Monday, September 8, 2014

Anonymous Message to the people...


We have seen many police videos lately and we wish to say we are very proud of so many of you STANDING up for your rights and for the rights of those who need your help.

#FlimPolice is becoming more and more aware now, with so many people from around the world doing just that, filming police.

However, please note, always be careful and know your rights in your city or country, when you do film or capture police.

(Make sure you are in a safe place when filming or capturing police and never hold you're phone or point it like a gun, as we have word, police will shoot and claim they thought you were pointing a gun at them and so they reacted quickly and shot you first.)

#CapturePolice is also spreading and by getting police officers photographs and filming them when they use brutality or excessive force, allows #Anonymous to spread their picture or face, all over the internet, which in turn, allows people like YOU to recognise them so as to inform us of they're names and addresses.

It seems our corrupt governments and court systems are not going to support the people, with truth or justice and are bent on protecting those who enforce laws, no matter what force they use, including murder.

Our corrupt governments need police and the elite also need police, when we the people protest, march or stand up against their inhumane, corrupt, unfair or unjust ways.

So here is why police get away with murder!

If police are continually being prosecuted and punished for their excessive force or brutality against the people, then they will not feel enthusiastic or obliged to help the rich or those in power when they need them.

Thus, why the whole world can view countless cases of police brutality, excessive force videos on YouTube or LiveLeak, over the top demands, the telling of incorrect information about laws, (such as you are not allow to film police) murders, tazoring handcuffed suspects and the bashing of civilians that cause death, only to hear a NOT GUILTY verdict passed, even though millions from around the world, who have seen the same video footage as our courts do, get away with it.

When you film police and capture police, Anonymous can get them identified and make them wish they had never thought they could take it upon themselves to do as they please, just because they have a gun, tazor, baton,a badge and 6 - 10 other police officers next to them.

Keep supporting someone in need of help or support, start filming, get their badge name and number and a clear shot of their faces and please do not walk away, when you see police brutality, it could be YOU next.

[A Message to those who do film, capture and support those who are victims of police brutality - Well Done! We are proud of YOU!]


We Are Anonymous
we are legion,
united as one,
divided by zero,
we do not forgive,
we do not forget,
Those police who use excessive force or kill...
Expect Us!

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