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Only fake Anons Dox real Anons.

A WARNING to the Anonymous Collective especially new Anons.
(Feel free to share this if you wish)

Anons should be careful of anyone masquerading as an Anon who spreads false information about other anons in order to discredit them.

Anons do not dox other anons - they dox pedophiles and corrupt police and politicians. Anons who want to help the people do not engage in personal dramas and school yard petty fighting.

There are people within Anonymous who are using social engineering skills to gather information about Anons then posting their personal information with false accusations.

Any true dox will come with substantial evidence not just false accusations being used to discredit others within Anonymous.

Everyone should be mindful of these people - the way to bring a movement down is to infiltrate, then sew discord and false information about others who are being effective within the movement.

Do not share misinformation, do not friend people who are obviously trying to discredit others within the movement.

Question everything - Ask for proof

Do not be a part of infighting or sucked in by anyone who encourages disunity.

We are Anonymous,
We are Legion,
United as One,
Divided by Zero,
We do not Forgive,
We do not Forget,
Expect Us!

The CIA and Interrogation and the countries allowing it.

The #CIA and Interrogation and the countries allowing it.

The Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on the CIA’s detention and interrogation program.

#Afghanistan #Italy #Lithuania #Poland #Thailand #UnitedKingdom #Uzbekistan and more..

* CIA response:
* Senate Intelligence Committee minority view
* Additional views

20 key findings about CIA interrogations:

Not so magnificent 7: nations 'busted' in redacted CIA terror report:

Senate report on CIA program details brutality, dishonesty.

An exhaustive five-year Senate investigation of the CIA’s secret interrogations of terrorism suspects renders a strikingly bleak verdict on a program launched in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, describing levels of brutality, dishonesty and seemingly arbitrary violence that at times brought even agency employees to moments of anguish.

The CIA’s use of harsh interrogation:

Here's What CIA Interrogators Are Still Allowed to Do:

The CIA's enhanced interrogation techniques have been illegal since 2009, but interrogators are still permitted to use some controversial methods.

Tactics, strategy, and rules for Army interrogator..



Amnesty International says the methods outlined in the appendix violate the terms of the Geneva Conventions and other international agreements on torture.

The Army Field Manual: Sanctioning Cruelty?

CIA Interrogation Techniques Revealed:

CIA Paid Torture Teachers More Than $80 Million:

CIA director: Bush ordered us to use ‘harsh’ techniques even though we had no interrogation training – and yes, program was ‘abhorrent’, but I won’t call it torture

The 119 detainees held in secret CIA prisons:

Kings of torture who made £50m inflicting pain: The incredible story of how two Mormons with no expertise conned the CIA

Jim Mitchell and Bruce Jessen paid $81m to devise torture techniques, they told CIA to use waterboarding, stress positions and sleep deprivation.

Senate report says 'enhanced' techniques did not thwart terrorist plots, but Mitchell says the report is a politically-motivated 'load of hooey'.

Doctors charged as much as $1,800 for their help with interrogations.

CIA contract was worth $180million but was cancelled by Obama in 2009

Mitchell is currently retired and living in Florida Jessen has lived a private life in Spokane, Washington. He was appointed a Mormon bishop in his hometown, but had to resign when church members found out about his past


Held in a hell hole for 13 years without trial: Scandal of the Londoner locked in Guantanamo with no hope of justice

Shaker Aamer, 46, has been detained in Guantanamo Bay since 2001 He says he has been beaten and starved of food at US base in Cuba. Lawyers say he is still there because he will expose evidence of torture. Mr Aamer claims he was in the room when detainee was being abused. He moved to London from Saudi Arabia more than 20 years ago. Has four children with his British wife, who lives in Battersea, London. Aroused suspicion when he moved to Taliban-held Afghanistan with family.

Rectal Hydration': Inside the CIA's Interrogation of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

he CIA waterboarded its gold-star detainee, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, mastermind of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, 183 times in a single month to force him to reveal potential further strikes, according to the Senate's 500-page report Tuesday on CIA interrogation techniques.

The campaign — which also included tactics with such evocative names as "rectal rehydration" and "attention grab" — was largely fruitless and took place while the CIA plotted to block FBI access to Mohammed, the report says.

Mohammed, referred to as "KSM" throughout the report, was captured on March 1, 2003, and was soon interrogated at CIA-operated bases overseas code-named Blue and Cobalt.


