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How to join Anonymous?

We encourage everyone to be apart of their local Anonymous group from your city to be more involved and to learn more about what is going on in your local area.

So you want to join Anonymous?

What Is Anonymous?

Anonymous - Let us Explain who we are.

We are Anonymous 2014

How to join Anonymous:


So you want to join Anonymous?

You can not join Anonymous. Nobody can join Anonymous.Anonymous is not an organization. It is not a club, a party or even a movement. There is no charter, no manifest, no membership fees. Anonymous has no leaders, no gurus, no ideologists. In fact, it does not even have a fixed ideology.

All we are is people who travel a short distance together - much like commuters who meet in a bus or tram: For a brief period of time we have the same route, share a common goal, purpose or dislike. And on this journey together, we may well change the world.

Nobody can speak for Anonymous. Nobody could say: you are in, or you are out. Do you still want to join Anonymous? Well, you are in if you want to.

How to get in contact with others?Anonymous has no centralized infrastructure. We use existing facilities of the Internet, especially social networks, and we are ready to hop on to the next one if this one seems compromised, is under attack, or starts to bore us.

At the time of this writing, Facebook, Twitter and the IRC appear to host the most active congregations. But this may change at any time. Still, these are probably the best places to get started. Look for terms like "anonymous", "anonops" and other keywords that might be connected to our activities.

How do I recognize other Anonymous?We come from all places of society: We are students, workers, clerks, unemployed; We are young or old, we wear smart clothes or rugs, we are hedonists, ascetics, joy riders or activists. We come from all races, countries and ethnic backgrounds. We are many.

We are your neighbors, your co-workers, your hairdressers, your bus drivers and your network administrators. We are the guy on the street with the suitcase and the girl in the bar you are trying to chat up. We are anonymous. Many of us like to wear Guy Fawkes masks on demonstrations. Some of us even show them in their profile pictures in social networks. That helps to recognize each other.

Have you been infiltrated?If you talk to another Anonymous, you will never know who he is. He may be a hacker, cracker, phisher, agent, spy, provocateur - or just the guy from next door. Or his daughter. It is not illegal to be Anonymous. Nor is it illegal to wear Guy Fawkes masks. Keep that in mind. If you personally have not been involved in illegal activities, you have nothing to worry, no matter whom you talk to; If you have, it is wise not to talk about it. To no one.

How do I protect my privacy?Invent an alias, a nick, a pseudonym ... call it as you will, just invent something. Then register a mail account in that name with one of the big mail providers. Use this email address to register your Twitter, Facebook, etc. accounts. Make sure to clear all cookies before you start using your new identity, or better use a different web browser for Anonymous than for your other activities.

If you have higher needs for security, ask us about encryption, stenography, TOR, etc. Many of us know how to use them.We will always respect your need for privacy. We will never ask for your personal information. If we do, we will not expect a truthful answer; And neither should you

What is the right thing to do?The only person who can tell you what is right for you is yourself. This is also the only person you should follow. We have no leaders. You are also the only person responsible for your actions. Do what you think is right. Do not what you think is wrong.

How many Anonymous are there?We are more than you think. We are more than anybody thinks. We are many.

And you are now one of us. Welcome to Anonymous.

We are Anonymous,
We are Legion,
We do not forgive,
We do not forget,
Expect Us!

Race wars from your Government - Beware!

A Message to YOU, from #Anonymous

Serco - The biggest company in the world you probably have not heard of. Exposed by Anonymous


We Are Anonymous - Exposes & introduces the Mother of all Companies to the world that the world need's to be aware of - Introducing >> SERCO! <<

They are absolute - Serco-Paths


This is a post you may wish to SHARE & SPREAD!

(We cannot stress how important it is for YOU to watch the videos)

For those who we"re at the Million Mask March you may have recalled the name of a Company that was mentioned, who is the Monster of all companies, namely SERCO.

Here is a run down on what Serco do and who they are, they are certainly the Mother of all companies and we definitely encourage you to take a look at this company, they are worth investigating and looking into.

