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We fight against...

Corporate greed
Police Brutality
The Bilderberg Group
Big Pharmaceuticals
Corporate Pollution
Unexplained Mass Animal Deaths
False War on Terror
Concerned Ice Melting Caps
False War on Drugs

Free all Anons.

WE DO NOT FORGET... Our Fallen Anons.

This post is dedicated to our Brothers & Sisters who have fallen.

Many people around the world know and understand that to fight for justice, peace & for the world to know the TRUTH, it is a risk.

A risk of being arrested, sentenced to prison and even being killed.

This post is in memory and in support of our fellow Anons who have fallen victim to such scenarios above.

If you are truly an Anon or an Anonymous page, we would expect you to SHARE this post and like it, we would hope that those of you who support Anonymous and its Anons would also show your respect by doing the same simple task.

Spread their names so they are not forgotten and understand the sacrifices these Anons and whistle blowers have made for YOU, so as to bring YOU the truth and to fight for YOU to bring about JUSTICE and TRUTH.

(We are not able to find every name of our Anonymous brothers and sisters as some names are not known, however we keep them in our thoughts)

Anonymous member arrested during online chat after threat against FBI.

The Full Story:

FBI Agent: We've Dismantled The Leaders Of Anonymous. (Wishful Thinking)

The hacker collective Anonymous has not produced as many high-profile cyber attacks as it once did, a drop-off that can be directly attributed to the arrests of the group's core members, an FBI official told The Huffington Post this week.

Starting in late 2010, Anonymous captured worldwide attention through a series of attacks against U.S. companies and government agencies, stealing data and defacing or crashing websites.

The Full Story:

LulzSec arrests deal blow to hacker group.

The U.S. Attorney says six hackers in the United States and abroad, affiliated with LulSec, Anonymous, and Antisec, have been arrested and charged with crimes.

The Full Story:

'Topiary' tells all: Prison, activism, and LulzSec's beginnings.

LulzSec, a group of pranky hackers that ran amok starting in 2011, disbanded shortly after a high-profile cyberattack spree -- but in a world where such attacks are only becoming more common, the inside perspective is an intriguing one.

Jake Davis, a member who goes by "Topiary," took to the site to answer questions about the group's formation and his work as LulzSec's social media wiz. Davis was arrested by the British authorities and sentenced to two years in prison, though he was let out early.

The Full Story:

FBI arrests 16 in Anonymous hacking investigation.

Sixteen people were arrested in the United States today in connection with hacking attacks by the Anonymous group of online activists, as well as one person in the U.K. and four people in the Netherlands, the U.S. Department of Justice said.

An indictment filed last week in San Jose, Calif., names 14 people accused of conspiring to intentionally damage protected computers at PayPal last December in retribution for PayPal suspending WikiLeaks' account to prevent supporters from donating to the whistleblower site. The arrests were made in Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, the District of Columbia, Florida, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Mexico, and Ohio, the Justice Department said. The defendants were expected to make initial appearances throughout the day in federal courts in their areas.

The Full Story:

Dutch police arrest suspected pro-WikiLeaks hacker.

Dutch police say they have arrested a 16-year-old hacker involved in the pro-WikiLeaks attacks on the Web sites of MasterCard and PayPal, but the denial-of-service attacks continue.

The Full Story:

U.K. police nab 5 Anonymous DDoS suspects.

Five men, aged 15 to 26, are taken into custody in England in connection with a probe into Web attacks on companies seen as hindering the activities of WikiLeaks.

The Full Story:

Spain says it has arrested Anonymous hackers.

Spanish national police accuse three suspected members of the "hacktivist" group of allegedly targeting governments, banks, Sony, and other businesses.

The Full Story:

Turkey arrests 32 after Anonymous' Web attacks.

The government says those detained were connected with the hacktivist group's protest attack on Turkish Web sites last week.

After hacker group Anonymous' apparently successful Operation Turkey to protest Internet censorship, the country's authorities have detained 32 people in connection with the attack on Turkish government Web sites.

The Full Story:

Inside the Anonymous Hacking File on the Steubenville 'Rape Crew'.