CIA torture report: Europe must come clean about its own complicity

A Global Network for CIA torture picture:

Untrained CIA Agents Were Just Making Up Torture Methods As They Went Along.

The 10 most shocking revelations of the CIA's torture report:

What is the CIA trying to hide?


WARNING: Graphic Pictures.


Many of the people or suspects held in these prisons were held without charge and subjected to interrogation of all kinds and this goes to show what governments will do to get information from people even though you may not even know any.

Strange this is..

Government's expect the it's citizens or non citizens to devolve information to benefit them however, when the people or citizens want information from their governments to do with corruption or other issues they simply say, in the interest of Security we will not reveal such information requested or they will conceal it.

No doubt some people on this earth do need to reveal sensitive information for the safety of many but these laws and acts have fallen on many who are actually innocent or any crime as shown in some stories above and on the internet.

Lastly, it is easy to say who cares what they do to these people, forgetting that many subjected to these torturous acts we're innocent but, if they secretly do this to others and hide or try to conceal it, who is to say they won't to it to their own citizens if they have not already or are actually already doing so?

These are our concerns.

#WeAreAnonymous #FreeBradleyManning #FreeChelseaManning #Justice

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Human Rights Day - 2014 December 10th.

 HUMAN RIGHTS DAY - WORLD WIDE - 2014 10th December.

The 10th of December is >> Human Rights Day 2014 <<

(Please SHARE this Message)

Anonymous wishes to use this day, to voice some Human Rights issues that concern us and those who also live on this earth, YOU!

We are all on this earth together and we all matter.

We all deserve a voice, we all deserve Love, Peace, Justice and Hope and a fair chance at a happy life.

Anonymous would like to share some concerns that we have noticed and maybe you too have noticed.

We hope our message and concerns spread as far as possible, especially to those who have the power to make CHANGE!

Here goes...


It is now 2014 and in this day and age it would seem our day to day lives are becoming more and more difficult to cope with.

Love seems to be diminishing on our Earth.

As a human, we all deserve LOVE, starting from our parents, sadly we see time and time again parents neglecting their children, abusing them, soliciting them, sexually abusing them, mentally abusing them physically abusing them and some parents have even abandoned their children, flushing them down drains, trash chutes even toilets.

The responsibilities of a parenting is so important and children who are bought up with love and affection is a good start in life.

Love is a basic human right and love seems to be fading away in our human race.

When tragedy strikes or when bad situations befall many it seems the love of mankind is getting less and less.

Without LOVE we cannot continue or have hope.

Love in the family is a MUST and we encourage this wonderful quality to be in everyone's lives, especially in the home.


Today with so much communication at our finger tips there should be no excuse for not working out our worlds problems.

We have everything at our finger tips to send messages at the click of a button.

No problem on this earth today should be the result of War, unrest or terrorism.

But it seems our world has so many countries where peace does not exist still in 2014.

Peace will never exist while Governments, World Leaders, Other so called Leaders, continue to be selfish, greedy, full of pride and evil.

It is everyone's Human Right to live in peace, to retain what is his and this right includes citizens of all countries, no matter their Race, Colour, language, tribe, Nationality.

Our world leaders need to do much more in the way of encouraging mankind to get along with indifference and acceptance of all whom we live amongst.

Racism is a major problem to ones peace and this should start at HOME, it is needed to train and teach our children to love and respect and to get along with everyone no matter how different they are to us.


is at the hands of many of this worlds Leaders, Governments, Presidents, Prime Ministers and their elected personnel making up their departments ect.

When evil leaders and governments want to take over other countries to steal their resources, PEACE will never be possible.

Our wars in the past have been for the same reasons recently and will be for the same reasons in the future..

Greed, Selfishness, Power, Domination and Pride.

Leaders and Governments that have a strong desire to steal natural resources from another countries such resources as Oil, Gas, Gold, Diamonds, Coal, Silver, Heroin (In Afghanistan) will always bring #War and sadly it is always the little people who will suffer because of their greed.

Children, families, parents, mothers, sisters, brothers, Grandparents, husbands and wife's all loose, because these greedy Leaders and Governments will use whatever force and power they have to destroy anything or anyone who gets in the way from stopping them to get their hands on the above resources.

Soldiers, Army, Special Forces, Navy Air force Armed forces, Police and other departments or agencies need to re-evaluate exactly what real contributions they are adding to this world and earth we all live on.

