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Million Mask March - What to bring.

Australians warned of new internet surveillance tax.

Australians warned of new internet surveillance tax.
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We are now entering the stage where our Australian government and it's leaders are quickly following the path of the US.

All of this spying and metadata retention, keeping YOUR personal info, can be used against you in so many ways, should our government wish to.

They want to know Your opinions, what YOU do, where YOU go, what YOU buy, what YOUR views are, who YOUR friends are, WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUT THEM! and do YOU spread your leaked information on social media.


--- Who votes for these freaks -? This George Brandis has to go --

Australian consumers might have to pay a new “surveillance tax” if federal government plans to force telco companies to retain user data for two years go ahead.

As reported in The Sydney Morning Herald , Attorney-General George Brandis said such a scheme, which is being lobbied for by government security agencies, “is under active consideration”.

But the Communications Alliance, the peak group representing the telecommunications industry, argues that such a scheme could cost the industry between $500 million and $700 million dollars a year.

Because any new cost would be passed on to consumers, the industry argues that it would amount to a new tax. Instead, the industry said government agencies requiring the stored data should pay for the storage to prevent an impost on both the industry and consumers.

There are also privacy concerns and a former United States National Security Agency executive Thomas Drake has warned Australians against data retention on the grounds that privacy may be jeopardised.

If such the proposed policy went ahead, data collected could include a wide array of “metadata”. This data could include time and place of access to the internet, URLs, IP addresses as well as telephone and email records.

”It is not just the shifting of costs that we’re worried about, but also obligations to service providers who, at the end of the day, are not police and can sometimes struggle to deal with requests if they’re required to process issues in which frankly, they’re not trained,’’ Communications Alliance chief executive John Stanton said.


ASIO Pushes for Telcos to Retain More Data on Australians; AG Wants Forced Decryption or Face Charges.

READ the PDF's and more here:

A group led by worried senators believe the legislation will be introduced Wednesday and a protest has been organised with the demand to “ stop data retention”.

Two cross bench senators, Nick Xenophon and David Leyonhjelm will join the Greens Scott Ludlam and civil liberties groups.

A key issue will be who pays for the storage and the running costs. Communication companies have absorbed the costs of data retention used by police but this proposal is much bigger.

It could cost $600 million to set up and a further $100 million a year to operate, according to calculations given to the former Labor government when it looked at the idea.

The cost of the scheme might increase were security organisations to ask for more details on messages — known as “scope creep” — or if individual Australians demand internet companies release details of their metadata stored.

The Communications Alliance, representing communications providers, is waiting to see the legislation which the Government has promised will be provided this year, but is ready to argue the storage requirements are out of proportion to the benefit.

The “vast majority” of metadata used by police to chase criminals is six months old or less,” Communications Alliance CEO John Stanton said.

“The Government has yet to put forward a rationale for wanting the sizeable impost presented by a requirement to keep all data for two years.

“A related and important issue is the fact that such a rich honeypot of data may be tempting for hackers and cyber-criminals.”


Million Mask Marach - AUSTRALIA 2014

A Message to The Courier Mail - Brisbane AUSTRALIA

To those who may be concerned about the false reports in the Courier Mail newspaper on 8th November 2014, claiming that Anonymous are encouraging the wearing of religious burqas at marches, rallies or protests, we wish to say the following.

We are Anonymous, has not made any such post. Anonymous condemns these false media reports and the censorship of our replies to the Courier mail online. Courier mail why are you stopping the public from knowing the truth?

We do not approve of such outrageous journalism.

The Courier Mails evidence? Just some comments from other users, not from our page:

The false Claim:


Their story:

Our reply:

Our attempts to defend ourselves:

Others attempt to support us:

Proof post was not approved and censored:

We also noted our post from one of our admins was also not approved by this time.

Their Story online:

Channel Nine Response for Anonymous:

We doubled check that our responses and other replies from those supporting Anonymous might have been approved however, they have NOT BEEN APPROVED at all, they are still censoring our responses and those who support Anonymous.

We are Anonymous and we are watching you... Courier Mail.

AyotzinapaSomosTodos - Mexico43

#Anonymous supports...

#Ayotzinapa #AyotzinapaSomosTodos #Mexico43 #FueraPeƱa

‘We want justice!’ Mexican students attack govt office, torch cars (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Hundreds of protesters have set cars on fire, painted graffiti and threw rocks at the government offices in Mexico, after authorities admitted that 43 long-missing students were likely abducted by police and massacred by local gang men.

A group of furious protesters have tried to break into the National Palace in Mexico City, setting its front doors on fire in response to government's alleged role in abduction and murder of 43 Mexican students that went missing in September.

Full Story:

Mexico horrified by suspected massacre of 43 students.

In taped confessions, suspects say they bundled 43 missing students in the back of two trucks, took them to a nearby landfill, killed them and used fuel, wood, tires and plastic to burn their bodies for 14 hours.


Mexico gang members 'admit killing missing students':

Viral YouTube Video:
Students from 43 countries in solidarity with Ayotzinapa:

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Stop Data Retention in Australia


Your MetaData Matters Australia.

