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A message and warning to teenagers - The truth about addictions. by Anonymous

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A Message to all #teenagers especially teenage girls, from #ANONYMOUS.

The truth about your teenage years and peer pressure, and how your decisions, choices and friends can determine your future and consequences later in life.

Just like your parents and family members care about YOU, so does Anonymous, This is why we are sending this message and personal warning to you directly.

Because your life matters and you have the right to a happy life and a right to know the truth about EVERYTHING.

This post is going to inform you about how your life can start a journey of destruction or success and happiness.

Although what you choose to do later in life is a different matter.

But as a teenager, let's just focus on one dangerous topic that once started, may never stop.

We really hope all YOU teenagers read this article very carefully and if you appreciated it, please share it to your friends smile emoticon

It could determine your future life and happiness and possibly save YOUR life or a friends.

~ Anonymous

Everything starts off somehow and that includes your life, but how you direct your life is ultimately up to YOU, your parents or others can only do their best in giving you advice or guidance, but really, the decisions you make are up totally up to you in the end.

But know this and never forget it, once you make a choice in life you can never undo it or turn back time to change it, so it is very important that you be wise and listen NOW, while you have the world in the palm of your hands.

If you have not already worked it out yet, your government, school, teachers, many councilors, police and many others don't give a shit about you, although there are still a few around that do care, but you know what we are saying.

So apart from your parents, relatives or others to guide you and give you needed wise advice, your on your own.

What Anonymous wants to bring to your attention and warn you of is about addictions, how they start, what you can do about it, and how they could end for YOU.

Below is a fair timeline of the type of addictions that start for most teenagers.

For most teenagers a simple puff of a cigarette could be the start of your destruction in your life that you can NEVER turn back.

Once you are addicted to Cigarettes your brain develops addictive behaviors. depending on how long you continue to smoke of course within your first date of your first puff.

So check out our predicted timeline that seems to be most common.

You could always ask Mum or Dad or someone else you trust to see if this timeline is about right smile emoticon

It all starts off with peer pressure at school, then before you know it your are smoking #Cigarettes and then it might go like this....

Used and #ABUSED
Told bullshit promises and lies
#RAPED possibly by now

Of course the amount of other possibilities, consequences and health problems or worries are endless.

^ Acne
^ Sexually Transmitted Diseases
^ Abuse
* Assualted
* Robbed
* Stress
* Aging
* Mental Health Problems
* Mental Diseases
* Aids
* Herpes

The list could go on and on but you get what we are getting at.

Of course everything started out pretty cool, doing what others wanted you to do making you feel good because you felt like part of the in crowd and not a nerd or someone different.

However, there is NOTHING WRONG with being different, in time and in the years to come, many of your past school friends will admire you and respect you and even wish they were just like you.

Sometimes it is how we say things and what we say that matters, we recommend if you are ever pressured into something you don't want to, stand your ground and give a strong "NO" answer with conviction and the reason why truthfully, yes never be afraid to stand up for truth or the real reasons why you do not want to do something.

Never be afraid of fear or what others thing or will say, just be proud of who you are on the inside and what you stand for.

Always ask yourself WHY? when it comes to your teenage youth years...

Why is he/she asking me to do this...
Why is he/she being so nice...
Why is he/she insisting I do something...
Why is he/she begging/pleading with me to do something..
What is he/she up to...
What is the real reason for someone wanting you to say or do something..
Why does he not want me to tell anyone...
Why did he/she ask me to keep this between us two...

The questions YOU should always ask yourself are endless, remember, people do things for a reason and the more questions you ask or ask yourself the closer you will be getting to finding out the real reason.

Be very careful who you trust, really you should not trust anyone and this including police or authorities including governments, always check things out that people say, verify as much as you can, always be around people you know and trust or at least be around others.

Always tell your parents where you are going and who with and give them numbers and addresses including names.

NEVER GO ALONE with people you just met and even when you meet them a few times always be on your guard and never let it down.