More research and investigating is required to know the truth about why you are doing what you are doing.

Many courageous #Soldiers have recently come forth on social media to show their disgust and stand against many operations they have been asked to perform for their Government as they have been able to see it is not right or humane, Anonymous would like to commend such real heroes.

The amount of money spent on weapons, bombs, war ships, navy ships, guns, bullets, drones, army tanks and so one runs into the Billions and Trillions.

This money could be used to house the #Homeless cure the Sick support the Disabled build better Hospitals improve health care save those in need of life saving surgery and ease the pain of those who Struggle just to make ends meet.

Yes, the amount of money spend for the FAKE (peace cause) could actually be used to bring peace to billions on this earth.

It is called the FAKE peace cause, because the reason for their going to war with other countries or bringing about sanctions in most cases it just to deceive the people and hide their real agenda and purposes.

Such men or woman who support the above need to be removed!

#Syria #Gaza #Ukraine at the moment all need the world's support for peace just to name a few countries.


Where is justice today?

The new saying "There is no justice, there is just us" sounds just about correct these days.

It would seem there is no justice today, unless you have the money to pay for it..

Anonymous say's this because the world can witness countless injustices such as police murdering innocent suspects on film shared all around the world and still they are NOT bought to justice and charged for the crimes that they commit.

Justice is so rare today that it might as well be removed from our dictionaries.

To receive justice today you would have to be a barrister, a millionaire, have public support, know the right people or have it on video, although that is now debatable these days.

Our Governments, lawyers, barristers, judges, juries all need to get back in touch with reality and NOT technicalities and start doing what is right for the people and not for those in power.

Justice for victims is so important and is a Human Right.

Our thought's go out to all those who never received justice when they should have, who are still fighting for justice and who are innocent but were found guilty of a crime they never committed.

A special mention to all rape victims, their families and victims of police brutality, including those deaths in custody and those deaths who never got a chance to have their cases in court, our hearts go out to you all.

We know this saying is all too correct..

"No Justice, No Peace"!

Anonymous will fight for you when we can.


When it comes to this topic about bankers you cannot imagine just how greedy these people can be and how much strive, trouble, pain, heartache and suicides they are responsible for.

Fees, Charges, Late Fees, Interest, Defaults, Judgements this list goes on and on with bankers and their banks.

Protected by governments and supported by the most expensive barristers in the world these bankers are a like insects to the Human Race and our human rights.

If they want your land, your home, your assets or your life they can and do their utmost to get it and there is not much the little person can do about it.

Their rules, regulations and contracts just about allow them to get away with taking everything you own and there is nothing we can do about it.

We need money and they know it, so they take advantage of this as much as they can, not to mention they get YOUR salary before You do.

They do not need to make any effort to persuade you to choose them, because your wages are directly deposited into their banks and then into your bank account.

Credit Unions, Loan companies are all the same, expensive fees, charges and ridiculous costs involved to have a account number each month is just pure greed as it costs NOTHING to have an account number with any institution, it is just in their computer hard drive.

Monthly account keeping fees and more are endless.

Have you ever felt like you are just a number? Felt angry seeing money taken out of your bank account for some of the above so called reasons they make up just to get more money out of you?

Here is Australia, many bankers are taking our farmers land even though they are not late on any payments.

See here>>

No wonder today many are saying..

"Where is my bail out"!

Bankers do NOT care about our Human Rights they only see us as profit.


This topic is very close to Anonymous as we DO NOT FORGIVE such a practice.

Anonymous, will continue to name and shame all police who use such police brutality and kill innocent suspects.

It seems our Governments and justice system do not care about our Human Rights when it comes to Police Brutality.

We see many victims and suspects killed shot multiple times, assaulted abused, bashed and neglected.

The world cannot be blamed into believing that today, police see themselves as Judge and Executioners.

They lack in wisdom, they lack in training, they lack in people skills, they lack in cognitive skills, resolution skills, alternative to violence skills and anger management skills to name a few.

We all know we need police but if police are going to also be a threat and a fear toward the people then this must be addressed.

Anonymous is not against police but we are against police who do not uphold the peoples Human rights.

Police brutality must STOP!!

#ICantBreathe #Opferguson #StopPoliceBrutality


"Since when was it illegal to speak to truth"?

