Friday, January 2, 2015

Every Soldier or potentially new soldier needs to read this.

(Every #Soldier should read this, before joining the armed forces).

For years and years protest signs "Stop the War" "No more Wars" and other signs continue to be shown at protests, rallies and marches all around the world year after year after year.

Sadly, these signs will continue to be shown for centuries to come, because governments will continue to paint a nice picture about joining their armed forces, offering money, certificates of trade qualifications, money and offering lies so you will join.

DO NOT BE MISLEAD by their brainwashing slogans such as...

"Fight for your country" which is one of their biggest brainwashing slogans used to manipulate potential soldiers.

"Fight for freedom" is another well known slogan they use to make you feel like your doing something for a worthy cause that is worth dying for.

But that slogan "Fright for freedom" is pathetic when their own government's are the ones taking freedoms away from their very own citizens, not other countries taking or threatening their freedoms.

Just join for 12 months and learn a new trade and get paid, tax free with a qualification of your choice of trade. they say!

Governments LURE potential soldiers into joining saying it is up to them to stay on or be a part time soldier or a soldier on call.

Some countries even force their citizens to join the armed forces once they turn 18.

If they were to advertise the truth with the headlines....

"Kill for your governments greed" or

"Do your governments dirty work, kill those who do not do as we demand".

Then no one would join especially if you were to see the pictures of innocent victims from their unjust wars.

Past wars like the Vietnam war and other wars where government and leaders have used their own citizens to try to overtake another country just because they want to own it and take all of their resources is not only evil it is wrong and inhumane.

Government' officials might turn up at your funeral when you return in a body casket but the truth is, they forget your name as soon as they walk away, leaving YOUR loved ones grieving forever.

They need soldiers to do their dirty work and fight their evil greedy battles so they make it as appealing as possible and do their utmost to lure young ones into joining.

But the hard truth is, they DO NOT care about you they only need you because they cannot do it by themselves.

All the money in the world cannot bring back a deceased soldier.

Too many Wife's have lost husbands,
Too many mothers have lost sons and daughters,
Too many siblings have lost their other siblings,
Too many fathers have lost sons and daughters,

Too many soldiers have died because their governments have tricked them into being used as pawns and then when they come home wounded there is NO pension for them as that they were promised, when they come back with PTSD No funding to continue with their counseling, when soldiers come back with so much guilt they commit suicide, their government does not even mention them and when soldier come back deceased they never shed a tear, your family and loved ones do.

The only way mankind will ever stop WAR, is when people stop being used as pawns and stop joining the armed forces and stop being soldiers.

Governments will NEVER stop recruiting, NEVER stop promoting, Never stop LURING and NEVER stop offering blood money or other benefits that soldiers believe they will receive by joining the armed forces.

IT IS ALL FAKE and FALSE, the truth is they want you to KILL for them plain and simple - Soldiers you need to WAKE UP.

Yes we need border control, yes we need to protect our countries and yes we need to protect our freedoms but if our governments learn to share, learn to forgive, learn to be kind and helpful and stop being greedy, selfish, angry and stop listening to those big ARMED companies who sell them trillions of dollars worth of weapons and stop listening to those who are controlling conflicts and creating wars as the only answer, then this world has a chance of #Peace

WAR is expensive and people profit and people die at their expense.

Soldiers need to say "NO" to certain deployments and so called operations such as Afghanistan, which will return the way it was, so many lives lost for nothing, ask anyone who lives in Afghanistan and they will tell you, everything will go back just the way it was less the heroin the US and CIA have been taking and selling.

The amount of money spent on WAR runs into the trillions, money that could have been better spent on healthcare, the homeless, the sick, the poor, creating jobs the positive list is endless.

Here Are the 5 Companies Making a Killing Off Wars Around the World:

The United States alone has a debt of over $18 TRILLION dollars due to their weapons they buy and the amount of WARS they finance, they start, they will NEVER be able to pay this debt off, EVER.

Companies will never stop making weapons or arms because they make so much money out of selling them to both sides and the black market is lucrative as well.

If we really want #PEACE It has to start with potential soldiers NOT joining, we have to encourage potential soldiers to NOT ENLIST and NEVER sign up to the armed forces.

This will force governments to compromise and work on civil solutions that involve fair agreements, peaceful resolutions, forgiveness and understanding, instead of using violence, weapons that cost more then an amicable resolution and the sacrifices of their citizens children, sons, daughters, wife's, husbands, brothers, sisters, girlfriends, boyfriends, partners and loved ones.

NO SOLDIERS = No wars, No fighters, No profit.

We are now in the year 2015, Wars are costing us not only a ridiculous amount of money but they are costing us lives from both sides and lives should be protected at all costs, no amount of money can bring a life lost due to war.

** Anonymous encourages all potential and current soldiers to consider this post and we also encourage all wife's, all mothers, all fathers, all husbands, all brothers and all sisters to discourage your loved ones from joining the armed forces.**


Because their is every possibility you will NEVER see them again once they leave after being manipulated and lied too from their government.

That trade certificate your government offers, that tax free money your government offers and that so called lie "Your fighting for freedom" they tell you, will mean nothing once your life has been taken away!


Once YOU are gone YOU are gone forever!!

Soldiers and potential solders to be, STOP WARS and NO MORE WARS, has to start with YOU.

Because your government and those who benefit from wars will NEVER EVER stop wars!

Be a soldier of TRUTH, JUSTICE and for real PEACE!

"No more loss of lives benefiting the greedy"!

~ Anonymous
#NoMoreWars #StopTheWar #Anonymous #WakeUp

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