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The real TRUTH about APPLE Inc EXPOSED!

The real TRUTH about APPLE Inc EXPOSED!

Lets start with this...

On the 29 Jan 2012 Apple CEO Tim Cook Responded to an earlier online campaign and petition that had over 250,000 signatures in relation to the working conditions in China at Foxconn and he said the following:

"What we will not do - and never have done - is stand still or turn a blind eye to problems in our supply chain...On this you have my word."

Well Mr Tim Cook we all know your word is worthless!


A new video has been released in the form of a documentary by the BBC, what they discover and show the world is nothing short than disgusting. #Pagatron #Apple #Foxconn #iPhone #iPad #Mac

~We have posted the short video for those who want to see the short version but the longer more detailed documentary now released is below in the description.

** We recommend before commenting and coming to Apples defense, that you watch the whole documentary and supporting videos below, as your comments might look ridiculous to those who have watched the full doco and view your comments having been debunked or proven to be false or just stupid **

The documentary proves a few main points for those who wish to defend Apple Inc and that point is..

* They REFUSED to have an interview with the reporter about all of these accusations and concerns, WHY?

Because they know they have been caught out!!

* They have been clearly shown out to cover their tracks and advise
on how to do so.

* From the petition we can see back in 2012 CEO Tim Cook put the
onus on himself to make sure these exposures would not happen
again, but clearly the BBC have shown him as someone who has
not kept his word or just did not care and only cared about profit.

It would have been better for CEO Tim Cook to have admitted the BBC's findings and addressed them ASAP instead of refusing to have an interview and making excuses or trying to justify themselves via Email. (Email is below in the pastebin URL link).

When profit comes before the life's of their workers, it is time to take action, step in and show the world just what is happening. TRUTH!

BBC have done this. (Well Done)

What you are going to view, see and witness is disgusting and will really open your eyes to this greedy company Apple Inc is, we will also mention some facts below about APPLE.

Apples iSLAVE factory workers facts discovered:

* Apple's 80,000 slave workers are under high stress
* Workers are falling asleep at their factory lines chairs
* They are told not to select any options when applying to work
* They are completely controlled
* More then 14 workers have committed suicide
* Workers, intimidated, bullied and ordered around by supervisors
* Most shifts are 12 hrs with some workers doing 16hrs
* up to 12 days straight without a day off
* Workers are always told to sign EVERYTHING to cover Apple
* Surveillance and security not allow workers to feel comfortable
* Apple claim they have safety guidelines but break so many
* So many Apple promises to workers > BROKEN!
* Apple covering up company breaches and lying

* Using CHILDREN to mine for their resources namely Tin, and
where landslides occur and those under the mud die


They have these factories in China because they can pay their workers little wages and they know that China has over 1 billion people so work is very scarce, that being known it is the perfect country to target why? they know people will work for a low wage as their are not enough jobs to provide for their over 1 billion population, they will obey and they will work hard and do what they are told.

Apple continues to produce more and more on their products line, keeping YOU a SLAVE to their new products for huge profits making new phones with only slightly new features or differences, for example..

iPhone 3 - iPhone 3gs - iPhone 4 - iPhone 4s - iPhone 5 - iPhone 5s - iPhone 5c - iPhone 6 - iPhone 6 plus - ipads, mini pads, air pads the list goes on and on not too mention all the accessories keeping the people slaves to their profit control marketing and future.

Apple still has crappy cameras on their phones, they don't allow you to do so many easy functions like androids such as file sharing, Bluetooth sharing and so many other functions all to keep YOU a slave to their strict control making sure YOU pay for just about EVERYTHING they possibly can get you to buy.

((They even have the hide to DEMAND your credit card details name and address)).

For a company to continue to make a new model within 6 months just to get billions of more dollars by slightly adding new features or better functions is nothing less then robbing the consumer because these so called better functions or features should have already been in place on the first model, it is just the way they market and profit and keep us all buying from them constantly.

* Not too mention that Apple Inc, charges such an excessive price to have their own products repaired, fixed or replaced when you are out of warranty, in most cases it is better for you to throw away your broken or non working device and buy a new one.

Apple Care is extremely expensive and even if they have to replace the whole item you would have probably paid for it with the cost it would really cost them with your cost of the apple care warranty purchase (for many products).

Social media trolls 4 Apple, they are out there.

Apple uses trolls to attack those online exposing them and their bad practices.

Such comments and practices used..

"lol exposes Apple using apple macbook to show everyone"

"Not balanced - as with most journalism in 2014.

Clearly they set out to prove Apple was doing bad things - and oh look that's what they found. They didn't include Apple's rebuttal in the documentary (why). They only targeted Apple - yet Apple are amongst the best companies in this field".

"Mentions how bad apple products are by using apple products to show people"

* Diverting people's anger and outrage by redirecting false or unfair
thoughts saying. "Those workers have a choice" "No one forces
them to work for Apple".

This documentary really goes deep into just how bad things are to bring us their products.

If you think authorities will do anything to Apple, think again!

* They provide law enforcement with the ability to show them what is on your iPhone or device that will assist them in convicting you for any criminal offences.

* They provide government agencies like the FBI, CIA, NSA with spying software and support.

* They are such a wealthy company that you can only imagine who receives what monies for what purposes to help them be able to do what they want and not to be liable for any lawsuits.

Including those who have damaged Apple products that have cause fires, injuries from exploding batteries ect.