It should be a human right for every one of us on this earth to learn and know the truth about what is happening on our earth and about those who are running it and who make important decisions about our earth, how we live on it and it's future.

Those that are brave enough to speak up and tell the world the truth about important matters about those deceiving us about those who lie to us and who show themselves out to be so evil that they have no conscience about who they hurt, kill or effect no matter what truth they are hiding, should be exposed to the world especially to those they are a threat to and whom may be their victims.

How can this be a crime, when you are informing people about the real criminal, just because they are a politician or someone in power or in government, should give them NO Indemnity for their actions, in fact they should be punished more severely.

Free all whistle blowers.. "They are Heroes".

#EdwardSnowden #AaronSwartz #ChelseaManning #JulianAssange #BarrettBrown #JeremyHammond


It is our Human Right to be able to enjoy food that grows for free, to enjoy water and breathe fresh air that is unpolluted.

So many companies exploit our Human Rights to the above.

Every human should be able to grow his own food, collect water and breathe fresh air.

Sadly many companies want control such things that are FREE for all.

Governments are only too quick and too happy to take bribes and make laws giving such companies the right to sell seeds, bottled water and other rights to make sure the people have to buy them from these companies such as Monsanto and Nestle to name a couple.

As humans we need to also respect other life forms on our earth that live with us, such as animals, a failure to do this can have terrible consequences.

Our water, our food, our air and our future generations all need to be carefully considered with those making laws, rules, regulations and laws about the above.

Such companies like Monsanto, Exxon Mobil and Santos need stricter regulations and laws to make sure that they are not damaging our children's futures.

"If we destroy our food, our water and our air, then we are not leaving much time for our future generations to enjoy life and we are allowing greed and selfishness to destroy any chances of a happy life ahead, SHAME on us if we let this occur and mostly shame on those who are in power to prevent this from happening".

Our governments and world leaders NEED to focus and protect our future children's food, air and water supplies and not make them only for those who can afford them as they should be a FREE human Right.


NSA, CIA, FBI, AFP, ASIO, CISPA, Data Retention, Facebook, Yahoo, Telcos, just to name a few and your local Government.

All the above all want to breach your human right to privacy, they want to know...

Your real name.
Your address,
Your employment details,
Your Political views,
Your phone numbers,
Your views,
Your opinions,
Your habits,
What you know about your government,
What you share on social media,
What you like,
What you share,
What you do,
What you say,
Where you are right now,
Who your friends are,
Where you are going,
The websites you visit.
The products you look at,
Events you are attending,
Videos you are watching,
Music you are downloading,
Music you are listening to,
Posts you are commenting on,
Views you are supporting,
Polls you are voting on,

The list is endless!

For what reason do they want to know all this information?

* To sell it
* To document it
* To use it
* To take note of it
* To use it against you
* To learn about you
* To know who you are
* To know if you are on their side or not
* To trace you
* To track you
* To know statistics
* To know what you know about them
* To separate the sheep's from the goats
* To Employee you
* To sack you
* To keep an eye on you

and many other reasons.

Our privacy rights are being violated every day and more and more are being abused and allowed to be abused by government laws and legislation's being passed.

Example: #DataRetntion Laws, VLAD Laws in QLD Australia and much more.

Your privacy matters and you NEED to protect it especially your right to freedom of speech and internet censorship laws.

Governments know that their biggest threat is the #internet

Information over the internet that you share, learn about , follow, read, watch and discover are their biggest worry, so that is why they want our Human Right to access this information, stopped.

So you DO NOT learn or know the truth about them or your government or what is really happening in our world.

The higher powers to be, the Elite, the powerful, the corrupt and those who have been mentioned above all want you to be deceived and manipulated by their controlled media preference, namely their..
Main Stream Media.

Feeding you Bullshit, lies and deceptions.

DO NOT easily accept what you read, hear or watch as it can all be manipulated and changed to their advantage.

Stop Spying Us!


Hope is an important human right, hope that things will change, hope that life will get better, hope that justice will prevail, hope that our futures will be fine, hope that our illnesses will be cured, hope that freedom, peace and security will be a real reality that we all long for.


With the ever fearful threats of security within many countries, this is a basic human right, for all to live in a safe, peaceful and secure home.

Religions, Governments, fanatics, Leaders, Religious Freaks and other Cult Leaders, are a major threat to our Human Right of security.

Our security from our boarders to our front door steps is becoming a world wide topic for concern.

