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Teresa Jane Crane, AKA - Teresa Porcha Craine on Facebook - EXPOSED BY ANONYMOUS.

Teresa Porcha Craine on Facebook - Exposed by Anonymous.

Greeting Citizens of the World, especially Australia... We are Anonymous.

Citizens of Australia, we have an important warning for all social media users, especially on Facebook.

It has come to our attention, that a certain user on Facebook, using the account name, Teresa Porsha Craine, has been caught out lying about those whom have put their trust in her, including those who have entrusted her with sensitive and personal information with regards to their up and coming court matters, including personal assault cases, abuse cases and other sensitive court matters, seeking much needed advice and reaching out for help.

This user, whose real name is Teresa Jane CRANE, formerly Teresa Jane Phelps from her first marriage and Teresa Jane Garner, her birth name. from Bordertown South Australia, claims to have been a previous lawyer, however, after investigating this claim and checking if she has ever been listed as a lawyer in Australia on the Australian lawyers directory we have found that this Teresa Jane CRANE, is not listed and has never been listed as a professional lawyer as she claims, and we have also checked her other surnames including her birth surname Garner, her first marriage surname Phelps, her mothers married surname Coad, and her current surname from her second marriage Crane, to NO AVAIL.

We have found out that she has in fact been charged with fraud in the past, Source for this information is from a business owner in Western Australia that knows her only too well.

We have also been informed, that she threatened to kill her very own children after a bitter separation, being filled with revenge and had thus lost custody of them and who no longer wish to see her anymore, and who have moved as far away as possible from her, this threat is ironic, coming from an internet user who claims to be an avid advocate of child abuse.

We have also learned that she has stolen money from her very own mother, Beverly Coad, formerly Beverly Garner, having to sell her own home to pay back the bank and from her own family members who also have nothing to do with her anymore.

We have been informed that her revengeful nature is one that will go to great lengths to discredit, defame, lie, and make outrageous accusations towards anyone whom leaves her, exposes her, turns their back on her, ignores her or whom does not support or believe her.

She uses many fake Facebook accounts to reply and comment to her main account's comments and posts, and uses them to like her own comments and posts she makes with her main Facebook account, to influence and fool those reading her comments made by her main account, into thinking she has support, however, these accounts are actually herself, she even talks to herself with these accounts and posts in Italian to also try to convince those reading it that she has supporters, however, they are all herself and she uses these to trick people.

The fake accounts names are as follows.

Teresa porsha craine (main account on Facebook)
Andreas Ciancuillo (Facebook)
Alex Meggas (Facebook)
Ekored777 (youTube)
Ferrari Casa (Facebook)
Alexandros Karis (facebook)
Jacinta Ciancuillo (Facebook)

These are her groups on Facebook she created to Be aware of, War on YOUR Children, by the AUSTRALIAN Government, and Australian Corruption - Police Corruption.

She also claims that her current boyfriend is a police officer, with the Australian police department of ASIO and she has then claimed that he is an officer with the AFP, Australian Federal Police, it is either one or the other, but sometimes she forgets what she has commented on different pages and to different people, or thinks people will not discuss these outrages claims with others on Facebook.

She has also claimed that she knows certain important people that can help those whom she talks to about their personal injustices, up and coming court cases or other personal matters they need advice with, she also claims to be apart of the Anonymous Collective in Italy and Europe and has even said she is part of the Anonymous Intelligence, forgive us for having a quick laugh at this, as there is no such thing as Anonymous Intelligence.

We wish to make it clear that no one can claim to be part of Anonymous, as Anonymous is an idea, we do not have any leader, we do not have any spokesperson and we do not have any kind of membership or official organisation.

In saying that, those who are known amongst the Anonymous Collective, do not conduct themselves with making outrageous claims and lies, or sabotaging, threatening, name calling and dividing the peaceful Anonymous Collective or about any other persons, on the internet, like this Teresa Crane does.

The actions of this Teresa Crane, are far from the conduct of those who do show themselves as supporting the Anonymous idea.