Things already sounded fishy in Steubenville, Ohio, where the alleged gang rape and kidnapping of an unconscious 16-year-old by two of the town's high-school football players has turned into a complex web of accusation, shock, and, well, Instagram photos. But conflicting reports over an already emotional case became that much more complex today when a WikiLeaks-style site dumped new information about team boosters, the town sheriff, and the alleged "Rape Crew" online — information rounded up, of course, by the anonymous hacking collective known as Anonymous.

The Full Story:

7 Anonymous Hackers Who Have Been Unmasked.

Another member of the hacker collective Anonymous has been unmasked this week.

In a letter posted Thursday on (a website run by Anonymous), Deric Lostutter, a 26-year-old from Winchester, Ky., revealed that he is a member of Anonymous. Lostutter was raided by the FBI after he and other members of Anonymous got involved in a rape case in Steubenville, Ohio, that gained national attention in late 2012. When two members of a high school football team in the city were accused of raping a 16-year-old girl, Anonymous members did not think the case was getting enough attention and leaked information about people they believed were involved.

The Full Story:

The FBI Raided Steubenville Anonymous Guy's House. Here He Is.

The furor surrounding the Steubenville, Ohio rape case was sparked in large part by the raucous entrance of the hacktivist collective Anonymous into the story. Anonymous members organized digital and real-life protests and leaked information about the case, occasionally going beyond the law in their efforts to raise awareness and avenge the victim.

The Full Story:

17 year-old alleged Anonymous member arrested in Australia.

A teenager who is suspected to be part of hacking collective Anonymous has been apprehended in Australia.

The unnamed 17 year-old has been charged with "unauthorised access to computer data," and has appeared in Parramatta Children's Court today over allegations that they have committed "serious offences" on the behalf of hacktivist collective Anonymous.

The Full Story:

Anonymous member arrested for DDOS'ing website with child pornography.

Yesterday, on March The 8th about 11am.. BackdoorMaaN's home was raided and he arrested and taken to custody because #DDOS attack on, gay portal of Monte Negro where are present minors, younger then 16-17 yo. According to Anonymous operations and fights against pedophiles he took down above mentioned website .
Till this moment and date , March The 9th 2013 no further infos are released or new charges . His equipment is under research of Cyber Crime Units.

The Full Story:

16 Suspected 'Anonymous' Hackers Arrested in Nationwide Sweep.

Sixteen suspected members of "Anonymous" were arrested this morning in states across the country, from California to New York, in a federal raid on the notorious hacking group.

The arrests Tuesday, first reported by, are part of an ongoing investigation into Anonymous, which has claimed responsibility for numerous cyberattacks against a variety of websites, including Visa and Mastercard.

The Full Story:

25 alleged Anonymous members arrested internationally; hacker group retaliates.

Tuesday afternoon, the international police organization Interpol announced the arrest of 25 alleged members of Anonymous by officials in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Spain. Shortly after the announcement, Interpol's website was hit by a distributed denial-of-service attack. At the time this story was posted, the website remained unavailable.

The Full Story:

Other Information:


Barrett Brown
John Anthony Borell III
Ryan Ackroyd
Jake Davis
Darren Martyn
Donncha O'Cearrbhail
Jeremy Hammond
Cody Andrew Kretsinger
Christopher Doyon
Joshua John Covelli
Mercedes Renee Haefer
Slim Amamou
Dmitriy Guzner
Ryan Cleary
Deric Lostutter
Christopher Wayne Cooper
Keith Wilson Downey
Donald Husband
Vincent Charles Kershaw
Ethan Miles
James C. Murphy
Drew Alan Phillips
Jeffrey Puglisi
Daniel Sullivan
Tracy Ann Valenzuela
Christopher Quang Vo

This post has been done by Anonymous Brisbane in memory of our fallen Anons and those who have been arrested.

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A Big Thank You to our fallen Brothers & Sisters by your fellow Anons.
Fellow Anons!

Bankers and their greedy pathetic and unjustified Bonuses.

Bankers and their greedy pathetic and unjustified Bonuses.

While we have so many homeless people dying left out in the cold because they have no shelter and millions starving to death all over our world.

These filthy rich Bankers just get money rolling in year after year after year.

To those who say they deserve it because they work hard, it is not difficult to say...

let up the fees and charges and re-poses our borrowers properties and possessions, oh and one more thing, let's cut back on staff.

Piss easy, and as long as their investors are making money, no one gives a shit, and no government will do anything, because they bow down to them.

