensland Government:…/story-fnihsrf2-1226680973096
'Speed cameras about revenue, not safety':…/speed…/story-e6frfku9-1225835743982
<< Read their Strategy >>……
SA speed cameras raking in far more fines than expected:…/sa-speed-cameras-raking-in-fa…
New infra-red mobile speed cameras not for revenue raising: SA police:…/police-say-new-speed-camera…/5927726
Mobile speed camera placement prompts claims of revenue raising:…/story-e6frg6n6-1226631856…
Police agree speed cameras are for revenue raising:…/police-agree-speed-cameras-a…/
How much are we paying in fines?…/driving-offences-revenue-assess…
Speed cameras are revenue raisers, critic claims | Interactive:…/speed-cameras-are-reve…/
Ten speed cameras across NSW to go:
( More like relocating them )…/ten-speed-cameras-across-nsw-to-go-…
POLICE have raised questions about the move to outsource speed camera operations:…/story-fnihsrf2-1226718856732…/nsw-government-switches-off-…/
Law & Order
Traffic camera commissioner Gordon Lewis labels speed camera unfair, calls on motorists to alert him to issues:…/…/story-fni0fee2-1227099092207
Caught speeding? Sometimes the camera lies:…/caught-speeding-sometimes-the-c…
Interesting read here on Revenue Raising:…/own-source-revenue-policies-opt…
Hahahaha OMG you think what....
Speed camera revenue claims 'horrifying'.
Queensland's transport minister said yesterday she was 'horrified' by suggestions covert speed cameras were revenue-raisers.…/speed-camera-revenue-claims-horri…
Statistics proof that speed cameras are NOT decreasing the road death tolls or driving incidents, the only thing they are decreasing are the drivers bank accounts.
It is absolutely disgusting that we live in a world where our very own government and departments look at whatever ways they can to steal and rob us using FAKE and FALSE reasons or claims to do so.
Our government is greedy, selfish and they can't even fix all the pot holes and terrible road conditions we see EVERYDAY with the billions of dollars they con and scam us out of let alone the claim our vehicle registration fees will fix our roads...
Stop using police to do your dirty work and stop stealing from us and while your at it, fix the bloody roads with our registration fees.
"Safety Cameras" - because they are a safe way of giving government bank accounts a huge daily cash flow!
"Speed Cameras" - because they quickly speed up the bank balance of government trust accounts!
"Road Safety Camera" - Some fancy new campaign name to divert people from the real revenue raising campaign and using the word road, more like "Rouge Safety Camera"!
WARNING: Never believe you can beat the system
by getting off a speeding fines with the promise on
the internet that might require a fee.
~ Anonymous

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