In today's world now 2015 the amount of greedy, selfish, evil and horrible people out there are growing, so you have to protect yourself as best and as much as you can, there is no better way to do this than to LISTEN to those who have "been there and done that" like your parents or older family members.

We STRONGLY encourage you to actually listen to them!!

Just remember, people do things for a reason and most of the time it is for selfish gain for them and not for kind hearted or generous reasons for you.

Remember, Men want SEX and will say or do anything to get it, they will lie to everyone and say all of the things your ears love to hear, just so they can get your trust and heart, once you give in and give them what you want. in most cases and especially while you are young they are gone very quickly.

Men will use money, gifts, alcohol, drugs and even your very own friends to have sex with you, so NEVER give in and remember, if a guy truly loves you, they will RESPECT you and WAIT.

Being wise and making wise decisions early in life is going to do you well.


We hope you never be a future customer for some greedy, selfish drug dealer or pimp, we hope you never be a customer of selfish, greedy and evil big tobacco companies, who know what cigarettes do to YOU and your health.

They make billions of dollars from selling their cancer sticks and they pay millions of dollars to corrupt government politicians and congressman so that they are free from prosecution when YOU buy their smokes and later in life of health problems that will eventually KILL YOU.

Don't be that person they laugh at all the way to the bank making profit from you because you fell for their methods of getting you addicted to their products, they know peer pressure in schools about smoking work on teens and they depend on it for their future business success.

Fight back and say NO to cigarets and peer pressure and remember a real friend respects your decisions and will never force you to do something you don't want to.


While alcohol is legal and almost available any time, just be aware of the dangers of too much alcohol.

Your health and again who you are with when you drink alcohol.


We hope when your first time comes when your offered some Marijuana you have done your research and are aware of any possible problems that maybe associated with smoking it.

We hope you are also aware of the side affects such as being sleepy and who you are with if you choose to smoke it.

As we said earlier these are your decisions we just hope you keep a few things in mind about your decisions.


We hope you are wise about this and most importantly with who you do this with and keep in mind any health risks or possibly pregnancies.


We hope you really do a huge amount of research on drugs as there are so many drugs available that you will no doubt be offered.

Remember, people die from drug use, people are killed to get drugs to you, people are raped whilst under the influence of drugs, people are murdered for importing and exporting drugs by governments, people are massacred, beheaded, raped, threatened and black mailed if they do not help drug cartels or drug dealers.

The drug trade will make you sick and feeling disgusted if you really knew the truth about what really happens to get drugs into your hands.

We will post this link for those of you who have a very strong stomach so you know the truth about this evil drug trade, but be warned some pictures are really horrific and disgustingly graphic.

WARNING: do not click on this link unless you can cope with seeing very graphic pictures of people killed, tortured, murdered or beheaded, alternatively, you could just Google the drug trade in (Your Country).

Here is the GRAPHIC link

The drug trade is very lucrative and nasty not to mention evil, it is one of the biggest money profit making businesses next to the arms trade (Weapons for war), banking and big pharmaceutical companies.

We hope you really know what you are doing should you decide to use drugs of any kind.

Remember, the money to be made in profit and taxes by governments is so high with many of the above points, that it is a very protected and bribed industry full of corruption.

We hope you NEVER support this in any way.

In Conclusion:

Anonymous hopes, YOU and all the teenagers and youths on this earth make very wise decisions and choose carefully about those decisions as they will have dire consequences in your life and future.

Your happiness and safe healthy living is up to YOU.

We strongly remind you to listen to your parents and never allow negative thoughts enter into your mind such as "My parents are nagging me and annoying me" "I am old enough to decide for myself" because such thoughts may make you miss some very important advice that could save your life.

Life for teenagers is not easy in today's world, so you have to use your mind more wisely and remember....

ASK more questions!! Never trust anyone!! Never take risks!!

Take care and remember you are loved and do your best to make sure you are around to be loved for as long as possible on this earth and make sure you teach your children if you have any about the mistakes you made in life.

Remember, if you appreciated this message and warning please share it.

All the best with what you choose in your life.

~ Love from Anonymous

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