Greedy Scums!


Australian Bankers & their bonuses:

Westpac CEO Gail Kelly among Australia's best paid bosses.

Westpac's annual report shows that Mrs Kelly's total remuneration was $9.18 million for 2013, down from $9.59 million the year before

Westpac Banking Corp executive Brian Hartzer was gifted shares now worth $8.6 million and pocketed the third largest ever sign-on bonus for a banker in Australia when he joined the bank.

CEO of the country's biggest bank Commonwealth Bank, Ian Narev, was paid $7.8 million in 2013.

ANZ boss Mike Smith was paid $10.1 million in 2012

NAB head Cameron Clyne was paid $8.1 million.

Read more:

Bank CEOs Top Australia Pay List


UBS Pays Healthy Bonuses to Australian Bankers.


Lloyd’s chief takes $2.8 million bonus in shares.

The CEO of Lloyds Bank, Antonio Horta-Osorio, will get his bonus worth $2.8 million paid in shares vested in 2019. While the CEO insists the reward was fair as the bank is “back to normal”, critics call it a “kick in the teeth of hard-working staff.”


The banker above is the latest, below are past bonuses with many still getting the same of not more each year.

$$$$ The Bankers who keep rolling in it. $$$$

2 Figures, their Salaries and included bonuses.

Bank of America:

Kenneth D. Lewis 
Chairman and CEO
$1.5 million    
$24.8 million

Bank of America:

Joe L. Price
Chief Financial Officer
$6.5 million

Bank of America    
Amy Woods Brinkley
Global Risk Executive
$9.3 million

Bank of America    
Barbara J. Desoer
Global Technology and Operations Executive
$10.5 million

Bank of America    
Liam E. McGee
President Global Consumer and Small Business Banking
$12.2 million

Bank of America    
Brian T. Moynihan
President of Global Corporate and Investment Banking
$10.1 million

Bank of America    
R. Eugene Taylor
Former Vice Chairman and Former President, Global Corporate and Investment Banking
$3.3 million

Sir Winfried Bischoff
$6.1 million

Vikram Pandit

Gary Crittenden
Chief Financial Officer
$19.4 million

Sallie Krawcheck
Chair and CEOGWM
$7.1 million

Lewis Kaden
Vice Chairman
$6.8 million

Michael Klein
CEO- Global Banking
$7.9 million

Stephen Volk
Vice Chairman
$7.6 million

Charles Prince
Former Chairman and CEO
$1 million    
$15.1 million

Goldman Sachs    
Lloyd C. Blankfein
Chairman and CEO
$70.3 million

Goldman Sachs    
Gary D. Cohn
President and Chief Operating Officer
$72.5 million

Goldman Sachs     Jon Winkelried
President and Chief Operating Officer
$71.5 million

Goldman Sachs    
David A. Viniar
Chief Financial Officer
$58.5 million

Goldman Sachs    
Edward C. Forst
Chief Administrative Officer
$49.1 million

JP Morgan Chase    
James Dimon
Chairman and CEO
$1 million    
$27.8 million

JP Morgan Chase    
Michael J. Cavanagh
Chief financial officer
$8.3 million

JP Morgan Chase    
Steven D. Black
Co-CEO Investment Bank
$20.9 million

JP Morgan Chase    
James E. Staley
CEO Asset Management
$16.7 million

JP Morgan Chase    
William T. Winters
Co-CEO Investment Bank
$21.2 million

Merrill Lynch    
John A. Thain
Chief Executive Officer
$17.3 million

Merrill Lynch
Nelson Chai
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
$1.7 million

Merrill Lynch    
Gregory J. Fleming
President & Chief Operating Officer
$27.4 million

Merrill Lynch    
Robert J. McCann
Executive Vice
$5 million

Merrill Lynch    
Jeffrey N. Edwards
Former Chief Financial Officer
$2.6 million

Merrill Lynch    
E. Stanley O Neal
Former Chief Executive Officer
$24.3 million

Merrill Lynch    
Ahmass L. Fakahany
Former Co-President and Co-Chief Operating Officer
$4.6 million