You will be SHOCKED with what they do but most importantly WHAT THEY CONTROL AND HAVE AT THEIR FINGER TIPS.

Brief at what they do:

(They do everything. They are a company that feeds off people being alive. Everyone in the world is effected by Serco.

A "only for profit" company, that controls the planet. They own everything from Asylum detention centers, Hospitals, Immigration Centres, prisons, traffic lights, schools, air traffic control, weapons, nuclear fusion and many many more. In fact they even own the right to time itself, having bought the contract to Greenwich Mean Time.

It is quite possibly the biggest company you have never heard of.
This company outsources to governments all over the world.
They make the Nuclear weapons for Britain, while making the Guns for North Korea. They run many schools, and keep people locked up in prisons. They control the air space in the world.

Its a very creepy concept.

Watch the videos below, extremely intriguing. Company's like this are disgusting, they feed off our livelihoods in order to get cash in there pockets. We are lead to believe that the government controls the world, but its really corporations like this that make the REAL decisions).

Now sit back and let's learn about SERCO.

Most important is to watch the first 2 Videos:


The Biggest Company You've Never Heard Of:

RT shed's some light.

SERCO Owns the World, | Big Brother Watch.

Serco and the private companies running your country - Truth loader:

OMG Serco Wins Bid For Obamacare Contract, WAKE UP!!


Serco New World Order!

Serco is the Illuminati Puppet:

Their Official Websites:

Main Website:


Address: Level 10/90 Arthur St, North Sydney NSW 2060
Phone:(02) 9964 9733


HEAD OFFICE is in the UK, but long ties with the US many years ago.

Australia & New Zealand:

Meet Serco, the company running the country UK Location:

What they do:

Serco positive on 2012 after £4bn contract wins:

SERCO developed the failed HealthCare.Gov website:

Read the second paragraph to this story below:

Greta: The ObamaCare Serco deal smells rotten:

Congress begins scrutiny of Obamacare website's problems.

Privatising Queensland’s Prisons:

What is Serco hiding?

Electronic Tagging:

Serco Associated with The GEO Group who is Associated with HOMELAND SECURITY in the United States.

SERCO and Immigration:

Where is SERCO in Australia and NZ:

SERCO and Hospitals in Australia.

SERCO & Global Services:

Click Here to see an amazing front page picture:

The GEO Group, Inc.

One Park Place

621 NW 53rd Street, Suite 700

Boca Raton, FL 33487

Misusing their powers:

Some facts:

50% of women asylum seekers are survivors of rape;
70% of women in detention are rape survivors;
57% of women in detention have no lawyers.

After living through these traumas, some of these women have been subjected to the same experience at the hands of Serco staff.

Fraud Claims:

Security giant Serco chief resigns.


Defence Force in Australia:

Their Fraudulent acts:

G4S and Serco woes deepen with British fraud investigation.


Look at what they do:

G4S works on police investigations, runs prisons, children's homes and detention centres, among other privatised public services.

They're having a very bad month. Their UK flagship Oakwood Prison is in crisis. In South Africa, the state has taken back control of G4S Mangaung Prison; guards are accused of torturing inmates.

G4S guard bludgeoned woman to death:

EXCLUSIVE: Our Contract With Serco 2011:



Protest against SERCO:

Occupy protests target Serco'

There is too much to post about SERCO but you can keep in touch about this Powerful Company here Serco Watch

As we mentioned at our March, this company is the MOTHER of all companies.

Learn more Google > Serco

- Anonymous,

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Victor White - Police Murder and cover up or Houdini Suicide?

Police Murder and cover up or Houdini Suicide?

Facts to consider.

* Searched by police (Found no gun)
* Handcuffed (Hands behind back)
* Placed in back seat of police vehicle
* Shot fatally by bullet fired from a gun
* Victor was left handed
* Police report, (Shot himself through the back)
* Coroner's report, (Shot through the chest)
* Police statement 6 months later
* Victor's parents give NO details
* Gun Residue not mentioned on Victor's hands
* Police refused to give any details to Victor White SNR
* Police refused to let Father see body
* Police said they found drugs on Victor Jnr at scene
* Police investigation took 9 months
* Coroner concludes, Victor White III committed suicide - WTF


* We know Victor was searched because police said they found narcotics on his person..

and what no GUN?

* How the hell did police miss a gun when searching 22YO Victor?

* How the hell did police report the gunshot entry point was from the back, when the coroner report disputes that and say's the bullet entry point was through the chest ( Police LIED).

Where their is a LIE being told you know it is to cover something up.

* Why did the police NOT give Victor's father any information or detail's? One would guess, to cover their tracks and get their story right.

* Why didn't the Police let them see his son's lower half of his body?

* Marks on Victor's face would suggest a scuffle

* Could the police officer have had a spare gun?

* What happened to the police video and recording from trooper?

* If he was involved in a earlier fight as claimed did they question others involved and ask did they see Victor Jnr produce a gun..

NO they didn't!

* Why did the Louisiana take 9 months to complete report..

Not difficult to answer this, it was to cover their asses!!

A police report from "Lt brown" is damaging..

“These videos should show what took place,” Brown said. “A video camera would solve the problem.” Lt. Green, however, told The Advocate that there are no cameras located in the area where White was shot.

1) No Video
2) "Where he was shot" << Truth right there!!

20 Paragraphs down.

What other professionals have said..

Margie Broussard, president of the Lafayette Branch of the NAACP, told The Advocate that police descriptions of how White died “were far-fetched.”

Kelly Reed, an Opelousas resident who attended the press conference, told The Advocate that the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office’s official explanation of how White died “seems to be, at best, astounding, and at worst, very difficult to believe.”

Here is the autopsy report about the police report being proved false, claiming that Victor shot himself in the back.

This social media report contradicts the coroners report and was therefore was pulled down..

Wonder why?

and Another:

And Another:

Another report here also "Oh look at this, another social media account suspended for telling the truth".

Google Search >> ( theellison.com1080 × 641Search by image
The Louisiana State Police are investigating the death of a 22-year-old New Iberia, La. man who apparently shot and killed himself while handcuffed in an ..)

This account has been suspended

and the BOMBSHELL Victor Whites Autopsy review:


Links to investigate:

Autopsy Report Indicates Police Cover-Up of Man Who ‘Shot Himself’ While Handcuffed:

Forensics: Types of injuries Gunshot Wounds:

Below link shows the police are lying!

Autopsy Contradicts the Police's Account of Victor White III's Shooting in the Back of a Cop Car

Report showing trooper Stephen Hammon's telling news that Victor White III shot himself in the back.

"Hammons says White produced a handgun and fired one round, striking himself in the back".

Autopsy Report Shows Police Officer Lied About Suspect Committing Suicide by Shooting Self in Back While Handcuffed:

Man kills himself in backseat of Iberia Parish deputy’s car

Suspect fires single shot after refusing to leave patrol vehicle

Fatal shooting in back of police car prompts questions in Louisiana

Coroner says man fatally shot himself in the chest while handcuffed behind his back:

N.A.A.C.P. Lafayette, La. Branch #6060

State police investigate in-custody death

Handcuffed Black Youth Shot Himself to Death, Says Coroner

Finally, the Doctor ( DR Carl Micheal Ditch - working with police no doubt) who said Victor White committed suicide while handcuffed:

Dr. Carl M. Ditch, MD
Internal Medicine, Carl M Ditch MD


Attorneys: Victor White's death while handcuffed in custody of Iberia Parish deputies warrants federal probe:

Demonstration being planned to protest death of man who died while in police handcuffs:



Louisiana State Police website:

Picture of Trooper Stephen Hammons:

Tpr. Stephen Hammons
Troop I
Phone: (337) 262-5880
Fax: (337) 262-5685

Too many questions do not add up with this case and it reeks of a cover-up.

The biggest mistake the police did in this case, was LIE about the gunshot entry point.

We will update any info as we find it unless others do so before us in the comments below.

Too many police in the US get away with MURDER!!