Saturday, September 20, 2014

After ISIS the world should focus on the Drug Cartels.

We all know what ISIS is doing in the world, but let us tell you...

The Mexican Drug Cartels leave ISIS for dead.

The killings that the Mexican drug cartels do are the worse I have ever seen.


Please only click this link and click on images if you have the guts for it, what you will see is nothing short of shocking and unbelievable crimes against humans.

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They literally chop bodies up and do all kind of unimaginable things.

Sadly, the US and the UN just leave them be and do not really attack what they should attack (the poppy farms), of course they have the war on drugs, but they only arrest the leaders when they are carrying millions of dollars in cash, coincidence?

It is quit simple and here is how it goes...

1) The US CIA get a large amount of heroin from Afghanistan.

2) The sell them to the Mexican Drug Cartels using undercover agents. (Note: Poopy seeds are also grown in Columbia to make heroin) They also sell them to Big Pharmaceuticals that make all the drugs that use Morphine, a multi billion dollar industry.

3) Then they wait until the big drug cartels sell sell sell and make millions in cash, assets and amass property, then on one nice sunny day, the FBI, CIA, DEA and other police agencies do they're raids and confiscate multi millions of dollars and assets that now become property of the government.

4) The cycle keeps going.

There is NO war on drugs because there is so much profit to be made, many drug dealers think they are under the radar, but they are wrong, the police (In every country) wait until they have amassed a fortune and they allow this even though people suffer or die, then they come and take it all and expect the world to give them credit for they're arrests.

Think next time they show themselves to the public looking for credit for arrests and think about all of those who died while they let them amass a fortune so they're arrest was worth it.

You might find this info worth reading with this post.

Poppy growing season begins in Afghanistan after last year’s record opium sale.

History of Opium:

The Afghan War On Poppy:

Production & Distribution:

Poppy Seed

The Manufacture of Morphine from Poppy Straw:





Drug cartel

From the above info, you can see how it all starts, the need and demand for Poppy seeds is all over the world and this industry is worth billions, apart from the sex industry it is one of the most ruthless industries in the world and those making money from it will do anything to protect they're share.

The killings, scare tactics, gang deaths, mass killings, threats, corruption is endless and has no limits.

Some of the worse deaths I have even seen and torture are from these drug cartels.


So they can scare they're rivals or anyone who does not support or help them and to those who try to stop them.

Corruption is endless and you would be surprised how much drug money is laundered through the STOCK EXCHANGE, WALL STREET and BANKS.

How a big US bank laundered billions from Mexico's murderous drug gangs.

Banks Financing Mexico Gangs Admitted in Wells Fargo Deal:

Wall Street Is Laundering Drug Money And Getting Away With It:

Wall Street, CIA and the Global Drug Trade:

How the CIA Operates the International Drug Trade and keeps Drugs Illegal in the US:


Afghan heroin & the CIA:

Cocaine Incorporated:

HSBC Bank has a lot to answer with this laundering.

This post could go on and on as it could cover so much especially the corruption, however, the point is, there is NO war on drugs and if the world leaders really cared they would simply destroy all of the illegal and known poppy seed farms and place strict tracking and regulations on the legal ones.

The deaths and the amount of innocent people who suffer because of this drug trade is endless.

So, when the world leaders are finished with ISIS, they should turn they're attention to the Mexican drug cartels and all the other drug cartels in our world, focusing on the corrupt players in government who profit and protect them.

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