Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Message to The Courier Mail - Brisbane AUSTRALIA

To those who may be concerned about the false reports in the Courier Mail newspaper on 8th November 2014, claiming that Anonymous are encouraging the wearing of religious burqas at marches, rallies or protests, we wish to say the following.

We are Anonymous, has not made any such post. Anonymous condemns these false media reports and the censorship of our replies to the Courier mail online. Courier mail why are you stopping the public from knowing the truth?

We do not approve of such outrageous journalism.

The Courier Mails evidence? Just some comments from other users, not from our page:

The false Claim:


Their story:

Our reply:

Our attempts to defend ourselves:

Others attempt to support us:

Proof post was not approved and censored:

We also noted our post from one of our admins was also not approved by this time.

Their Story online:

Channel Nine Response for Anonymous:

We doubled check that our responses and other replies from those supporting Anonymous might have been approved however, they have NOT BEEN APPROVED at all, they are still censoring our responses and those who support Anonymous.

We are Anonymous and we are watching you... Courier Mail.

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