Merrill Lynch    
Dow Kim
Former Executive Vice President
$14.5 million

Morgan Stanley    
John J. Mack
Chairman and CEO
$1.6 million

Morgan Stanley    
Colm Kelleher
Chief Financial Officer
$21 million

Morgan Stanley    
David H. Sidwell
Former Chief Financial Officer
$14.6 million

Morgan Stanley     Robert W. Scully
$15.2 million

Morgan Stanley    
Gary G. Lynch
Chief Legal Officer
$11.9 million

Morgan Stanley    
Thomas R. Nides
Chief Administrative Officer
$6.3 million

New York Mellon Bank    
Robert P. Kelly
Chief Executive Officer
$20.1 million

New York Mellon Bank    
Thomas A. Renyi
Executive Chairman
$1 million    
$22.2 million

New York Mellon Bank    
Gerald L. Hassell
$11.8 million

New York Mellon Bank    
Bruce W. Van Saun
Vice Chariman and Chief Financial Officer
$8.9 million

New York Mellon Bank    
Steven G. Elliott
Senior Vice Chairman
$19.7 million

New York Mellon Bank    
Ronald P. O'Hanley
Vice Chairman
$11.5 million

State Street Corp.    
Ronald E. Logue
Chief Executive Officer
$1 million    
$28.3 million

State Street Corp.    
Edward J. Resch
Chief Financial Officer
$6.6 million

State Street Corp.    
Joseph L. Hooley
Vice Chairman
$10.3 million

State Street Corp.    
Joseph C. Antonellis
Vice Chairman
$9 million

State Street Corp.    
James S. Phalen
Executive Vice President
$7 million

Wells Fargo    
Richard M. Kovacevich
$22.9 million

Wells Fargo    
John G. Stumpf
President & Chief Executive Officer
$12.6 million

Wells Fargo    
Howard I. Atkins
Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
$5.1 million

Wells Fargo    
David A. Hoyt
Senior Executive Vice President, Wholesale Banking
$6.4 million

Wells Fargo    
Mark C. Oman
Senior Executive Vice President, Home & Consumer Finance
$6.4 million

Wells Fargo    
Carrie L. Tolstedt
Senior Executive Vice President, Community Banking
$4 million

Other Links:


[ Did you know, 6 million children die of hunger every year? This number is increasing, sadly many charities fleece millions of donated dollars, it seems like a solution is difficult, because the people in charge or who can do something about it, are corrupt, greedy or selfish, then there are those who just don't give a damn].

Sadly, the aid that is donated and given to poor countries, is either help up from Government Red Tape, stopped for customs checks and then the food goes off or bad, stolen then sold, stolen and destroyed or just sits there and is has to be thrown out.

There are some positive stories out there but not enough.



Get together and make it a goal to helping children who are starving, but first, get all together in our own cities and start helping those starving including the homeless in your own city.

Then work towards spreading the solution once you have experience to other cities and move on.

Focus on a country, city or village and work on seeing your money going towards something wonderful that you can gain respect from.

Some of you rich Bankers have cars worth more then peoples homes or diamonds worth so much, you can buy every family a small home in their village.



CEO's of MONSANTO is so rich they could help people grow their own food, but they are so greedy they prefer to sell them the seeds and patent them. WTH is that.



Start doing something to control all of the above, STOP these ridiculous Golden handshakes worth millions and these bonuses, they are crazy no wonder general family's are struggling.

High Interest Rates
High Fees
High Charges
Account fees every month (For what? holding our money they get interest on?)
Late Fees
Overdrawn Fees

The list just goes on and on and all this money is going to CEO's, it is just outrageous.

Start looking after the people, start keeping an eye on all these charities and what they are doing with all the money.

List of the worlds RICHEST charities WTF?

QUESTION: How can a Charity be RICH? they must not be giving out much money to the needy for whom the people donated it for.

R U KIDDING ME!! Have a look at those figures in these links above this is a scam and an outrage, no wonder kids are still starving.




STOP using donated money from people who think they are helping the very cause you say you need it for.

We do not want to hear BULLSHIT about this and that, about needing this car or house or office ect NO MORE, these figures above in these links show you have PLENTY of money, not to mention the interest you must be getting on all that donated ca$h.

We are stating to know what the truth is, and very soon people will STOP giving you money anymore since your have MILLIONS stored away in nice big bank accounts, SCREW you all, your suppose to help those in need not those in GREED!!!!!

Shame on you who are guilty of deceit and lying to the people.