"Citizens not suspects"!

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How the government is tricking you into submission on its data spying laws:

Australia probably didn’t realise it at the time but it was temporarily saved from becoming a surveillance state last week by a simple rhetorical stuff-up.

‘Mandatory data retention’. The three most boring yet significant words in Australian politics. Your failure to take an interest in them will have a lasting effect on Australian democracy.

You may shrug and say “the government is welcome to my Facebook updates”, but the Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Amendment (Data Retention) Bill 2014 that almost got rammed through the House of Representatives has serious consequences for the future power of law enforcement and intelligence agencies both locally and abroad.

The bill required telecommunications companies such as Telstra and Optus to store every phone call you make, text message and emails sent, and every website you visit for a period of up to two years.


Illegal downloaders could be targeted by new data retention laws:

Illegal downloaders, terrorists and paedophiles are all potential targets of metadata collection under new data retention laws surprisingly introduced into parliament on Thursday morning.


YouTube Videos:

30 Oct 2014: The Telecommunications Interception and Access Amendment (Data Retention) Bill 2014 contains a package of reforms to prevent the further degradation of the investigative capabilities of Australia’s law enforcement and national security agencies

Stop Data Retention:

Australian Government's Data Retention Plan: Everything You Need To Know:

Wait, What’s Happening?
Where Did This All Come From?
When Will It Take Effect?
What Will They Store?
Who Will Pay For It?

Shame on you George Brandis
Shame on you Bill Shorten

What YOU can do..

Join this Online Event:

Stop the spies:

Sign the Petition:

Contact your ALP reps:

Message these MP's also:

Coal Seam Gas - Australia

The future health problems for QUEENSLANDERS & NSW Resdidence, to do with >> ((( Coal Seam Gas ))) <<

LNG Project Agreements between BG Groups and CNOOC..
G20 countries have signed contracts with Australia to produce CSG of the amount of... $100 BIllion Dollars

What you do not know about what is happening in our back yard Queenslanders and other states.


What is #CoalSeamGas?

Coal seam gas is a type of unconventional natural gas. It is made up primarily of methane gas (generally 95-97%) and is found in coal seams at depths of 300m-1000m underground. It is sometimes referred to as coal bed methane (CBM).

There is mounting evidence that CSG mining poses substantial risks. Stop CSG Illawarra formed to express community concern about these risks, including:

Threats to water systems and supplies
Leaking methane;
Health impacts;
Above ground footprint
Related seismic activity; and
Insufficient research and community engagement

- See more at:

Where are the Coal Seam Gas Wells in Queensland?

60 Minutes Australia - Fracking - The Coal Seam Gas Land Grab

Alan Jones MUST SEE speech on CSG Part 1

Fractured Country - An Unconventional Invasion

Gas Leak! by Four Corners

CNN Explains: Fracking:

NSW MP speaks his mind on coal seam gas:

"Despite there being no known CSG reserves in the seat of Ballina, Mr Page wants a pledge from the government to keep his electorate CSG free."

This is what the NSW Government are saying the facts on CSG in NSW are:

The protests about CSG:

CSG Myth Busting:

Myth: Coal seam gas is a clean source of energy
Myth: Coal seam gas is safe
Myth: We want coal seam gas
Myth: We need coal seam gas
Myth: Coal seam gas will provide lots of jobs
Myth: Coal seam gas and mining is good for the economy
Myth: Coal seam gas has a small surface footprint and can coexist with other land use

Source and answers:

Tara, Queensland - Coal Seam Gas Aerial Footage

Sign the petition:

stop coal seam gas now: YouTube Video for NSW

Thousands protest against coal seam gas drilling

Coal seam gas well spewing foam near Campbelltown:

Coal seam gas water leaks could be a problem for decades:

1) Contamination risk
2) Trouble with regulating
3) Mistakes do happen

More powers on CSG, mines 'meets public expectations'

The coal seam gas debate:

This NEEDS our attention and it seems not many Australians are aware of the huge problems this will cause in our future.

So how about our G20 delegates talk about this future problem our generations will have to deal with and suffer instead of giving those who will NOT be around anymore, who are so greedy and selfish they just want a piece of that $100 Billion dollars to get what they want NOW, because they will be dead and buried in their graves and will not have to worry about the devastating affects and consequences they would have left behind for our future generations.

So G20 delegates, talk about this!! Coal Seam Gas!

We are #Anonymous >> For the People!

Australia unites on "The Peoples Day" March - G20 Summit

Well so far Australia, especially those from Brisbane, we have not let the world down, having so many people protest at "The Peoples March" yesterday marching and protesting about many of the issues, concerns and topics that are close to your hearts and no doubts to others from around the world.

We are sure those from around the world are proud of you all for taking the time out and for making the effort in what you believe.

Well Done!

Syrian - Super Boy spreading over the internet is FAKE.

Syrian - Super Boy spreading over the internet is FAKE.

But Fox & Friends are happy to keep it going here >>