Sunday, November 16, 2014

Coal Seam Gas - Australia

The future health problems for QUEENSLANDERS & NSW Resdidence, to do with >> ((( Coal Seam Gas ))) <<

LNG Project Agreements between BG Groups and CNOOC..
G20 countries have signed contracts with Australia to produce CSG of the amount of... $100 BIllion Dollars

What you do not know about what is happening in our back yard Queenslanders and other states.


What is #CoalSeamGas?

Coal seam gas is a type of unconventional natural gas. It is made up primarily of methane gas (generally 95-97%) and is found in coal seams at depths of 300m-1000m underground. It is sometimes referred to as coal bed methane (CBM).

There is mounting evidence that CSG mining poses substantial risks. Stop CSG Illawarra formed to express community concern about these risks, including:

Threats to water systems and supplies
Leaking methane;
Health impacts;
Above ground footprint
Related seismic activity; and
Insufficient research and community engagement

- See more at:

Where are the Coal Seam Gas Wells in Queensland?

60 Minutes Australia - Fracking - The Coal Seam Gas Land Grab

Alan Jones MUST SEE speech on CSG Part 1

Fractured Country - An Unconventional Invasion

Gas Leak! by Four Corners

CNN Explains: Fracking:

NSW MP speaks his mind on coal seam gas:

"Despite there being no known CSG reserves in the seat of Ballina, Mr Page wants a pledge from the government to keep his electorate CSG free."

This is what the NSW Government are saying the facts on CSG in NSW are:

The protests about CSG:

CSG Myth Busting:

Myth: Coal seam gas is a clean source of energy
Myth: Coal seam gas is safe
Myth: We want coal seam gas
Myth: We need coal seam gas
Myth: Coal seam gas will provide lots of jobs
Myth: Coal seam gas and mining is good for the economy
Myth: Coal seam gas has a small surface footprint and can coexist with other land use

Source and answers:

Tara, Queensland - Coal Seam Gas Aerial Footage

Sign the petition:

stop coal seam gas now: YouTube Video for NSW

Thousands protest against coal seam gas drilling

Coal seam gas well spewing foam near Campbelltown:

Coal seam gas water leaks could be a problem for decades:

1) Contamination risk
2) Trouble with regulating
3) Mistakes do happen

More powers on CSG, mines 'meets public expectations'

The coal seam gas debate:

This NEEDS our attention and it seems not many Australians are aware of the huge problems this will cause in our future.

So how about our G20 delegates talk about this future problem our generations will have to deal with and suffer instead of giving those who will NOT be around anymore, who are so greedy and selfish they just want a piece of that $100 Billion dollars to get what they want NOW, because they will be dead and buried in their graves and will not have to worry about the devastating affects and consequences they would have left behind for our future generations.

So G20 delegates, talk about this!! Coal Seam Gas!

We are #Anonymous >> For the People!

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