   >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> TRUTH <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


This post should be Shared far and wide on every social media platform that is available today and on in the future.

Wake Up People & SHARE this post so others can also Wake Up!

TO THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT... The People Know and more are being informed!

1) Monsanto

2) Fluoride in our Water:

The Full Scientific Facts:

3)  Haarp:

4) 911 was an inside job.

5) False Flags:

6) Crisis Actors:;topicseen

7) Police Brutality:

8) FEMA Camps

9) Bilderberg Group:

10) Serco: (Serpent Company).

11) Silencing Whistlblowers

Julian Assange:

Bradley (Chelsea) Manning:

Edward Snowden:

12) Killing Activists

(R.I.P) Aaron Swartz:

(R.I.P) Rachel Corrie:
Israeli bulldozer driver murders American peace activist:

13) False Accusations against Anonymous

We are NOT Terrorists.

You cannot dismantle an idea:

Tribute to our Fallen Anons:

14) Lost or Stolen Trillions of Dollars:

15) The US Spying on the World:



All Social Media Platforms on US Soil Assisting:

They did not have this dinner for nothing.

Social Media Platforms:

16) Martial Law

17) NWO (New World Order):

What is is Zionist?

Someone who has NO GOD and worships material Possessions and cares only about themselves and immediate family.


Food That Kills - Full Presentation:

Wake Up World:

Seal Team 6:



Christos John Niarchos - Keeping most of your donations.






DOB: 1965

Registered Address:

Studio 320 Highgate Studios 53-79 Highgate Road, Kentish Town, London, NW5 1TL

The combined cash at bank value for all businesses where Christos holds a current appointment equals £4,225,517, with a combined assets value of £10,760,981 and liabilities of £12,024,579. Roles associated with Christos Niarchos within the recorded businesses include: Director,  Company Secretary.




We are coming for YOU!

Appco group also known as the Cobra group.

We suspect all YOUR donations are helping fund Chris's expensive Motor Racing Passion.

We have found this company also on SCAM WATCH.

Chris Niarchos rips off his employees off, as seen below on the links provided.

We have NO hesitation now with exposing this greedy, selfish piece of work.

We have found that this guy is ruthless when it comes to ripping people off who work for him and who trust him.


This Guy Chris Niarchos is getting all the money you donate to just about EVERY charity that goes out to solicit for money, including Unicef.

Special investigation: Charities use the hard sell.

Global fundraising company keeps $7m of $12.2m raised for Special Olympics


ABOUT CHRIS NIARCHOS & his companies.

Appco Group is the direct sales and marketing subsidiary of the Cobra Group of Companies

Cobra Group of Companies website DOWN.

Info about the main company behind APPCO GROUP.

Chris Niarchos:
Chairman and Founder.

Chris Niarchos LinkedIn Account:

Twitter Account:

Chris's YouTube Channel:

Main Website:

About Chris Niarchos:

Chris Niarchos expensive motor racing website where he selfishly wastes all of the donations people around the world give in good faith only to have been giving to Chris Niarchos and his love of Motor racing passion.

His other Website:

He calls himself a role model - WTF!!!

More Info:

Chris's Blog Spot:

Appco Group LinkedIn Account:

Appco Group Twitter Account:

This guy is all over the world with his companies doing this.

Chris Niarchos is making BILLIONS of EVERYONE in the world who donates and from the Charities that trust him.


The DIRT on Chris Niarchos and his companies.

Bad week at the office for Appco Group.

A blog Warning people about the Cobra Group.


A Warning To ALL Job Hunters.

Just £6 for eight days Cobra Group work

Cobra Group makes a mint while "self-employed" reps get by on peanuts.

Appco Group also known as Cobra Group - Is it a scam? I certainly know from experience!

Complaint Review: Appco Group Sports.

Appco Group Sports JAM Prospects, true marketing, platinum promotions, these people lie and cheat there customers and workers DO NOT WORK HERE Internet.

Appco's Government submission PDF Download.,d.dGI&cad=rja

The Truth Behind Door-to-Door Jobs.

Cobra Group Exposed!
Appco Group Exposed!

charities spend millions on face-to-face.

UPDATE: 2016 

Generation Marketing Group: Australia Office

Another company name they are using.

Evidence of connection to Appco Group:

Here they even talk about their highlights from Appco Sales and Marketing.

