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Americas C.I.A and Drug Cartels Connection.

Los Zeta, Sinaloa Knights Templar & Gulf - Drug Cartels,


These drug dealers from Mexico, would be the most ruthless, heartless and dehumanised people on our planet.

We have videos below but we must warn you, what you will see, will make you angry, disgusted, sick and shocked.

QUESTION: With all of the NSA spying and satellites in the world and out of space, how on earth can Governments NOT find these people and intervene?

NOTE: In just about every occasion these drug cartel leaders are arrested they just so happen to be carrying millions of dollars for the Government to confiscate. Coincidence? NOT!

( Trevino Morales, the notoriously brutal leader of the Zetas, was captured by Mexican Marines before dawn Monday who intercepted a pickup truck with $2 million in cash on a dirt road in the ountryside outside the border city of Nuevo Laredo, which has long served as their base of operations, officials announced.)

These drug cartels wait for immigrants who try to leave the Mexican border into the US and they either use them for their drug smuggling or dealing trade or they are killed.

( Mexico City, Wednesday Sept. 1, 2010. One of two survivors told Mexican investigators that the migrants were detained by people who identified themselves as Zetas, a drug gang that dominates parts of the northern state of Tamaulipas and then killed them when they refused to smuggle drugs.)

They have NO morals whatsoever, they kill children and what they do is barbaric and unforgivable.

When you know what these people do, you would have to ask yourself... How do they live with themselves and eat with their families?

The MONEY that goes through these 2 rival gangs runs into the billions and no doubt as you would have already guessed, the police are right in on it and in most cases have no choice if they want to stay alive or their family members also.

Links below will show you how the C.I.A in America have been giving guns, training heroin to these gangs.

They wait until they sell most of it and then make their arrests and take the millions in CA$h after they have sold it, this cycle is for the benefit to fund the US Army and their unjustified wars and stealing of Gold, Oil, Gas and more heroin.

Here is some info about these drug cartels.

Mexico’s Feared Narcos: A Brief History of the Zetas Drug Cartel.


Los Zetas drug cartel leader Trevino Morales captured, photos from a reign of terror.

The Drugs, The Smuggling,The Money & The US GOV.

How the US Government Helped the Sinaloa Cartel Take Over the Mexican Drug Business.

Mexican vigilante gunmen disarm local POLICE so they can rid town of feared Knights Templar drug cartel

Authorities Capture Billionaire Mexican Sinaloa Cartel Leader “El Chapo” Guzman.

Mexican police start to disarm vigilantes in Michoacan.

How Mexico’s Drug Cartels Stay Networked:

REPORTS: CIA & DEA Training ZETAs and Fueling Cartel War.

Mexican Drug Lord Officially Thanks American Lawmakers for Keeping Drugs Illegal.

U.S. Government and Top Mexican Drug Cartel Exposed as Partners.

CIA “Manages” Drug Trade, Mexican Official Says

"CIA are drug smugglers." - Federal Judge Bonner, head of DEA- You don't get better proof than this.

The C.I.A. Busted For Dealing Drugs To Americans.

CIA Drug Trafficking Exposed by Political Prisoner.

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA): Allegations of Drug Trafficking - Cocaine Sales (1996)

Afghan heroin & the CIA.

CIA, Heroin Still Rule Day in Afghanistan.

How Opium is Keeping US in Afghanistan: CIA’s Shady History of Drug Trafficking.

Afghan Heroin Brings CIA $50 Billion A Year, Covers US War Expense

CIA Drug Ops Conspiracy ( Full Length )


How Gov./C.I.A./Organized crime sells drugs to your children to pay for Wall Street/Gov

Afghanistan: Troops Guarding the Poppy Fields.

Mexican official: CIA 'manages' drug trade

CIA plane crash lands with four tons of coke.

Sloppy tradecraft exposes CIA drug plane:

CIA Torture Jet wrecks with 4 Tons of cocaine.



Zetas Behead Members of the Gulf Cartel:

** WARNING VERY GRAPHIC ** ALSO ** Pornography adds on this site **
bestgore .com/tag/zetas/ (Facebook Blocked Link)

This is the most horrifying video: If you watch this you will need an iron stomach.

add w w w bestgore (dot) com/beheading/four-women-la-guera-loca-beheading-dismemberment-los-zetas-mexico/

Man gets his penis cut off then head (VERY GRAPHIC) Click Continue.

Young Woman Killed With A Chainsaw By The Zeta Drug Cartel

The Cartel War.

Woman Beaten to Death, Scalped, Face Removed, and Dumped

Mexican Navy captures nephew of Los Zetas leader

Tied to train tracks:

Drug Cartel Executes Woman, Dumps Her In Road Ditch

Man killed by drug cartel using sledge hammer

Mexican Drug Cartel Kidnaps, Tortures And Murders 7 Police / Cartel Ambushes Bus – 12 Officers Killed

Anonymous vs. the Zetas

(Sadly one of our brothers was kidnapped by the Zetas Cartel, they paid a very large amount of money to a professional company to track the up loader of the threatening video and found him - the money they have is endless and will buy anyone or anything).

Anonymous had to back off in Mexico.

Anonymous Video: (English) (English)

More on this topic:

These drug cartels have so much Money, Power and Protection, they know they are almost untouchable.

It is a horrible cycle that goes all the way to the US GOVERNMENT, namely the C.I.A

There is NO WAR ON DRUGS and NO WAR ON TERROR, it is about the US getting money to fund their powerful military and strength and they will stop at NOTHING to do it and they do not care who dies or how they die or how many people die.

There is ample evidence of the C.I.A's involvement with so many people from within admitting and telling the truth about this.

The US have prepared FEMA camps and are buying million of weapons before America WAKE UP! and realise what their government are responsible for including 911.

You must do your own research on this and think outside your little box and stay away from the mainstream media who are controlled by all of these filthy rich and powerful greedy scums that breath our air.


Make this years Million Mask March on November 5th 2014 in every major city the
biggest and bring your signs about what you wish to STOP that is affecting our
lifes and destroying our planet.

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We Are Anonymous

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