Sunday, November 16, 2014

Stop Data Retention in Australia


Your MetaData Matters Australia.

"Citizens not suspects"!

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How the government is tricking you into submission on its data spying laws:

Australia probably didn’t realise it at the time but it was temporarily saved from becoming a surveillance state last week by a simple rhetorical stuff-up.

‘Mandatory data retention’. The three most boring yet significant words in Australian politics. Your failure to take an interest in them will have a lasting effect on Australian democracy.

You may shrug and say “the government is welcome to my Facebook updates”, but the Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Amendment (Data Retention) Bill 2014 that almost got rammed through the House of Representatives has serious consequences for the future power of law enforcement and intelligence agencies both locally and abroad.

The bill required telecommunications companies such as Telstra and Optus to store every phone call you make, text message and emails sent, and every website you visit for a period of up to two years.


Illegal downloaders could be targeted by new data retention laws:

Illegal downloaders, terrorists and paedophiles are all potential targets of metadata collection under new data retention laws surprisingly introduced into parliament on Thursday morning.


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30 Oct 2014: The Telecommunications Interception and Access Amendment (Data Retention) Bill 2014 contains a package of reforms to prevent the further degradation of the investigative capabilities of Australia’s law enforcement and national security agencies

Stop Data Retention:

Australian Government's Data Retention Plan: Everything You Need To Know:

Wait, What’s Happening?
Where Did This All Come From?
When Will It Take Effect?
What Will They Store?
Who Will Pay For It?

Shame on you George Brandis
Shame on you Bill Shorten

What YOU can do..

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