She has accused those who have clearly shown they do support the Anonymous idea and collective and many other Facebook users, of lying and other baseless claims, such as cyber stalking, hacking her accounts, threatening her, claiming to be Anonymous Leader and other pathetic accusations, she has no evidence of these pathetic claims above, but continues to tell people she has evidence but, without being able to produce a single screen shot or text to support her accusations and the reason for this is quite simple, she has none, because they are all lies, and has not been able to provide any such evidence, whatsoever.

The reason why she has done this is quite simple, because many have now woken up to her real personality and have brought her undone for the evil fake person she is.

Apart from accusing everyone who does not support her and her outrages lies and claims and who becomes aware of her real personality and those who separate themselves from her, of hacking her accounts and her blogs and website of her poodle business, which she has now taken down off the internet herself, because many have exposed her, she then attacks them and accuses them of being the attackers with her, being the innocent victim.

It is quite easy to work out why she has deleted or unpublished her websites and bloggs, because she had many photos and personal details such as her real mobile number and address and she did not want people who were checking her out and trying to investigate her, to find this information or copy it, well it would seem she is too late, as we have every single photo and all the details in links below this transcript.

Teresa Jane Crane, your time of fooling innocent people whom have trusted you, lying about them and trying to destroy peoples lifes and credibility has ended, you have no credit or respect whatsoever now, thankfully many people are now awake and have become aware about you.

This videos purpose is to make sure you do not destroy other people who trust and befriend you or whom seek your help or advice.

You are nothing but a fake and a fraud and we hope these lyrics about you spread far and wide and put an end to your trolling mind games that you feed on from the internet, so this little break goes out to you.

After carefully reading her comments and claims and reading comments from those who say they do not know her and help exposing her lies, Anonymous, wishes to warn you social media users all about this evil person, who has jeopardized, sabotaged, damaged and ruined the hope of those who have put their trust in her, not to trust this person and un-friend her immediately as she has been exposed for the liar and of the fake person she is.

Most of the people whom have trusted her or sought advice have already been dealt a low blow in life and the hope of justice is the last hope they cling to, only to have that ripped out from under them when they become aware she can only advise of persons that are easily found in relation to certain cases, but to no avail for anything else and only to find out she then tells your avid supporters you are just seeking attention and she now doubts your claims of injustices. just like you did to Kerrie Hawkins who sought your help and trusted you, only to be told by her true friends you have been lying about her and have even claimed she is a police officer, what kind of person would do that to someone who has been trying to get justice for so many years and is well known, did you not think anyone would pass your ridiculous claims to her.

The reason why we have made this video is clear, firstly, because this Teresa Jane Crane has claimed to be apart of Anonymous and thus, has involved the Anonymous Collective here in Australia, and we wish to clarify certain claims she has made as being false, secondly, because we have been asked to verify her claims and help those who have put their trust in her and wanting not to lose hope for justice, to check her out, which many have done, only to find out that this Teresa is in fact nothing but a liar, a fake, a scammer, a backstabber and someone whom gets her thrills out of life by feeding off the praise she receives when those whom initially believe her talk highly of her, only to find out their hopes have been crushed, therefore Anonymous wishes to inform others so as not to fall victim to this persons lies and mind games.

Teresa Jane Crane, you have been exposed for the low life, acts you have done on social media and for the evil person you are.

Sadly, many have fallen victim to your fake help, because of the effort you displayed with your posts, comments and somewhat genuine help initially, making it very difficult for many to accept that you are a fraud and a fake, which you are.

Below in the description of this video, are paste bin links to all supporting evidence of this videos claims, including links to an extensive photo album that also supports this videos claims about this Teresa Crane, carefully gathered by those whom she has attacked on Facebook and accused them of deplorable accusations, many pictures and screen shots have been uploaded for everyone to see the truth about this crazy evil woman for their own eyes, should they doubt the claims of those exposing her.

Information gathered for this video, has also been given from others in groups who were personally attacked by her, these groups are, Australian PoliceWatch. Outlaw Cops Australia and myself, owner of We are Anonymous on Facebook, whom she has made it her personal mission to discredit me and has under estimated the power of Anonymous, whom she is dragged into with her worthless, internet trolling and playground.

