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#OpDeathEters Operation Death Eaters - Anonymous

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Anonymous asks activists to help fight pedophiles in ‘Operation DeathEaters’.

Hacktivist group Anonymous is inviting people to join their ongoing mission against pedophiles dubbed #OpDeathEaters. The group’s plan is to compile incriminating evidence against international pedophile rings and bring perpetrators to justice.

“The objective of OpDeathEaters is an internationally linked, independent, victim-led inquiry,” Anonymous said in a statement. “US federal and state employees are running paedosadist industry. Protected child trafficking rings with cops, judges, lawyers, clergy and government employees are all covering for each other.”

The group has announced plans to create a database that would map established connections between different cases, targeting not only US and UK activities, but also tracking global links.

Now, the latest video released by the group explains how activists can get involved and help with the research.

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For those who wish to participate, help and join us:

What is Operation Death Eaters?

Our Video:

PasteBin: OpDeathEaters

More in depth details:



BRISBANE AUSTRALIA - See why we need OpDeathEaters

This is just one of thousands of cases in Australia alone.

Other Countries:

Main Tumblr

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Main: @OpDeathEaters |

Gabon: @OpGabon |

Netherlands: @OpDeathEatersNL |

New Zealand: @OpDeathEatersNZ |

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Our Governments won't, they are part of the problem & many
police, politicians and other government agencies have been
found guilty of such hideous crimes.

BEWARE PEDOS - We are coming for you!! Expect Us!!

This is the organized tag list:

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#OpDeathEatersAU – Australia
#OpComensaisDaMorte – Brazil
#Opdødgardister – Denmark
#OpKoulonsyöjät – Finland
#OpMangeMorts – France
#OpToddesser – Germany
#OpDooddoeners - Holland/Netherlands
#OpMangiaMorte – Italy
#OpDeathEatersNL - Netherlands
#OpDeathEatersNZ – New Zealand
#OpSmierciozercy - Poland
#OpDevoradorDaMorte - Portugal
#OpMortifagos - Spain
#OpDödsätare - Sweden
#OpÖlümYiyen - Turkey
OpDeathEaters - UK/US
#OpDeathEatersUS - USA
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#IJCI (Independent Jersey Care Inquiry)
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• #westminsterpaedophilering

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• #GovernmentChildAbuse

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• #ExposeCSA
• #OpStolenChildren

Our biggest obstacle right now is how to present this massive topic in small, easily understood soundbites for each region or organization.

This is the main coordinating group on Facebook for OpDeathEaters. Regional groups and events will be linked from here.

1. This forum is to be used solely for the purpose of organizing regional groups or events.

2. All links relating to stories involving high level complicity, cover-up or obstruction of justice in paedosadism and child trafficking, please post to the following pad, within their proper category: if you post them here they will be deleted.

3. Do not link padeosadist sites, accounts, or pages. Please take these to our comrades at OpPedoHunt | | or search twitter hashtag: for more info.

To help #OpDeathEaters, please pick your area of focus, choose the most obvious examples of corruption and present them widely and clearly.

To get support for inquiries we need easily presented facts and the best case(s) which need to be (re)opened and we need discussion forums on reddit, facebook, google+, instagram, Pinterest, tumblr, blogs, everywhere.

We also need working groups set up around each region, organization or case, both to organize inquiries and build support for them. We hope to soon have a database to map all the connections between the high level state and international organization complicity and obstruction of justice to show clearly the need for independent, internationally linked inquiries. 'Lift the pedosadist / trafficking networks and the entire global oligarchy will be in the net.'

The objective of #OpDeathEaters is an independent, international, victim-led tribunal/inquiry into trafficking and paedosadist industry. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Main Tumblr Twitter accounts Main:

@OpDeathEaters | Gabon:

@OpGabon | Netherlands:

@OpDeathEatersNL | New

Zealand: @OpDeathEatersNZ |

Australia: @OpDeathEatersAU |

Romania: @OpDeathEatersRO |

USA: @OpDeathEatersUS |

Facebook Groups Main: EU:

Working pad for links: ________________________________________________

Required reading. Sociopaths, Psychopaths and Death Eaters: How we came to be ruled by Death Eaters: How PIE fought to control the Internet and create/build the paedosadist industry: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
PLEASE SHARE FAR AND WIDE - Save the Children.
~ Anonymous

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