With fanatics and power tripping governments using police it is no wonder we do not feel safe anymore.

Security should be a human right for everyone to be able to leave home form work knowing your family and your home is secure from all dangers and while you are at work until you get back home you are also safe, without any threats whatsoever.

This is a basic Human Right.

Human Rights Day is definitely about teenagers and our teenagers need a future.

Anonymous encourages all teenagers to not only participate in your Human Rights Day but we encourage you to stand up to those above who want to rob and steal YOUR future.

Sadly, many of the above know they will not live long enough to suffer the consequences YOU will suffer with damage food, damage air, polluted water and damage forests.

It is time NOW for you to act and to listen, although at a young age many of you teenagers assume you are fine and your are invincible however, if you do not act now about your future you may not have one.

You need to stand up to the above Leaders, Governments, Companies and others who do not care about YOUR future.

You will have NO security of a future if you ignore the above!

Good Luck!

The above are the concerns from #Anonymous and we hope you will share and spread our message of concern and we hope that ours and YOUR >> Human Right's << will be taken note of and auctioned by those who have the power to do so...

More about Human Rights Day.

What do people do?

Events focused on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are held worldwide on and around December 10. Many events aim to educate people, especially children and teenagers, on their human rights and the importance of upholding these in their own communities and further afield.

The day may also include protests to alert people of circumstances in parts of the world where the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is not recognized or respected, or where the importance of these rights are not considered to be important. Cultural events are also organized to celebrate the importance of human rights through music, dance, drama or fine art.
Public life

Human Rights Day is a global observance and not a public holiday.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was drafted between January 1947 and December 1948. It aimed to form a basis for human rights all over the world and represented a significant change of direction from events during World War II and the continuing colonialism that was rife in the world at the time. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is considered as the most translated document in modern history. It is available in more than 360 languages and new translations are still being added.

The UN General Assembly adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights at the Palais de Chaillot in Paris, France, on the December 10, 1948. All states and interested organizations were invited to mark December 10 as Human Rights Day at a UN meeting on December 4, 1950. It was first observed on December 10 that year and has been observed each year on the same date. Each year Human Rights Day has a theme. Some of these themes have focused on people knowing their human rights or the importance of human rights education.



Happy Human Rights Day on the 10th of December 2014 and all the best to everyone of YOU, from us all here at >> #Anonymous <<

We are Anonymous,
We are Legion,
United as One,
Divided by Zero<
We do not Forgive,
We do not Forget,
Those who to not uphold our Human Right's
Expect us!

Please SHARE.
Join Us:

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Is your Savings in your bank account safe - G20 Summit Brisbane 2014 what they never told you.

AUSTRALIA - What you we're NOT told about the G20 Summit!

G20 Governments All Agreed to Cyprus-Style Theft of Bank Deposits … In 2010/2014

Australia we bet most of you did not know this was spoken about during the G20 Summit.

You bank savings can be taken off YOU should the big banks need it to bail themselves, legally called a "Bail in Law".

Just like what happened in Cyprus.

Canada has the same laws and other countries including the US but most of us do not know it.

Read as much as you can and below.

The global bail-in F├╝hrer, Bank of England Governor Mark Carney, has just declared the target date for completion of a new global “bail-in” regime, which will legislate forced confiscation of bank deposits when major banks fail, to be the G20 summit in Brisbane on 15-16 November 2014.


G20 push to force ‘too-big-to-fail’ bank bondholder bail-ins:

A Must Read..
G20 in Brisbane, Australia considering Bank Bail-ins:

From some articles below...
Referencing official source documents...

Policy Measures to Address Systemically Important Financial Institutions:

Key Attributes of Effective Resolution Regimes for Financial Institutions:

from both the G20, and the internationalist ‘Financial Stability Board’, clearly show the entire G20 Attendance agreed to implement the FSB-mandated new approach to managing “too big to fail” banks at the Seoul 2010 meeting of the G20.

To address the problem of “systemically important” banks, “without exposing the taxpayer to the risk of loss,” our puppet politicians have agreed to confiscate … the savings of taxpayers.

November 11-12, 2010 Armistice Day. That is when all the major governments of the G20 first agreed to implement the new, Cyprus-style “bail-in” regime, at the direction of the internationalist Financial Stability Board under its new, GFC-enabled “broadened mandate".