You were warned not to continue with your pathetic accusations however, you did not want to listen and you still continue to win many over with only the words that come out of your lying mouth that you type up in text as the keyboard warrior you are, and as the fraud and fake person you are, that thankfully has now come to light.

We encourage you the listener to carefully view this material if you have any doubt that this Teresa Jane Crane might be legitimate, which she is most definitely not.

We have also compiled an extensive link listing of her posts on the internet that she has posted including her real address, her IP Address, her former address, her date of birth, her marriage date to her first husband, her date of marriage, her registry information of her now deleted indulgent poochy website and much much more, that we encourage all to view, so that there is no excuse for anyone to doubt the claims and exposure of this video about this Teresa Jane Crane.

We also have a message to you Teresa, you have chosen to destroy the lives of many whom have a good name and who have sought the internet for help, with their cases of injustice and to those who find enjoyment using the internet for personal use or to help those whom need help or to those who use Facebook as a means to make new friends or who simply use the internet for other purposes, you have chosen to disrupt their freedom of the internet and you have caused many to feel anger at you for your outright evil actions you have performed against many and you have taken it upon yourself to show you have no empathy or care about those whom you try to discredit and tarnish.

As you were told and warned the internet has NO RULES, however, you still decided to continue with your evil mind games, well Teresa Jane Crane, now it is time for you to find out just how well good people of the internet will come together and support those whom are innocent and show you how much they disapprove of evil people like you, by sending you messages and who knows how the people will now react, now that you have been exposed.

Teresa, Porsha, Alex, Andreas, Jacinta, Ferrari, Alexandros or whatever other fake names you use, you have been exposed!

We are Anonymous,
we are legion,
we do not forgive,
we do not forget,
Teresa Jane Crane, you should have expected us.

Teresa Porcha Craine on Facebook - Exposed by Anonymous.

Teresa Jane Crane - Current - DOB 27/12/1962

Teresa Jane Garner - Birth Name

Teresa Jane Phelps - Married Name (1st failed marriage)

Teresa Jane Crane - Current Name (2nd Failed Marriage)

Teresa Jane Coad. (Mothers Married Name)

Mother: Beverly Coad

Ex Husband - Jeffery Phelps (Killed in car accident getting away from Teresa).


Websites and Bloggs:



pastebin 1:Her ex and work

About Steven Daniels:

Bomb Threat at Melbourne train station claim:

More rediculous claims:

Bizarre claims against her ex husband and employer:

More crazy claims:,140.770627,3a,75y,143.18h,85.77t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1s_9U1KTmy-4lBu4Sh8OIJ9Q!2e0!6m1!1e1

Andreas Ciancuillo

Alex Meggas:


Ferrari Casa -

Alexandros Karis -

her profile picture that she claims copyright too, lol

Jacinta Ciancuillo -

Teresa porcha craine -

She has also created groups and after making posts or comments uses her fake accounts to like share and comment.

These are her groups on Facebook to Be aware of.

War on YOUR Children, by the AUSTRALIAN Government!

Australian Corruption - Police Corruption:

Her profile picture that she claims copyright too, lol

These are her groups on Facebook she created to Be aware of, (War on YOUR Children, by the AUSTRALIAN Government)

Australian Corruption - Police Corruption:

Her Business and other related: - She removed this as too many comments were exposing her on it. - also taken down for the same reason. same here - She also removed this for the same reason. - same person same dog name Gucci those on here say she is not missed and gone. - Her Profile - Down.








Many screen shots and pictures to view.

Personal Details:
Country: Australia
Region: South Australia
City: Bordertown
Postal code
32 Naracoorte Rd , 5268

Phone Numbers:
0457 766 609

Email Address:

Much More here including:

Video URL:

You were waned many times and we are showing you no mercy because you never showed the innocent people whom trusted you no mercy and you show yourself to be unstoppable with your attacks on so many.

You have only yourself to blame.

If you have this Teresa Jane Crane (Teresa Porcha Craine) as your friend, we strongly advise you to UN-friend her and report her fake profile accounts and remove yourself from her groups.

We Are Anonymous

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