Tuesday, October 7, 2014

So much for Peace!

So much for Peace?

So much for peace efforts and all the talk about other countries such as North Korea & Iran to name a few, that should be stopped progressing with their nuclear abilities.

These 2 hypocritical countries plan to resign an old 1952 pact to increase their deadly potential.

(The 1958 pact is the Mutual Defense Agreement (MDA) – a document praising close interaction while designing new nuclear warheads, as well as manufacturing materials. While seeking to prolong it, as it was done back in 2004, Whitehall however does not seem to be planning to take it to the British parliament.

The pact between the two countries regarding joint development of new nuclear warheads is expected to be signed in a “discreet ceremony” in Washington within the next weeks, reports the Guardian. )

[Discreet? Mmmm to hide it from the world - Hypocrites!]

Meanwhile, American officials will be visiting the AWE, which is responsible for the design, manufacture and support of warheads for the UK's nuclear deterrent, to discuss the agreement details.

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So much for the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Treaty?


We do NOT believe their excuse for saying this does NOT apply.

We smell Bullshit!

We are Watching!

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