Download Pdf:

Read Full Story Here:


“Global bank liquidity framework” is really just technocrat-ese for “global bankster plan to prop up insolvent banks using other people’s money, and so instantly impoverish everyone who still has any savings left”.

the Australian government planning to steal your money to “bail-in” so-called “systemically-important financial institutions” (SIFI’s) — under the orders of an unelected international body (of bankers and bureaucrats) you’ve never heard of; a body funded by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), and chaired consecutively by Goldman Sachs alumni

The Evidence of a Bail-In Law Planned for Australia:

$250k+ in an Australian bank? Beware the bail-in.

Last week the AFR reported the Rudd government was looking to introduce a deposit levy (tax):

The Rudd government plans to impose an insurance levy on all bank deposits, risking a major fight with one of the best-resourced industries on the eve of the election campaign.

Senior banking figures indicated on Thursday night they would oppose the move and depict it as a tax on bank depositors.

The government plans to impose a 0.05 per cent insurance levy on every deposit of up to $250,000 to protect depositors against collapses.

The banks said they will pass on the impost, which equates to 5¢ for each $100, to customers through reduced interest payments on deposits.


Treasury still working on Australian ‘bail-in’ law—demand to know what’s in it:

Senior Treasury figures have confirmed to the Citizens Electoral Council that the “bail-in” legislation about which the CEC warned in its full-page advertisement in The Australian on 3 December, is still under preparation.

In response to the public’s concern, the officials claimed that “bail-in” does not apply to bank deposits, only to a new type of bank bond.

However, given the way bail-in has been applied around the world, and the Australian government’s own track record with bank deposits, the Australian people must demand to know exactly what will be in the legislation.

First, take the government’s approach to bank deposits. Abbott and Hockey are keeping the legislation that Rudd rammed through last year, to seize deposits in bank accounts that have been “inactive” for three years. A government source has revealed that Abbott and Hockey are keeping this measure, because the government is now dependent on this “revenue”.

Second, be aware of how bail-in has been implemented in other countries, under the supervision of the same IMF-Financial Stability Board-G20 nexus supervising it in Australia:

In March 2013 the IMF, European Commission and European Central Bank bailed in depositors in the major banks of Cyprus, when the impending failure of those banks threatened to ignite another wave of bank failures across Europe.

Even though this seizure of deposits was for amounts above the guaranteed threshold of 100,000 euros, it so destroyed confidence in the banking system that all accounts were frozen to avoid bank runs, and Cyprus was plunged into financial chaos and economic collapse.

That same month the president of the Eurozone finance ministers, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, declared the Cyprus bail-in was now the “template” for the entire Eurozone.

On 13 October 2013 the IMF’s Fiscal Monitor report proposed a one-off, across-the-board seizure of 10% of the private wealth of the citizens of Europe, from their bank accounts, to reduce public debt.

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand has implemented its own bail-in policy called Open Bank Resolution, in which depositors have no protection, but like all “unsecured creditors” will see a portion of their accounts seized to keep the bank going.


The Sydney Morning Herald Censored this article about this "Bail In Law" or did the government tell them to pull it down?

We are very sorry, our website is currently undergoing scheduled maintenence. Please check back soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience

Australian Local Government Association vetoes bail-in laws debate

The Australian Local Government Association has prevented debate at its national general assembly beginning on Monday in Canberra on bank “bail-in” laws currently being considered by the G20 to safeguard the financial system from future crises.


To the Australian Parliament: Don’t seize our bank accounts—pass Glass-Steagall!

Australia Other "Bail in Law"

The Bank Deposits Guarantee Is No Guarantee At All:

Think You’ve Got Cash In The Bank? Think Again:

(Must Read)
Limited guarantee fuelling deposit war:

Read This Story In The Valley Below

'I went to sleep Friday as a rich man. I woke up a poor man'

and this one..

This Is What It Feels Like To Have Your Life Savings Confiscated By The Global Elite.

Portfolio Budget Statements 2013-14

Australian Prudential Regulation Authority:

Bank Deposits Stolen For Bailout Of Cyprus:

Australian Government Steals $331 Million From Savings, Retirement Accounts:

Russell Napier Declares November 16, 2014 The Day Money Dies.

G20 Agenda:



Canada Plans Cyprus-Style “Bail-in” Using Bank Depositors’ Money.

More for Canadian Residence:

~ We are Anonymous.