Teagan Lee Doolan

Dandara Ramos

Romesh Patrick

Orron Shtar

Duane Aitken:

Enea Hensik:



From our investigation today, we can clearly see that this guy is ripping people off all over the world, from charities to employees.

The amount of blogs and forums this guy has against him with ex staff and ex employees warning people and companies to stay away from Christos Niarchos and his companies Appco Group and Cobra Group seems to be endless.

He uses over 95% of all donations his company collects for charities, using low paid employees to go Door-to-Door and to collect money in shopping centres and other businesses.

Christos John Niarchos has a very expensive passion, namely Motor Racing and it is not difficult to see where all the money is going he keeps.

Companies and charities have complained about him and his companies and Governments from other countries have also investigated him and his companies.

This is a major story and this is the man behind them all who collects an absolute fortune from good people all over the world who donate to these charities in good faith.

Christos John Niarchos...

You are not a role model as you claim and now the world will know who you really are.

Greedy, selfish and uncaring persons like YOU make this world difficult for others and bring sadness to others because of your lack of empathy.

We hope the world and all good people STOP funding your selfish greedy life, especially your expensive passion.

We hope this post races far and wide and brings you to the only finishing line you should cross...A $0 bank balance.

We are Anonymous,
We are Legion,
We do not Forgive,
We do not Forget,
Christos John Niarchos - you should have expected us!

Waking the world up about issues that really matter.

What is killing our honeybees?

The short answer...


But there are other reasons such as some viruses, fungicides and parasites.

Below are the best videos and reports that give you the best understanding about this issue.

Some people also say that Chemtrail / Geoengineering and Haarp is killing the bees.

1 of every 3 bites of food we eat is enabled by the pollination of bees.

We would only be able to live on the planet for 4 years if all bees disappeared 60% of bees have decreased in the last 40 years.

Also What are the dangers we face if we have no more bees and what can YOU do about saving the BEES.

Did you know?

Honeybees don't just make honey; they pollinate more than 90 of the tastiest flowering crops we have. Among them: apples, nuts, avocados, soybeans, asparagus, broccoli, celery, squash and cucumbers. And lots of the really sweet and tart stuff, too, including citrus fruit, peaches, kiwi, cherries, blueberries, cranberries, strawberries, cantaloupe and other melons.

"If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would only have four years of life left." - Albert Einstein

We Are Anonymous



Why are the bees dying?

If the bee disappeared.

What You Can Do to Help Bees.

Killing Bees: Are Government and Industry Responsible?
Articles to read.

Research Firm Blames Monsanto for Bee Deaths.

Mystery of the disappearing bees: Solved!

If it were a novel, people would criticize the plot for being too far-fetched – thriving colonies disappear overnight without leaving a trace, the bodies of the victims are never found. Only in this case, it’s not fiction:

It’s what’s happening to fully a third of commercial beehives, over a million colonies every year. Seemingly healthy communities fly off never to return.

The queen bee and mother of the hive is abandoned to starve and die.


Are Bees the Next Mass-Extinction Species?

What's killing the bees? TIME magazine examines the crisis.

Here’s What’s Killing Bees…and Why We’re All Screwed!


Help Support Beekeeping, Bees Have A Lot To Teach Us.

Scientists May Have Finally Pinpointed What's Killing All The Honeybees.
What can you do?

Ten things to do to help honeybees.

1) Become a bee keeper
2) Help to protect swarms
3) Plant your garden with bee friendly plants
4) Buy local honey
5) Ask your MP to improve research into honey bee health
6) Find space for a beehive in your garden
7) Remove jars of foreign honey from outside the back door
8) Encourage local authorities to use bee friendly plants in public spaces
9) Learn more about this fascinating insect
10) Bee friendly


How to Attract Honey Bees?

Here are a few flowers bees particularly love:


Bees adore these fruits and vegetables:

Cherry trees

Here's a list of herbs that bees love, for your reference:

Bee Balm

source and more great reading and tips:


Love Bees and do all you can to help them.

Please support the Million Mask March November 5th all over the world, a march that will be world wide that will also support the protection and safety of our Honeybees.

By showing and displaying your sign to bring awareness.

#anonymous #honey #bees #honeybees #Monsanto #pesticides #haarp #geoengineering #farming #beehives #queenbee

Join us: