Friday, January 16, 2015

The Royal Family and Pedophile connections - EXPOSED!

The Monarchy's Pedophile secrets... ( SHARE THIS POST )


With the amount MI5 resources along with other agencies and what they knew about people especially with those who associated with the Queen and Prince, they knew who these pedophiles were, there is no doubt.

Listen to the video and read all of the filthy evidence and clearer picture that is now being revealed to the world.

Prince Andrew is going to be shown out as not only a liar but a disgrace as a Royal.

More deep information is within these links.

It goes very deep.

The amount of children who were DENIED JUSTICE from elite pedophiles with children going to hospitals with wounds, injuries and signs of torture is sickening...

They were all denied safety and justice because of this elite pedophile ring.

This will make you sick and will make you ask yourself, how many more victims were there that we do not know about and how many other countries have elite pedo rings also.

History of Child Abuse and Satanic abuse from 1950 Part One

Is Britain’s Child Sexual Abuse inquiry being deliberately sabotaged?

History of child abuse 1980's

Fighting Back:

Listen to David Icke's interview that really reveals a lot of information linking all the dot's.

David Icke - Two Hour Special Royal/Political Paedophilia How the Global Pieces Fit:

Note: The pattern and ring of friends.

Absolutely disgusting to read and see all of the cover-ups protecting not only the Royals has they are still doing with Prince Andrew but others in the past including the whole Royal family.

They have all been linked with so many PEDOPHILES one has to wonder why?

With all the amount of security agencies guarding and protecting the Royals they would have been advised NOT to associate with these pedophiles, so the questions has to be asked...

Why did they continue?

It is not difficult to know the answer to the above question.

* Rolf Harris
* Jimmy Savile
* Jeffrey Epstein

How many others were amongst there filthy pedophile ring.

After reading, listening and watching the links, pictures and videos above not to mention the evidence destroyed about children's injuries and other files destroyed, one could not be blamed for wanting to ask for a Royal Commission and FULL investigation with the Royals and their associates.

But don't hold your breathe, they will just deny everything and who can force them to be accountable?

It would take a huge protest in the UK to get this done, we hope enough people will see this and demand JUSTICE for all of those young children victims from the past.

Again, do NOT tell us no one in the royal family knew their friends were not pedos, they would have been advised.

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