On the surface Apple staff in the western world are looked upon as one of the best companies to work for and why is that, because they can afford to pay western world staff a bit more with more incentives and staff rewards to get the consumer YOU AND US to purchase them.

They sell millions and millions of products all over the world they made $39 Billion in profit in 2013 and are worth about $500Billion as a company.

They make these high profits because of their iSlave labor camps.

Apples CEO Time Cook is pissed off about this new video exposing what is happening behind the scenes and how they are ignoring and even giving advice on how to get around legalities.

Part of this major update story is here:
Apple 'failing to protect Chinese factory workers'

The death tolls so far from suicide working at Foxconn for Apple.


English name Chinese name Gender Age Suicide attempt date Description Status:

Mr. Hou Unknown; Family name: 侯 Male 19 18 Jun 2007 Hanged himself in a company bathroom. Deceased

>>>>> Sun Dan-yong 孙丹勇 Male 25 16 Jul 2009 Fell from apartment building[19] after losing an iPhone prototype in his possession. Prior to death, he claimed he was beaten and his residence searched by Foxconn employees <<<<<

Ma Xiang-qian 马向前 Male 19 23 Jan 2010 Fell from building perhaps as a result of a family dispute Deceased

Mr. Li Unknown; Family name: 李 Male 28[4] 11 Mar 2010 Fell from building Unknown

Tian Yu 田玉[21] Female 17 17 Mar 2010 Fell from building Paralyzed from waist down

Mr. Lau Unknown; Family name: 刘 Male 23 29 Mar 2010 Fell from building Unknown

Rao Shu-qin 饶淑琴 Female 18 6 Apr 2010 Fell from building Survived

Ms. Ning Unknown; Family name: 宁 Female 18 7 Apr 2010 Fell from building. Deceased

Lu Xin 卢新 Male 24 6 May 2010 Fell from building Deceased

Zhu Chen-ming 祝晨明 Female 24 11 May 2010 Fell from building Deceased

Liang Chao 梁超 Male 21 14 May 2010 Fell from building Deceased

Nan Gan 南刚 Male 21 21 May 2010 Fell from building Deceased

Li Hai 李海 Male 19 25 May 2010 Fell from building Deceased

Mr. He Unknown; Family name: 贺 Male 23 26 May 2010 Fell from building Unknown

Mr. Chen Unknown; Family name: 陈 Male 25 27 May 2010 Suicide Deceased

Mr. Liu Unknown; Family name: 刘 Male 18 20 Jul 2010 Fell from the sixth floor of a dormitory building Deceased

Unknown Unknown Male 23 5 Nov 2010 Fell from building Deceased

Wang Ling Unknown Female 25 7 Jan 2011 Jumped from building after being sent to a psychiatric hospital Deceased

Unknown Unknown Male 20 26 May 2011 Fell from building. Died in Deyuan town, Chengdu (possibly in Pi County) Deceased

Mr. Cai Unknown; Family name: 蔡 Male 21 July 2011 Fell from building at Shenzhen plant. Deceased

Li Rongying Unknown Female 20 23 November 2011 Fell from building

Unknown Unknown Male 23 14 June 2012 Fell from building Deceased[

Unknown Unknown Male 24 24 April 2013 Jumped from dormitory Deceased

Unknown Unknown Female 23 27 April 2013 Jumped from dormitory Deceased


APPLE IPHONE - FOXCONN factory workers commit SUICIDE?

5 Darkest Apple Secrets:

Here is an Email from Apple to their UK Team in relation to answers to the above video.

Apples Responsibility promotional video:

Apple boss defends conditions at iPhone factory:

Taiwan iPhone-maker Foxconn suffers another death:

Payout given in China iPhone case:

Foxconn suicides prompt China press call for change:

Apple Supplier Pegatron In Trouble Again As Underage Worker Dies

Secret video of 'exhausted workforce' in Chinese factory making Apple products:

2012 - Apple petitioners tell firm to protect Chinese workers:

Tim Cook's promise:

Tim Cook responds to claims of factory worker mistreatment: “We care about every worker in our supply chain”:

NYTimes: Apple execs on working conditions in China

Apple-Foxconn... iSlave?


The PEGATRON official website:

Apple Australia Contact:

Your Country:

Tim Cook:

The late Steve Jobs about foxconn
BREAKING: Apple goes to war with the BBC

It is obvious that Apple make great products and thus many in the world use them and it is always a sensitive point of using Apple products and on the same hand being anti Apple factory working conditions and sharing posts such as this one complaining and looking like hypocrites.

So, what do people do, boycott APPLE and their products? That won't happen.

Tim Cook, Apples CEO has already hit back at the BBC for doing this documentary but Tim Cook has himself to blame as per his so called "WORD" above posted of his promise back in 2012.

So we could protest outside #AppleStores around the world or wait and see what Apple Inc is going to do about this serious concern relating to the Chinese workers at Foxconn and others.

1 thing we do know and that is the power of Social Media.

It spreads and spreads and keeps spreading forcing big companies like Apple and Foxconn to have no other choice but to act.

~Anonymous will carefully view the response from Apple & Foxconn
and monitor any changes that should occur at Foxconn by the
demand from Apple and their other chain line companies they deal

~ #WeAreAnonymous


  1. Thank you keep up your valiant efforts by exposing what needs to be exposed. It is then up to people to act appropriately. They can then vote their conscious with their wallets.