Friday, August 8, 2014

The innocent children of Gaza.2014



These are  the innocent children of Gaza.

They did nothing wrong to anyone, maybe that is why NOBODY cares.

The mainstream media are only telling you and showing you a very small portion of what is really going on in Gaza, because, the mainstream media are told what to show you and how much to show you and for how long.

The amount of time spent showing YOU what is going on in Gaza is minimal, because corporations own your Tell Lie Vision, they want you to focus and think about their products and manipulate you on what to buy and what to think.

The billionaires and multi millionaires have no care whatsoever about what is going on in Gaza, as long as YOU are being obedient to them and making them rich, this is all they care about it.

All of the humanitarian organisations on this world are happy to take your DONATIONS for Gaza but not 1 cent will ever reach them, because, they are constantly under attack and no one can get inside, so how on earth can aid let alone help with food and water get in?

They are all full of shit and are doing NOTHING, all they are doing is counting YOUR money.

All of our Worlds leaders are also doing NOTHING!

The United Nations have said Israel maybe guilty of war crimes..

ARE YOU KIDDING ? NO JOKE YOU MORONS of course they are and what is the United Nothings doing about it? NOTHING!

Just like everyone else they are all talk and no action.

All of our world's leaders are also turning a blind eye and allowing this genocide to continue, they are even funding $$$ Israel to
keep continuing with their inhumane bombing of innocent children.

If you have not already been woken up, it is not difficult to know that Israel wants Gaza as it is right on the ocean and just of their ocean is GAS and OIL

Our world leaders are NOT intervening into this genocide and that means they do not care and of course they do not, since when did any Government or world leader care about any other humans from other countries? They struggle to care for their own people and citizens in their own country, if we did not make them take care of us, they wouldn't.

Please share this to wake the world up as this is absolutely disgusting that this Genocide in Gaza is still going on for so long, it is time to #StopBombingInGaza it is time to #SaveGaza and #FreePalestine right now #GazaUnderAttack and if the people do not protest, march, rally and do all we can to stop this....


We Are Anonymous,
we are legion,
united as one,
divided by zero,
we do not forgive,
we do not forget,
Israel ... Expect Us!

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