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AyotzinapaSomosTodos - Mexico43

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‘We want justice!’ Mexican students attack govt office, torch cars (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Hundreds of protesters have set cars on fire, painted graffiti and threw rocks at the government offices in Mexico, after authorities admitted that 43 long-missing students were likely abducted by police and massacred by local gang men.

A group of furious protesters have tried to break into the National Palace in Mexico City, setting its front doors on fire in response to government's alleged role in abduction and murder of 43 Mexican students that went missing in September.

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Mexico horrified by suspected massacre of 43 students.

In taped confessions, suspects say they bundled 43 missing students in the back of two trucks, took them to a nearby landfill, killed them and used fuel, wood, tires and plastic to burn their bodies for 14 hours.


Mexico gang members 'admit killing missing students':

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