Friday, August 1, 2014



2014: A Message to all World Leaders...  ( Please help spread this Message).

You say you are a LEADER?

But your actions say otherwise!

You say so much and do so little, you have the ability to make this world a better place to live on, however, you allow corruption, war, fighting, police brutality, cover-ups, you kill your own citizens, you send our children off to war to fight your greedy battles for Oil, Gas, Gold and Land and other greedy or evil reasons.

You will never be remembered for anything good and will always be remembered as just another liar, good for nothing so called leader who did not lead except lead the world into more problems.

All of those who live on this world need their Leaders who do not wish to take care of them, to step aside and allow for those who will, who can, who desire too and who want to bring this world into a world full of "Peace & Security".

None of you world leaders, really care about the very people who vote and depend on you to help them live a normal happy life.

None of you care about those in pain or who are sick, dying, homeless, poor, mentally ill or any other health problems.

It would seem, none of you care about our children.

You all allow the greedy and the rich to become richer.

You all allow big corporations to destroy our earth and to lie to the people about cures that they claim are not available, but they are, such as the cure for cancer.

You all allow big corporations, to make decisions about our earth that are ruining it, such as fracking. drilling and GMO's in our food, those who are contaminating our water.

You all seem to discard concerns about our environment, our oceans, our forests and our air.

Our world is becoming so contaminated but you turn a blind eye.

You may NOT care about our future generations, but billions on this planet do, we care about our children, our grandchildren and future generations.

None of you, care about the Genocide in Gaza, the killings in Syria, Ukraine and many other countries.

You do not care about JUSTICE, for rape victims, you allow big corporations to take away people's homes because they miss payments, you do not care about those in power who steal, lie or commit crimes, because they are in power and have the ability, to hide their actions, or threaten theirs victims and families.

You all look out for each other just like the rich, who take care of the rich.

ANONYMOUS speaks up for the citizens of the world and we have had enough!

It is time to move over and let others who do care, make the changes needed above.

All of our worlds so-called leaders have shown the world you do not poses the personality traits that leaders should poses.

The world needs leaders who are...

1) Loving
2) Caring
3) Giving
4) Altruistic
5) Kind
6) Compassionate
7) Mild Tempered
8) Humble
9) Peaceful

We need Leaders who are...

1) Happy
2) Strong Willed
3) Fearless
4) Courage's
5) Honest
6) Truthful

is this too much to ask in a leader?

It is time for all world LEADERS to review these attributes and personality traits and be honest with yourselves, if you DO NOT have any of these above qualities then you are NOT fit to be a leader and you are a fraud.

Why do you allow so much corruption?
Why do you allow so much injustice?
Why do you allow so much greed?
Why do you allow selfishness?
Why do you allow War?

When will you stop corruption?
When will you love the people you are suppose to help?
When will you be truthful.
When will you all join together and stop spying on everyone?

Start TODAY and change your heart's condition!!!!!

The world is dying, it is being destroyed, it is not going to last if we keep going like this.

If you do not care then it is time to allow for change, because YOUR system is NOT WORKING!

"If nothing changes, nothing changes!".

Anonymous hopes you will listen to us and the world.

We will remind you and get bigger and stronger and we will speak up and the world will stand up to all of you who are wasting our time, not willing to make such changes.

Every year the world will speak up.

The world will speak up on the Million Mask March worldwide November 5th 2014.

To all Citizens of the world...

If you agree with all of the above we encourage you to share this video on your social media account, profile or anywhere you can.

We encourage you all to join us this year in your city on November 5th 2014 and every year on the same day all around the world, simultaneously on the same day.

Show your signs of why changes you wish for, show your signs for what concerns you have, show your signs and tell the world about your injustices, speak up about what matters to you and what changes you want.

We only have 1 earth and we need to stand up NOW, to save it.

We are Anonymous,
We are legion,
United as one.
Divided by zero,
We do not forgive,
We do not forget,
Useless World Leaders...
Expect Us!

Join Us: